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[News] Mix/Master engineers, DJs & PRs also deserve awards

It has been seen that in the Nigerian music industry only Musicians & Producers are awarded for the work done in the music industry, which we; from our sight of view find it not interesting… As much as musicians & producers deserve awards, mix/master engineers, disc jockeys & PRs also deserve awards because they also put in so much work in making sure the process of production of music gets to its final state… What is the essence of producing if it won’t get to the final consumers?

The DJs & PRs put so much effort in making sure music reaches the final consumers. They include the blogs, billboards, radio stations, TV stations, clubs and other online/offline promotional platforms to their budget making sure the music is consumed by the final consumers which are the lovers of good music, therefore; they deserve awards.

The Mixing/Mastering of a song is very vital to making sure the production of music is complete. So why award the beat maker – leaving the mix/master engineer?

We at Soft Continent Entertainment hereby insists that henceforth Mix/Master Engineers, DJs & PRs should be awarded… Every awarding platform should create a category for them & make sure they get rewarded of their hard work. Thank you.