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[News] Fans are the reasons celebrities live fake life – Kcee blasts

Kcee has pushed the blame of celebrities living fake lives as witnessed in the Nigerian entertainment industry on the fans.
Alleging that most celebrities lead fake lives, the Five Star Music boss stated that people don’t like it when one is real. He further disclosed that this pressure pushes many into faking it till they make it.
“90 per cent of celebrities lead fake lives because you guys (the public) are putting them under pressure. People don’t like it when you are real; they prefer it when you lie to them, and that’s why many fake it until they make it.
“If you are very honest and truthful with them (fans), your records will have slow sales. 80 per cent of celebrities rent apartments but they would claim they bought the houses. They go through that because fans put them under so much pressure. That you see someone on television does not mean the person is worth N1bn, so people should stop thinking that we’re living in heaven on earth” he told Saturday Beats.
Kcee also admitted faking it at some point in his 19-year music career. He however stated that he now talks about it because he has moved past that stage and is now successful.
“Yes, I have faked it at some point. When I started, I had to fake it. To be a celebrity, there is a perception you need to sell so that people can look up to you. I am saying this because I have gone through that and I have passed that stage. I am now successful. There was a time I was driving a Hummer jeep while my then partner, Presh, had his own. We would go to clubs and use all our money to pop champagnes. At the end of the day, we would throw the drinks away and go back home to eat noodles. We wanted to impress people and make them see us as the most expensive artistes.
“When I was in Ajegunle (Lagos) and I got to a level where I needed to leave that area, I used to tell people that I was living in Ikeja, though I was still staying at Ajegunle. Before you knew it, we started living in Ikeja and from there, we moved on to bigger things. There is faith life and also fake life. My own journey was always keying into that faith.
However, it got to a point that everything went to zero level, and when I had the second chance with Limpopo, my ideology changed. What came in then was maturity, and I made a lot of investments. I was able to buy things that even when I leave the earth, my children would inherit them”


[News] I also wanted to quit music – Kcee Reveals

Popular Nigerian singer, Kingsley
Chinweike Okonkwo, better known as
Kcee has revealed that he almost quit
music at some point in his career.
Earlier this week, Waje revealed that she is set to quit music, as she wasn’t getting paid well.
While speaking with Kcee, Kcee also revealed that he was once in a similar situation. He said; “I saw Waje’s video and I was touched. I
was supposed to say something about it but I was busy with my album project.
However, I spoke to a few people about it.

The truth is that the industry is a fake one; I am not just talking about the Nigerian music industry, but globally. Everybody is struggling. I have been in this business for 19 years and at every point in time, you have A-list artistes and they are about ten.
“These set of people are the ones making all the money. There are hundreds of artists behind them struggling to get to make it to the top ten list. These other artists keep spending the same amount of
money (the A-list artistes spend) to just get there and they also have to live like a celebrity.
This costs a lot of money. If you do not
have the drive and focus to keep the fire burning, it is going to weigh you down. “When I was with Presh, I was also discouraged and I went into business because I was frustrated. I started importing furniture and I had a showroom
at Allen Avenue, Ikeja.
It got to a point when I had to tell myself that I love music and I needed to go back.
I promised myself that I would make sure I get it right the second time.
At that point, I had hit songs already and I made a lot of money from the industry but everything was finished because new people would always come into the industry.
That was what gave birth to the Limpopo era. It was determination; it was me being focused plus I had the grace of God. The message here is, what Waje said is not happening to her alone but to a lot of artistes. She was able to speak out.
You need to listen to other people. Her
situation might be better than a lot of
them. The average video I shoot costs
about N4m. I can travel anywhere to
shoot my video; I do not want to talk
about the cost of hotel and other logistics. I have been able to promote some artistes under my label and I know how much I invested in them. I know how much I shot their videos. That is why sometimes I look
at the up-and-coming artistes and tell
them to appreciate their labels. It takes a lot.
“The talent is five per cent, you need 95 per cent to polish your talent and put it out there. People bring in their money and invest in some of these talents but when they enjoy the limelight, they get to see
themselves as God and they begin to
insult those that invested their money in them.
Those set of artistes have discouraged a lot of labels from investing in other
artistes; if not, someone like Waje would not be crying because she is a ‘sure market’ and any label can invest (in her).
Some of those artistes have discouraged a lot of labels like us so we do not feel safe to invest in them.
“When you invest in 80 per cent of them, once they enjoy the limelight a little, they begin to feel you are using them or taking their money. They do not know how much you paid to promote the music or shoot their videos.
There is a lot involved. My message is
that always be in control, you can get out of any situation as long as you are alive and have the talent. You just have to believe. It has happened to me several times. I do not care what anyone says about me.
If I care about what people said, I would have quit music since. I have a lot of things I can do and I would never be hungry but I love music and I have been relevant for 19 years.”