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[News] Tiwa Savage stood up to greet me – Teni narrates

Teni has narrated the story of how she was surprised by Tiwa Savage on a plane that left Dubai for Lagos on Monday.
The “Billionaire” singer revealed she was seated in the plane getting prepared for the 8-hour flight when she heard someone whisper “hello” to her ear. Sh e revealed she turned back to identify the face behind the voice and she was surprised to see Tiwa Savage. Teni felt excited and humbled at the humility displayed by the “49-99” singer at least not until she discovered Tiwa came to try her luck about getting a billion from her.
She wrote; “TiwaSavage surprised me yesterday didn’t know she was on the plane, she stood up from where she was to come say hello to me!!! Thank you for honoring me. God will honor you??????” Tiwa on the other hand responded that she stood up to greet Teni to find out if she has any spare billion.”
Both singers were at the recently held One Africa Music Fest in Dubai and possibly didn’t meet at the event, hence, the reason the meeting on the plane exercised excitement and bliss.

[News] Angry Tiwa Savage lays abuses on Twitter followers

Tiwa Savage broke the internet with her savage replies to twitter trolls and it was quite entertaining.
Over the weekend, Nigerians and Kenyans had a war on Twitter and some fans used the opportunity to bring up the Tiwa Savage
Versus Victoria Kimani drama.
Tiwa Savage upon seeing this decided to preach love and peace by tweeting a picture of herself holding the Kenyan flag
and a twitter user ridiculed her by stating that Nigerians have handed her over to Kenyans.

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[News] Men can not take half of the heartbreak women go through – Tiwa Savage speaks

Tiwa Savage has expressed her
disappointment over the alleged mal- treatment of women in the Nigerian society.
Amidst the sexual abuse stories that are beginning to get disclosed by alleged female victims after the Busola Dakolo VS Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo saga and the counter reactions to the stories, Tiwa seemed to be aggressively put-off and now
has expressed her fury and disappointment
over the issue. The songstress took to her Instagram page hours ago to write multi-screen-full texts to express her rage over the way women are being wrongly treated in this part of the
world. She wrote, “I don’t know where we went wrong as a nation that women are treated so badly. This past week has been filled with very disturbing news towards women.
“I personally can no longer keep quiet anymore. I have to do more than a post.
Kilode gan na, do we deserve all this? “Today i am actually embarassed to be a
Nigerian women. The way women are treated is DISGUSTING. I don’t care what backlash comes from this, i said what i said. WTF! I’m so shaken by this, WHY
“Mothers, wives, little girls being abused, raped, underpaid, disrespected. I have a son and i will do EVERYTHING in my power to raise a man. One that will love a queen and protect her, so help me God.
“The hate is too much, how can we continue like this. In EVERY sector women are bashed CONSTANTLY for things men get away with. Fvck outta here with that backward mentality.
“If she is successful she must have slept with one chairman, if a man cheats on his wife, well that’s naija men for you. If she is raped, why did she wear that in the first
place? “Fvcking toxic masculinity and entitlement in
this society. We are women, we are to be protected REMEMBER. No man, I repeat no man can handle the heartbreak, the pain,
women go through on a daily basis
“Let’s not not even start with labour pains or raising child and you can’t lover and
protect her. SHAME ON YOU men abusing, raping, and everything else una dey do…
You are physically stronger than us. SHAME ON YOU COWARDS.”

[News] I am going to call out all the companies owing me millions – Tiwa Savage

Universal Records’ diva, Tiwa Savage is bringing back the “call-out season”.
Apparently, the performer is not happy about how some companies her owing her millions of naira, and has threatened to call out their names on social media upon
failure to pay up.
According to Tiwa Savage, many
companies are owing her millions despite the fact that her brand has given them huge visibility in time past and she is set to list said brands.

[News] What Wizkid and Tiwa Savage do in secret finally exposed as Video surfaces where Wizkid spanks Tiwa Savage ass | Watch Video

Star Boy Wizkid is not taking it easy on mama jam jam, the number 1 African Bad gyal “Tiwa Savage” has been seen a lot of times hanging and playing with Wizkid… It is no news that their romance on Wizkid‘s music Video “Fever” is one that proves something is going on between this two. Well; what they do in private has surfaced as video shows how Wizkid spanks Tiwa Savage Ass.

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[News] Tiwa Savage pens down sorrowful message as she leaves Mavin Records for an international label

Tiwa Savage has sent sent a truly
emotional and heartfelt message to Don jazzy after leaving his record label; Mavin Records for an international label “Universal Music“.
Tiwa Savage in a lengthy post she made under Don jazzy’s post that announced her departure revealed how difficult it was for
her to tell Don Jazzy about the Universal Music Group deal.
She also revealed the sacrifices the big
man and his team made for her when she was recording her second studio album;
R.E.D at a time she was heavily pregnant.
She described Don jazzy as her super hero and as well reveal she will forever be in love with him.

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[News] What could be wrong? See what Tiwa Savage did to her Instagram

Mavin Record First Lady, Tiwa Savage has took a step we sensed as bold to take down all her previous post on her IG page.
This has a lot of people wondering what might be happening to the African Bad Girl, Tiwa Savage.
No News of what her motive of carrying out the action might be, but we learn this is not the first time she is doing this.
Even after a long break from the Musical scene, Tiwa still decided to leave her 6.7 Millions Fans stranded as they can’t even checkout their alpha female IG page to quench their cravings.

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[News] M.I celebrates Tiwa Savage, ignores ex label mate “Victoria Kimani

The Chocolate City Vice President who
disclosed that Tiwa inspires him, added that we are all blessed to witness the rise and rise of the Mavin singer. MI Abaga had written
on Instagram; “@tiwasavage You inspire me. Your hard
work and commitment to excellence will stand for all time. We are all blessed to witness the rise and rise of Tiwa!!!”

[News] Victoria Kimani Apologizes for slut shaming and age shaming Tiwa Savage

Kenyan-born singer, Victoria Kimami has apologized for slut-shaming Tiwa Savage in her viral #FvckYouChallenge cover.
Victoria Kimani took the viral
#FvckYouChallenge to another level as
she took a direct swipe at singers Tiwa Savage & Ycee.
She claimed in the track that Tiwa was ‘selling her pusy’. The lyrics went; ”Grandma African bad gyal, turning 45 and still claiming bad girl. You can block me from a show but you can’t block my blessings. We all know you selling pussy and it’s so depressing’.
This led to multiple backlash on social
media, as many called out Kimani for slut shaming Tiwa.
However reacting to the backlash she
faced, Victoria Kimani has now apologized for slut-shaming Tiwa Savage, though adding that she is not sorry for other things she said.

[News] Its just a challenge – Tiwa Savage clears air on “Fvck You” Challenge acclaimed shade

Tiwa Savage has come out to debunk the rumour making rounds that her participation in the #Fvckyouchallenge was to attack
someone. The rumour is accompanied by various assumptions of the “someone” ranging from TeeBillz to Wizkid.
The singer, Tiwa Savage dropped a
statement on Twitter telling social media users to stop peddling such rumour about her. According to her, she participated like every other male artiste who is presently not
being attacked.

See What She Had To Say;

[News] Danny Young sues Tiwa Savage – A 200 million Naira Lawsuit over copyright.

Few days after Tiwa Savage “One” was restored on Youtube after being yanked off for months for alleged copyright claims, Nigerian singer, Danny Young, who is claiming that the Ma Lo singer stole lyrics
from his song has taken the case another step further by charging Tiwa to court and demanding for the sum of 200Million naira for copyright infringement.
This court document demanding Tiwa’s presence in the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Lagos, was posted by Danny Young on Instagram on the 3rd of March,
2019, a day after the Tuwas One found its way to the video streaming platform again.
In the caption of his Instagram post, Danny Young stated that he although he is a fan of Tiwa Savage, he will sue her still because she stole the lyrics of his song. The “Oju Tiwon” singer went on to state that dialogue would have solved the issue but Tiwa prefers it this way.
“Tiwa! I know pple love u! Even
me🤗 … BUT I still have to
sue u bcos u stole my shit!😖
😆😘 a simple dialogue
would av solved this but u
prefer it this way. Now we will
be in court discussing some
200,000,000 Damages
🤣🤣🤣 ps. Unblock me
so I can like your pictures 👀”
The document of the lawsuit clearly states what Danny Young is suing the Tiwa Savage for which includes but not limited to the fact
that she released a song (ONE) containing lyrics that Danny Young had initially used in
his song without any authorization from him.
These claims have been regarded as
“unfounded” by Youtube which stated in their release that they cannot penalize an account for something such as lyrics hence
the restoration of ONE back on Youtube. But
apparently, Danny Young is not ready to let the issue go. Neither Tiwa Savage nor Mavin has responded to the lawsuit.
Read Lawsuit;

[News] Tiwa Savage clears Instagram account – See why

Popular Female musician “Tiwa Savage” who has been off the internet for a long time – recently found herself on the gram, not for too good as she deletes most of her Instagram photos leaving 3 on her profile. She claims she has a bigger announcement coming soon… We wonder how this big announcement concerns deleting Instagram posts…

See Screenshot;

Well; We will be bringing you more updates on the “big announcement” as long as it gets to us.

[News] One Video by Tiwa Savage back on YouTube after Danny Young’s Copyright claims goes wrong

The “One” Video which was released late 2018 was brought down by the YouTube team due to copyright claim by Nigerian musician “Danny Young“. TIWA SAVAGE remained silent on copyright claims…

Though; copyright claims by “ Danny Young” has gone wrong as the “One” Video is back up on YouTube.

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[News] Tiwa Savage dedicates tweet to Wizkid in her first set of 2019 tweets

Popular musician “Tiwa Savage” who had been silent since 2019 alongside “Wizkid who decided off till March has finally broken up with her social media silence as she wrote through her social medium “Twitter” 5 days ago. Tiwa Savage got a warm welcome back from her Twitter family as she replied all fans who sent her regards. Days later Tiwa is already loving up Wizkid as she dedicates tweet to the StarBoy.

Tiwa Savage during the early hours of today finally had this to say to Wizkid as she calls him lion;

[News] A real man won’t take it by force – Davido comes for Wizkid for dragging a Dildo with Tiwa Savage

Davido is known for always making headlines with his subs for Wizkid. This time Davido tweets against Wizkid for struggling a Dildo with Tiwa Savage. To us this tweet is quite unnecessary as Wizkid was only having fun with his bestie.

Earlier today a video surfaced online where Wizkid was seen trying to take a dildo off Tiwa Savage.

Davido shares tweet where he calls Wizkid a pussy ass niggas for trying to take a dildo off Tiwa Savage forcefully

See Davido‘s tweet;