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[News] Chioma is my distant cousin, when she told me she was dating Davido I didn’t believe – Peruzzi

Peruzzi recounted how hard it was for him to believe that his distant cousin Chioma was dating Davido, as he talked about how his relationship with the DMW boss began.
According to the Peruzzi, he first got news of Chioma dating Davido after his mother’s burial which was also when he noticed that Davido was always supporting his songs and brand on his social media platform.
He said, “After my mother’s burial; I
was going home and someone sent
me a message on Twitter,
commending my song. The person
asked if I remembered her. After
she explained who she was, I
remembered her. She told me
Davido sent my song to her. I didn’t
believe it. She further told me that
they were dating and she is like my
distant cousin, so I didn’t even see
it coming.
“I felt like how can she be dating
Davido and I wouldn’t know since.
She was able to convince me after
she sent me some pictures; she told
me he was going to be around the
next day. She invited me to his
welcome party and I went there
around 2 am at Club 57.
“Once Davido entered with his
entourage, I was scared. He was
facing me, but I didn’t know what to
do. I moved to see him carefully.
He looked at me and called my
name. I was happy and I held him.
He told me he loved my songs and
that I should come to his house.
That was the best night of my life. I
sent Chioma a text; that I was with
“I couldn’t sleep that night because
I was too excited. She (Chioma) is
my mother’s cousin’s daughter. But
she is my cousin; that is how we
refer to each other. I don’t have a
proper contract with Davido; he is
my guy so I am not worried about
that. Some people have lived with
him for years without any contract.”
On how he felt after he was insulted for wearing Davido’s clothes, Peruzzi Said;
“How would you see something you
like and you can’t tell your male
friend that you like it? I told him I
liked an outfit and he gave it to me.
I have come to realise that no
matter what I do, people would talk.
I don’t let it get to me.”
He also talked about selling his car to buy some drugs for his ailing mother before she died, and completing his degree in medicine and surgery;
“When we realised my mother was
diagnosed with cancer; I had to put
my car on auction immediately. I
wanted to quickly send money to
people to help me get the drugs she
needed. I could only get the drugs
from India but they still didn’t work.
I still see myself going back to
complete my degree in medicine
and surgery but I don’t see myself
sitting in the hospital.”


[News] Peruzzi acquires new whip. See photo

DMW star, Peruzzi is currently enjoying the
dividends of his hardwork and talent as he just got himself a brand new Mercedez Benz luxury white whip.
The singer who is reveling in the new
found wave his 2018 song; “Majesty” and the video are currently enjoying, took to his Instagram page to excitedly make the
The Mercedez Benz has been reported to be worth a huge sum of 28 million naira and this makes Peruzzi become the latest member of the DMW crew to acquire a Benz car since his record label boss,
Davido & his colleague, Mayorkun .
Peruzzi dropped an E.P, “Heartwork” in November 2018 and recently dropped a video to the leading single, “Majesty” of the project which is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry.
Hopefully there would be more videos to the amazing songs in the E.P.

[News] Peruzzi assaults social media influencer, social media influencer threatens to sue Peruzzi as Davido joins Peruzzi to beg him

The influencer who allegedly got assaulted by Peruzzi after a show in the capital of Bayelsa state has now narrated how the incident happened.
He said, “After the event it was time to go back to Lagos and face traffic, I got into the bus that was taking us to Portharcourt from Bayelsa, next thing I heard was, come down here, then I felt heavy hand pull me
“All I could hear was, are you AYE(cult), I
could not respond because I was lost in thought. What is happening I said to myself. Then this guy dragged me where Peruzzi was standing. Ohh, it’s you, I said to myself.
“Next thing, your super star Peruzzi pulled me up with the help of his bouncer holding my hands, the next thing I heard was boom. Is that from THOR I said to myself.
He started screaming, don’t you ever tweet about me again, you are mad, who do you think you are.
“This continued to about 20 minutes,
everyone around was shocked and
dumbfounded, he said how on earth will I compare him with Teni ????He said he does not care, but this is you abusing me after 6 months.
“Bearing in mind that I tweeted on the 6th January, 2019. When the whole comparison between himself and Teni surfaced online.
I simply asked our gentleman not to
compare himself that Teni has put in lot of work, so she deserved to be given her moment and credit.”
Pamilerin has however vowed to file a law suit against the DMW star for assault and battery against him.

Nigerian popstar, Davido has apologised on behalf of his artist, Peruzzi who slapped social media influencer, Pamilerin on
Peruzzi has also taken to Twitter to issue an official apology for his actions saying, ‘I did very wrong for yesterday slapping mr pamilerin, let my feelings get the best of me and I am very sorry. Apologies to mr pamilerin and also to the general public. I’d never get into such mess again. Love Only, I promise’.
See al the apologies below…

See Prove;

[News] Peruzzi stylishly announces new collabos

Peruzzi in a tweet expresses his intention against features for the year 2019, as one of his resolutions for the year was to stay away from features but guess what? He couldn’t hold it! he finally announces major collabos.

See Tweet;

[Article] Will Peruzzi ever loose control? (HeartWork EP review)

Peruzzi Vibes formally known as Tc Peruzzi has been underground for years with songs he made such as Halima, Point Made featuring RunTown etc… He has been Working and trying hard to create a niche for himself in the music industry not until he got signed to Davido‘s DMW everything turned around for good. In the early hours of today, Peruzzi released his EP; titled “Heart Work”. The EP is a clear example of Hard work as the album will surely stand the taste of time. Ranging from tracks like Ola, Try, Champion Lover, Majesty, Craze, Did you etc all tracks make lots of sense in their different categories relating to the genres. More so; “I’m loosing control” is his favourite slogan as we all know. The question is Do you think Peruzzi will ever loose control over giving us good music, do you think he will ever go wrong by giving us a bad song??

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