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[News] Iyanya and Ubi Franklin ribbed me off my earnings – Tekno reveals

Tekno has just thrown the internet into some serious pathetic shock after an interview with popular radio personality,
Daddy Freeze.
The singer who has lost form musically,
revealed a lot about his bad medical
condition and how he spent so much on getting remedy to his ill-health till he got broke.
He also talked about how he got frustrated till he had to start visiting native doctors as he was so desperate to be well.
Tekno also talked about how he was so confused about going for a show in
Cameroon or going for his surgery. He
revealed the reason for the confusion was because he was already reaching
bankruptcy and getting frustrated regarding the terrible condition of his health.
Read some of the things he said, “ By this time, I’ve seen like four doctors. I was getting tired, praying, some people go say
na Ubi because is expiring in December, so
like e no wan make I sing again after the contract… someone said it’s a girl, offered me Babalawo… at this time I was already losing my mind it was insane.
“I’ve drank all the medication, they’ve even given me reflux medication that they said I have to drink for two months or at least
three months for the acid in your stomach
to start to go down because all these time
the acid from my stomach was coming up
to my throat and irritating my vocal cords.
so I got tired eventually, went to London, stayed a bit and then I came back to Nigeria…. this is already four months of no
work, no recording, no performance, just spending money from hospital to hospital,
doctor to doctor … somebody even tell me say make I buy goat and cutlass(laughs).
“So I called my mom and said, look, this is what someone told me. My mom started to
cry, I don’t know, maybe she thought I was going to do it. … At this time when I was
talking to my mom on the phone, it was
extremely hard to talk… I kept studying.
Through all these time i’ve been doing vocal
therapy, speaking to different voice coaches
online, just trying to see if there’s a way I
can learn to sing from the inside because
they said that if you can sing from your
bellies… you’ll be able to perform, so I was
just trying anything I could do.
“I was studying and at some point I just
thought, maybe I should get some surgeries
done. In my head, I just felt this is the only
option because I’ve been drinking this reflux
medicine for so long and the acid keeps
boiling my throat. Mind you for the past four
to five months I’ve been sleeping with my
bed laid down like this (he demonstrated
with his hands on what seem to be like a
slant position) with my body up and my
waist down straight. so when I sleep, the
acid doesn’t come up. But since I sleep
crazy, I start my sleep with the
recommended position and wake up with all
parts of my body in a different dimension.
“ I had a show in Cameroon three weeks
after that surgery. so it was after I go and
perform in Cameroon first or I do the
surgery first… why this Cameroon came up
was because, at this time, there was no
money again, at this time I already blew
through everything so I needed that
Cameroon show because that show was
paying me a hundred and ten thousand
dollars for that weekend. so it’s either I do
that surgery, or go and do the Cameroon
show, but I was scared because If I do
Cameroon and perform with an already
irritated voice just because I need money to
balance my bills, I would end up going back
to where I started. So I did the surgery first
and I had three weeks to get fine before I
had to go perform in Cameroon but the
doctor had told me that I needed at least
two months before I can go back on stage
because of the kind of surgery that was
“By this time, I didn’t even know how bad it
is. They cut me in five different places. The
surgery was done by a robot… after the
surgery, I woke up and looked at myself… it
wasn’t a good feeling at all. I couldn’t move,
I couldn’t sneeze, I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t
breathe, I couldn’t do nothing at all… at this
time now, there’s metal inside of me…”
Watch interview below:


[News] Iyanya has slept with many married women, I have prove – Ubi Franklin

In an exclusive interview with Ubi Franklin where he opened up about having pictures of married women Iyanya has slept with.
He also spoke about the allegations of him “beating up’ Emma Nyra” when she was signed to the label and the Non-disclosure aggrement they signed that prohibits her from speaking else she’ll risk paying him 10million naira.
See excerpts from the interview below….
What Happened With Emma Nyra?

We didn’t agree. You see, Emma
Nyra’s situation, I cannot say much
about it because I am binded by
contract not to say anything about
our situation. I am not going to say
anything about it. Because if I say
anything about it, I have a legal suit
that I’m going to pay 10 million
naira. So, I’m not going to say anything about Emma Nyra. If she
does, I’d have to collect 10 million
because me and Emma Nyra don’t
really have any problem. Even when
she had the twins, we spoke. I even
sent her a message. So, we don’t
have problems. These problems are
problems Iyanya is trying to create
to hype himself up.

Tell Me What You Know About What
Transpired Between Iyanya And
Temple Music?

Yeah, it was a one-on-one
conversation we had at his house.
He showed me a heated WhatsApp
chat with the owner of Temple,
them. That’s why I was able to
believe he was having problems
with Temple. When he wanted to
leave Temple, I told him, ‘Don’t
leave Temple the way you left Made
Men’. Which is, relieve yourself,
settle everything and go. I said, ‘The
fact that you want to leave Temple
doesn’t mean that you should fight
them. It would now become
constant. It can’t be like it’s the
same thing you do everywhere you
go. People would come and be
putting some rubbish things around
it. People you collected money from to
pay your house rent when your landlady chased you out. They gave
you a car. You were stuck in America they paid for you. Have you
spoken to Temple? Ask Iyanya if he
told me that he had issues with
Temple and he needed to clear up
his contract with N60 million. Ask
him if he told me that.

N60 Million, To Exit His Contract?

Yes. And I told him I was going to
raise the money. Before I raised that
money I spoke him. It took me 24
hours or less to raise that money.
When I raised that money I started
calling him, he was not picking up
his phone so I just left it. So for me,
you see all these things Iyanya is
saying ehn, when I look at it I just
laugh. Because I have everything to
prove. I have everything to show. If
this is what Iyanya is going to do
after all my hard work. Now, you
know what? People would comment
and say ‘This Ubi guy, Ubi is like
this, Ubi is like that’. You know why
they’d say that?


All artist managers are hated. You
know why? We do the dirty job. So I
don’t expect anybody to like me.
When we leave these artists and go
that’s when you start seeing who
these artists are directly and you
start to see who they are. Please,
what did he say about Emma Nyra?

That You Had Problems In Your
Relationship And You Physically
Assaulted Her Repeatedly..

Have you asked Iyanya what
happened between him and Yvonne
Was Iyanya Physically Abusing
Yvonne Nelson?

(Laughs) It’s, not my mouth you’d
hear that thing from. I promised not
to say anything or put Iyanya out.

He Said He Saw You Beating Emma


Did He Advise Her To Leave You?

Bro see, Iyanya is a big liar. He has
been saying it for many years that
he is going to use Emma Nyra
against me. You understand? I did
every work for Emma to make sure.
I’m not going to speak about Emma
Nyra unless she talks. We have a
contract binding us not to say
anything. Why didn’t he say on his
interview that I beat up Emma Nyra?

He Did Say That…

Bro, I’d advise you not to. Because
I would put out all the married
women he slept with. Their pictures
side by side for me. Bro I don’t want
to talk. Because if you allow me to
do that to him, I’d drag him through
the whole of this country. I’m not
scared of shit. What I want about
this matter is for people to see
clarity. If Emma Nyra has issues
she would come and say it herself.
Emma Nyra is a mother now. I think
her focus is different. And she even
wouldn’t want to be involved in all
this. I wish Iyanya was a father. If
he was a father, most of these
things he is saying he would not do
it. When I kept watching his
interviews I kept laughing. Bro,
don’t let me do this to this to this
guy. If you’re writing your story, take
out the Emma Nyra situation
because if you’re writing about
something like that, Emma Nyra
needs to speak for herself and with
the way I and Emma Nyra are tight,
we cannot speak about each other.
We had our whole issues and the
issues were settled and I have a
legal document to back it. So for
me, leave her out of this and focus
on something else. Write your post.
See, I never really wanted to get to
this point bro. For everything that
happens, there are two sides to the

Do You Think You Treated Everyone

I treated everybody fair. I’m not
perfect bro. See, there’s nobody
even you talking to me right now
that would say they don’t have
issues with people. Check the whole
entertainment industry. Am I the
first person that an artist is leaving
my record label or an artist is
having issues with me? I’m not the
first now.

When did artists start
leaving record labels?

Exactly, let’s
be very diplomatic about this thing.
Did they say that I had their money,
I ate it and I didn’t give them?

It Was Just About You Not Treating
Them Right That They Had
Expectations And Those
Expectations Were Not Met.

Okay, what expectations?
A More Hands-On Promotion And
Marketing Perhaps?

Can I ask you a question? Iyanya
says he was a partner and he was
investing so why are they not
blaming that on Iyanya? Exactly.
Why is it that it is Ubi they are
blaming it on? Why is it that they
are all coming together to fight? Do
you understand where this thing is
going? You said you are a partner
abi? You were investing. So why are
they not fighting you? Is it that you
gave me money to push your music
and I didn’t do it? So you see the
twist? Now, If they say that the label
is not treating them right who is the
label? Ubi, Iyanya. Why are they not
fighting Iyanya?
Maybe He Has Done Nothing To
Warrant That?
All these people talking, how much
did they make me? Chibbz, how
much did we make from him? The
only person that can talk and I
would respond to the person is only
Iyanya and Baci. I know Selebobo
would not say anything to you
because for a fact he doesn’t have
anything to say to you.

What Role Did You Play In The
Tensions Between Iyanya And

He (Iyanya) says Tekno is rude and
ill-mannered. The issue between me
and Iyanya that made me and
Iyanya break up finally was that I
hired a driver for Iyanya. Iyanya and
the driver fought and he fired the
driver. And Tekno hired the driver.
Tekno was living on his own. So
one day I now went to meet Iyanya
that just in case you come to
Nigeria before me, what I just heard
is that Ken your former driver now
works for Tekno. Tekno, on the
other hand, said he saw this guy on
the road, he had a baby at home
and he decided to hire him. And he
asked him what happened between
you and Iyanya, and the guy
explained his side. So he was like
let me just hire the guy because the
person you know is better than the
person you don’t know. And the guy
worked with Tekno for a very long
So Iyanya started accusing me, of
using Tekno to disrespect him. That
how would I know that Tekno is
about to hire his own driver that he
sacked and I allowed that happen?
That’s how he turned and said he
wants to leave the record label.
Every time issues happen he says
that I am the one not making them,
Tekno, to respect him. I’m like bro,
Tekno is a man of his own.
Everybody, they are men. And I
don’t think any of these guys
disrespect you, they respect you.
From Selebobo they respect you.
They call him “Baba.” They don’t
call him by name. Do you
understand? They call him Baba.
They don’t call him by name. Ask
him what happened between him
and Tekno and what happened
between him and the driver Tekno
hired? Do you understand?
Already, everything he said is a lie.
A lot of the things he said are lies.
So, there is a legal document that is
going to be sent to him soon for
him to retract everything he has
said because he is lying. Whatever I
tell you I have proof. You see the
story I told you about these women?
I have proof of it and I warned him.
I said ‘Listen, I’m going to spoil your
career, let it go’. Do you
understand? I’m going to let it go.
Now he is the one going to tell you
that I beat up Emma Nyra.

[News] Check out leaked chats between Iyanya & Ubi Franklin. You will be shocked at their discussion

Ubi Franklin has finally responsed to
allegations made against him by his former partner, Iyanya.
To catch up on their on-going beef,
Read HERE and HERE .
In an interview with Cool FM this morning, Ubi Franklin showed up with a lot of paper work and documents to clear his name and
according to him, he never cheated Iyanya and he maintained the fact that Iyanya never liked Tekno.

See some of the Whatsapp chats between Ubi and Iyanya below….

[News] Ubi Franklin denies Iyanya’s allegations, calls him a liar

The boss of Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin has come out to debunk the statement Iyanya made. Iyanya talked extensively about his time at his former label, Made Men Music popularly known as Triple MG and how he had been betrayed and broken by label boss and partner, Ubi Franklin who unknown to him did not include his name in what was meant to be a partnership deal.
Ubi Franklin has since the release of the interview not responded but finally did, today,
11th of March where he proclaimed Iyanya a liar for his part of narration given to the world. According to Ubi, Iyanya has lied to the world to make himself look good and his contract will prove that. He went on state
that he prefers resolving issues behind a closed door and not on social media, but since the issue has been taken public, the
talent manager revealed he’ll be releasing an interview very soon to address what truly happened.
Ubi’s statement:
“It’s very unfortunate that A
person I took as my brother had
to lie to the world to make
himself look good.
Always wait for both sides of
the story to call people names.
Here is to prove that iyanya
Lied to make himself look good.
Exclusive interview dropping in
I have never fought anyone I
have worked with, dated or
married publicly and I swore
never to do that.
We try to settle things in house
and if that can’t happen we call
on elders to mediate, it has
always worked.
Thank you 🙏🏾”
Accompanying this post are screenshot images of the contract allegedly signed between both parties (Iyanya and Ubi Franklin)in 2016 and also screenshots of emails exchanged in 2016.

[News] Iyanya opens up on why he left Triple MG and how Don Jazzy healed him

Nigerian singer and Kukere crooner, Iyanya has finally opened up about the reason he left Made Men Music and his partner Ubi Franklin whom he revealed betrayed his trust and broke him.
Speaking about the reason for his silence, Iyanya revealed that contrary to the popular
belief people have come to accept that he sold his shares in Made Men Music, he didn’t do that rather he left because there was so much Darkness in the record label.
What people don’t know is, I
didn’t sell my share. People see
me and say oh. why did you sell
your share? I didn’t sell my
shares, I left Made Men at the
time because there was so
much darkness. In the midst of
all the wings, I decided to let
that go… shout out
to Jazzy… Jazzy gave me that
platform to put music out
because I left Made Men and I
didn’t want anything from Made
Men, so Jazzy just said look,
men, you’ve built something
over the years and starting all
over it’s not going to be as
easy as you think, so just put
out music from here and work
on something. So people really
thought I signed to Mavin but it
wasn’t like a legal signing, it
was just love. And then Temple
Music came, when Temple
music came, I loved the vision, I
loved the dream and I was like
Okay, let me try this! and that
was when I released Up To
Something, Hold On, I mean,
Good Vibes. And after that, it
was time for me to move,
because I felt like I got to the
point where I have to put out
my own thing, have my own
family, have my own team, me
and Alex…
Going back to his time with Made Men Music, Iyanya explained what he meant as the “darkness” when referring to his time with the record label, Iyanya stated that in as
much as he would prefer not to delve into that issue, he also believes that sometimes you have to clear the air and people need to hear the truth as it is. He said; When I said it was darkness, I was not myself anymore
because I felt like there was no
trust anymore. Because at the
time I was singing I co-owned
Made Men with Ubi but I later
realized that my name was not
in any of the forms I signed…
and I was broken… and that was
the beginning of me just saying
to hell with everything.” The
hurt of being betrayed could
still be felt in his voice as he
looked like his mind went back
to that time. He continued “To
be honest, Mr. Amanju Pinnick
was the one that brought us
together because at that point,
my spirit, my mind, my soul left
the whole thing, at that point I
was like I don’t care, I’m going
to start all over, as long as I’m
happy. as long as I’m in a good
space to make music, I’m fine.
Speaking about his time with Mavin Records; when Don jazzy took him in as a member of the Mavin family, Iyanya revealed that the
relationship was pone he needed at that time because it came as a healing process for him after what he experienced with Ubi
Franklin. That was healing for me, that was the best time of whole
situation I was in, that was the
best moment because Jazzy
just opened his family and said
look, you’re one of us and
everybody just showed me that
love coz it came from Jazzy. So
from Jazzy to Tiwa, to Baby
Fresh to everybody, it was just
love and that really gave me life
because, to be honest with you,
I was broken. Like I was
broken! Speaking of Ubi and if they’ve made amends to all that happened, Iyanya said he has
confronted Ubi but he didn’t mention Ubi’s reaction or response to the confrontation,
rather he stated that people still believe he was the one who wronged Ubi with questions like “Why you do that to your guy?” with
more accusations like “after all the things he did for him (Iyanya), he left him for Temple.
Moving on, Iyanya revealed he hasn’t been quiet and he has an EP coming out soon,
The Rebirth EP which will feature a lot of collaborations with industry mate and all he
wants right now is to move on with life with
no drama. The singer also revealed he has the intention to go into politics later in life to help the people of Calabar with his influence.
is he in a relationship? Well, he didn’t reveal
because he said everything that makes it to the public gets ruined by the public.
We wish the singer all the best and hope he resolves whatever issue he said might be lingering somewhere with Temple Music
because he said the record label still hasn’t accepted his exit as they believe the time for his contract with them hasn’t expired.

[Article] Iyanya Is Talented. Mc Galaxy is hard working

Iyanya & Mc Galaxy are two of south South’s most recognized musicians with their several hit songs.

Iyanya rose to stardom after his ground breaking song Kukere made him lots of money & recognition, funny enough Mc Galaxy starred in his official video for Kukere where Mc Galaxy was nothing but just a dancer making comic moves in the video. Iyanya is a prove of talent as his talent paved way for him in the entertainment industry. Iyanya is currently irrelevant in the entertainment industry as he is unable to meet up with the new Afrobeats sound.

Where as; Mc Galaxy who is a run away comedian rose to stardom after his ground breaking song Nek Unek which featured Davido. Nek Unek made him lots of money & recognition. Mc Galaxy is a prove of hard work as his work has taken him to unimaginable heights… His recent single Ohaa proves Mc Galaxy is a hardworker as he has been able to cunningly fit in to every sound the industry tends to go with.

We here by write to inform you that Mc Galaxy works harder than Iyanya and this has makes him who he is today, not minding his cunning less of a talent music.

Iyanya has the voice & the looks to sell his music, but talent is not enough. Hard work does it.

Iyanya is talented, Mc Galaxy is Hard working. Do you agree?

Drop your comments 👇