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[News] I need a manager – Tekno reveals

Tekno has revealed he needs a manager as quickly as possible.
The “ Skeletun ” singer took to his Instagram Story some hours ago to reveal he is tired of taking up the managerial aspect of his career as the only thing he knows how to do his sing good music. This could have come to be as a result of Tekno leaving Ubi Franklin’s record label and setting up his own imprint; Cartel music. It probably is possible that ever since Tekno left Ubi Franklin who happened to be his former manager, he has been doing everything that has to do with his music career alone.
The talented singer has however now revealed he is tired of having to do everything as things are not really going in the direction he wants.

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[News] Drake explains how he discovered about “Ikebe & Baka”, words his used on a Swae Lee song produced by Tekno

One of the highlight of yesterday was Swae Lee’s ‘Won’t be late’ hit which Drake got featured in being released.
Asides the surprise of Nigerian superstar singer Tekno producing the song, Drake stunningly ‘went foreign’ with ‘Ikebe and Bakassi’. Part of the Canadian rapper’s verse on the hit song was ‘Ikebe, pressing on me heavy, Pressing up against me real close. Bakasi, moving on me’.
Drake went on to reveal how he got to know about the Nigerian slangs for a*s after the song became some fans’ favourite, in an exchange with a Nigerian Instagram user. The rapper said he made some research on his own even though Tekno brought life to it by changing the riddim.
Here is a screenshot of the exchange with Nigerian fan.

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[News] Tekno to be imprisoned for releasing agege video

The National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) have revealed they would sanction Tekno and make sure he is used as a “scape-goat” in order to teach his colleagues some real lessons.
This declaration by NCAC comes after Tekno released the video to his new song “ Agege” featuring Zlatan Ibile in which the video shoot already caused a controversy in the last week after some Nigerians saw a sight of the singer, parading some girls dancing half-naked in a moving truck at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos.
The Director-General of the agency, Segun Rusenwe made this assertion after tekno went ahead to release the video while there are still on-going investigations regarding the indecency paraded at the video shoot and revealed also that Tekno’s action is a threat to National Security.
He said; “ No single person is bigger than Nigeria. We are going to use him as a scapegoat to send a strong signal that this government does not tolerate nonsense and immorality, but discipline, which is our moral principle “NCAC is committed to exposing proponents of such kinds of offensive sights and videos in Nigeria
“Since the offensive Tekno scam video came to limelight, I have received hundreds of telephone calls and SMS from Nigerians at home and others in the United Kingdom, U.S, Canada and other parts of the world.
“They are querying why such anomaly could be tolerated in Nigeria.
“Now that he has released the shameful video when investigation is still ongoing, we are going to inform security agencies to place him on their watch list.
“Because his action is a threat to national security and bad influence on Nigerian youths.
“We warn that nudity is not part of our culture and should not be tolerated.
“The Federal Government will henceforth fish out such clubs for nude dancers across the country for their promoters to face prosecution.”
Rusenwe also revealed Tekno’s act is condemnable under the law of the federation and is liable to go to jail.
“Section136, however, states that any person, who committed any act of gross indecency with another person in public, committed an offence and is liable upon conviction to three years

[News] Tekno reveals reason for street strip dance causing stirs online

Tekno has issued a statement, apologising to the public over a viral video of some half-naked girls dancing inside a truck that
was stuck in traffic at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos.
Tekno just few hours ago took to his
Instagram page to release the statement, apologising to Lagosians that witnessed the scene as well as give reasons why it happened.
He wrote; “Hi everyone, please i woul like to clear the air about the video going round of girls dancing around Lekki or Victoria Island. “First of, there was no reason for us to be dancing in a truck around Lekki. There was no music, no ventilation in the truck. We were shooting a music video and we had shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location, because some of the cars broke in between the shoot, which we divided ourselves into various vehicles
because we had been shooting all day and having fun which we then move to the next
“However, this was at about 12am at
midnight already. This was no advert for a strip club or dancing naked for on the streets for any type of reason.
“In addition, we respect the decency in Lagos and in as much as we are
entertainers, we are always mindful of what
we have and not jeopardise it. And that’s
why we enjoy shooting our videos in Lagos.
As we all know it’s a centre of excellence
and centre of entertainment.
“We sincerely apologize if some people saw
this and felt offended by the scenenry they
saw. It was never an intent. My people i love you all, stay blessed.”

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[News] Iyanya and Ubi Franklin ribbed me off my earnings – Tekno reveals

Tekno has just thrown the internet into some serious pathetic shock after an interview with popular radio personality,
Daddy Freeze.
The singer who has lost form musically,
revealed a lot about his bad medical
condition and how he spent so much on getting remedy to his ill-health till he got broke.
He also talked about how he got frustrated till he had to start visiting native doctors as he was so desperate to be well.
Tekno also talked about how he was so confused about going for a show in
Cameroon or going for his surgery. He
revealed the reason for the confusion was because he was already reaching
bankruptcy and getting frustrated regarding the terrible condition of his health.
Read some of the things he said, “ By this time, I’ve seen like four doctors. I was getting tired, praying, some people go say
na Ubi because is expiring in December, so
like e no wan make I sing again after the contract… someone said it’s a girl, offered me Babalawo… at this time I was already losing my mind it was insane.
“I’ve drank all the medication, they’ve even given me reflux medication that they said I have to drink for two months or at least
three months for the acid in your stomach
to start to go down because all these time
the acid from my stomach was coming up
to my throat and irritating my vocal cords.
so I got tired eventually, went to London, stayed a bit and then I came back to Nigeria…. this is already four months of no
work, no recording, no performance, just spending money from hospital to hospital,
doctor to doctor … somebody even tell me say make I buy goat and cutlass(laughs).
“So I called my mom and said, look, this is what someone told me. My mom started to
cry, I don’t know, maybe she thought I was going to do it. … At this time when I was
talking to my mom on the phone, it was
extremely hard to talk… I kept studying.
Through all these time i’ve been doing vocal
therapy, speaking to different voice coaches
online, just trying to see if there’s a way I
can learn to sing from the inside because
they said that if you can sing from your
bellies… you’ll be able to perform, so I was
just trying anything I could do.
“I was studying and at some point I just
thought, maybe I should get some surgeries
done. In my head, I just felt this is the only
option because I’ve been drinking this reflux
medicine for so long and the acid keeps
boiling my throat. Mind you for the past four
to five months I’ve been sleeping with my
bed laid down like this (he demonstrated
with his hands on what seem to be like a
slant position) with my body up and my
waist down straight. so when I sleep, the
acid doesn’t come up. But since I sleep
crazy, I start my sleep with the
recommended position and wake up with all
parts of my body in a different dimension.
“ I had a show in Cameroon three weeks
after that surgery. so it was after I go and
perform in Cameroon first or I do the
surgery first… why this Cameroon came up
was because, at this time, there was no
money again, at this time I already blew
through everything so I needed that
Cameroon show because that show was
paying me a hundred and ten thousand
dollars for that weekend. so it’s either I do
that surgery, or go and do the Cameroon
show, but I was scared because If I do
Cameroon and perform with an already
irritated voice just because I need money to
balance my bills, I would end up going back
to where I started. So I did the surgery first
and I had three weeks to get fine before I
had to go perform in Cameroon but the
doctor had told me that I needed at least
two months before I can go back on stage
because of the kind of surgery that was
“By this time, I didn’t even know how bad it
is. They cut me in five different places. The
surgery was done by a robot… after the
surgery, I woke up and looked at myself… it
wasn’t a good feeling at all. I couldn’t move,
I couldn’t sneeze, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t
breathe, I couldn’t do nothing at all… at this
time now, there’s metal inside of me…”
Watch interview below:

[News] Tekno Reveals shocking news about what Iyanya & Ubi Franklin did to him

Nigerian singer, Tekno who has been off the scene for a while has just granted a ‘tell all’
interview with Daddy Freeze where he revealed in details the struggles he went through when his vocal cords shut down for months.
Narrating his ordeal, Tekno said he spent months and millions of naira on hospital bills. He also revealed he was operated on by a robot and how he now carries a magnetic device in his system.
Read excerpts of the interview below…
I went under the radar for a bit
because I was sick and It all started
at an event in Ghana, I performed
with Wizkid and Davido but
somehow I cracked my voice on
stage that night. So when I got back
to the hotel, I told my guys I didn’t
want to go out again because I
really injured my voice and just
wanted to rest.
The next day, I had a show In Togo,
I performed, still stressed the voice
and came back to Lagos but it
wasnt getting better, so I went to
see a doctor, he put a camera down
my throat but he didn’t really see
anything so he just gave me anti
biotics and said i should be fine in
a week or two but I didn’t get better
and by this time I had started
cancelling shows.
So I decided to fly to London, saw
the first doctor and he said ‘your
vocal cord is just irritated’ he gave
me drugs and said I should be fine
in about two weeks, but nothing
So I decided to fly to Los Angeles
and again I saw the first doctor , he
said the same thing. At this stage I
was loosing my mind already
because it didn’t make sense
anymore, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t
talk, sometime they tell me to stay
quiet for a week (laughs).
Some people around me started
saying it may be from Ubi Franklin
because my contract was going to
expire in a few minths and he didn’t
want me to sing again, some others
said It could be Iyanya, someone
else said It could be a girl, another
person offered to take me to see
babalawo, I was really getting
frustrated. Someone even told me
to buy a goat and three matchetes
for sacrifice

This all happened over a period of
like four months, no work, no
recording, no performing, I was just
spending money from hospital to
hospital. Then I started doing vocal
therapy and it got to a point i just
thought doing a surgery was the
best option.
I eventually flew to New York to see
another doctor who promised me i’ll
be fine and sing again. At this
point, I had spent alot of money and
done all sorts of weird and
disgusting tests and scans.
The surgery option i opted for was
the one that had to do with them
putting a magnet inside my throat.
The surgery was done by a robot,
they cut me in five fdifferent places.
After the surgery, I couldn’t move, i
couldn’t breath, couldn’t sneeze. It
was hell.

[Article] Tekno’s “Up Tempo” a potential trash

Tekno is no doubt one of those artists that rose up to stardom from nothing, the former “Triple MG” act now “Cartel“, Tekno rose to lime light after the release of his single “ Duro” which became an accepted record amongst lovers of good music… The act never relented as he gave us back to back hits which finally earned him “Pana“, Pana? Everyone knows this is an international song already. Tekno became an international star through “ Pana” (This cannot be doubted nor over emphasized). Tekno had kept it on a low tempo ! Well, everyone likes to try new things right? Few days ago Tekno released a new song titled “Up Tempo“. Tekno came through with a sound no one is used to listening to… At the first listen everyone says ” That song is noisy, who sang it, Is the person a learner? ” The reply goes; ” No! Its TeknoTekno? Everyone becomes shock as it sounds like a song Tekno should never sing… On this note; We think Tekno should stick to Low Tempo smash rather than Up Tempo trash & we hope he gets back to his hits fit. But wait!! What do you think??

Is Tekno’s “Up Tempo” a Smash or Trash 👇

[News] Check out leaked chats between Iyanya & Ubi Franklin. You will be shocked at their discussion

Ubi Franklin has finally responsed to
allegations made against him by his former partner, Iyanya.
To catch up on their on-going beef,
Read HERE and HERE .
In an interview with Cool FM this morning, Ubi Franklin showed up with a lot of paper work and documents to clear his name and
according to him, he never cheated Iyanya and he maintained the fact that Iyanya never liked Tekno.

See some of the Whatsapp chats between Ubi and Iyanya below….