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[Lyrics] IceVick – Best friend


Icevick for the girls them yeah yeah.


Have been (looking 4x) for somebody,
wey go truly love me, truly love me for me.
When the money no dey my hunny oh she dey there for me,
And When I sleep, I dey dream, I pray I see My queen

And When I see my queen nothing can come between

(Na she go born my twin 2x)


I’ve been searching, you know I’ve been searching, you know I’ve been searching,
searching for my best friend.


My best friend, finally I found my best friend, oh I’m in love with best friend, finally I found my best friend

Oh my friend, I’m in love with my best friend, finally I found my Best friend, oh I’m in love with my best friend


You need some good good loving which I know you deserve it.

breakfast on bed, (that should be six in the morning x2)

Why you the thief my heart ole ?
You’re not not just a lover to me, you’re my “Best Friend” and my homie.
We stick together, rice and stew even in your flaws I still gat you, huh I still gat you huh, I still gat you


(My best friend, don’t you ever sleep on me,
You should always vibe with x2)

Connect, girl I want make we connect, we should never disconnect, we should never disconnect oh,

No forget, anything I do for you, don’t you ever sleep on me, you should always vibe with me.


Best friend, she’s my best friend, my best friend
Veeky Xclusive worldwide


[Lyrics] IceVick – Dey For You

What else, Icevick for the girls them,

In the morning I still love you
In the morning I still need you, In the morning.



She say she love me, but sometimes, sometimes she act like she hate me, why do you hate me ?

You should be right beside me

when its day time or night time you should be right beside me, you should be right beside me…

Cause i dey (for you 2x)
When it’s raining I dey for you, cause I dey (for you 2x) when its Sunny I dey for you


You know I dey for you.
Memories never die I still remember the day that I met with you (Day that I met with you)

I thought 2x the loving was real, leaving me what will I do, huhhhhhh huhhhhhh.

Cause I dey
When nobody dey, I dey

When you dey lonely I dey, when nobody dey I dey.



Make you no lie to me, and me no go lie to you.

We keep it 1 hundred you know that I want it, that’s how e suppose be.

Oh You know oh. (You know, you know 2x) Say I need you in my heart and soul. (My heart my soul)

My heart my body all belongs to you.

I know it’s hard for of us, and all we need is trust. 2x



Veeky Xclusive Worldwide


[Lyrics] IceVick – Anita


I suppose to be ur boo 4x


Anita Look what you made me do 3x (Icevick for the girls them, Icevick for The girl’s them yeah yeah)

Anita look what you made me do, I give you love you follow money… now I’m so lonely… look what you made me 3x Anita look what you made me do, I suppose to be your boo, Anita 2x

*Verse 1*

Oh Anita, you know I really miss ya, this your love e give me fever, turn a good boy to a sinner, gat me smoking, gat me drinking, popping more pills on a daily, and your love e dey give me BP 2x, Pick up the phone when I’m calling (calling) give you everything you be wanting (wanting) see love when I look in your eyes, loving you was a big sacrifice

*Back to Chorus*

*Verse 2*

Sometimes I Dey Wonder why, I still get you for my mind, why is true love hard to find ? (why is true love hard to find)
Oh Anita, you know I need ya, if you see her tell her say I miss her, oh Anita you know I miss ya if you see her tell her say I need her,
I give her love oh, she no want oh, say Na money oh wey she want to, say she want go, now she don go, oh no

*Back To Chorus*


So lonely,
So lonely

[Interview] Up & coming act “IceVick” talks music journey & recent single in interview with SCE

Fast rising act “IceVick” is the pioneer of VeekyXclusive WorldWide and has taken time out to engage in a brief chat with us at Soft Continent Entertainment

Here is the interview;

IceVick, How are you doing today ?

I’m fine I’m good

Can we know you, tell us about yourself?

Victor is my name also known as Icevick
• And am the last son of my parents
• Kinda shy but talkative at times though when we get to relate
• Got this loving friendly and God fearing heart
• Proudly Nigerian/Cross River State/Obubra to be precise
• Am a christian
• I am a simple and easy going person, and fun to be with as well

What motivated you to do music?

Well naturally I love singing right from when I was a kid, and I was so addicted, it became a hobby to me, that was how it started

How did your latest song “Her Papa” come about?

Oops, well let me say I was in the house, when I received a call from a friend of mine, the producer of the song though, he asked me to come to the studio, we had some fun and i was just listening to his recently made beats, and her papa Intrumental came along and I started vibing to it and before I knew what was going on everything was getting more interesting, we put more work on it and I jumped on it a week after, that was how it came through

Wow! What a process, Ok! Aside music, what do you do?

I’m a hairstylist, yes a male hairstylist, I do mobile Photography too, I’m a mini disc jockey but not that regular, this are part of my hobbies and skills I practice when I’m not making music.

What are we expecting from you for the rest of the year?

More songs, I think this is the only information I’m gonna give out on this, but I have alot of Projects on the way

If you had the chance to feature an A list artist, who would it be?

Lemme start from Wizkid I think Wiz will be okay.

Wizkid, ok so Who inspires your music, do you have a mentor?

yeah, I have mentors permit me to use the word “mentors”; Praiz, Wizkid, lucky dube, davido and a few others are!

What genre will you classify your sound?


Do you have any challenge musically?

Yeah, as an up and coming I do, and nothing else but money, because as for my sounds I think I’m good to go due to fans previews

What advice do you have for fellow acts like you ?

Push, if the talent is there I advise you push, make moves, I know it might seem like nobody gives a F*ck about you and your sounds, that was how I was feeling at some point in my career, but believe me, there are people that enjoy hearing what you do, without no moves you will not be heard, promote yourself and your sounds

So IceVick, How can your fans connect with you?

Okay, on IG I go by the name @icevick_official on twitter @VeekyXclusive Facebook @Iceviktoh

Nice having you on this episode, do you have any thing to say to your fans?

Thank you all for all your support, without you guys I wouldn’t have come this far, from zero (0) fans now I can boast of many, I appreciate, God bless you all

We have come to an end of this interview and we at Soft Continent Entertainment will be giving you more updates about IceVick as we look forward to grabbing more contents from him. Bye for now.

[Lyrics] IceVick – Her Papa


“No Fortuno No Hit”

ICEVICK for the girls them yeah yeah (love, love looking for love,
love, love, where can I find love, love ? )

“Know Fortuno know hits”


Say I no go find true love her papa

I call her she no pick up her papa

Shaudy see my text she no reply her papa, Oh her papa

why 2x why is love hard to find

girl, why 2x why you waste my time


Am the man with with the vibe, call all the girls make them come make we ride 3x

Verse 1:

why you no dey pick my calls ?

Is it what you call true love ?

In the night e be you only you i be thinking of

you talk say you love me I know say na story

You told me you ain’t gonna leave me,

but now you’re gone I hope you fine true love

Repeat Hook And Chorus;

Verse 2;

She use to be my best friend,

but she left me and she no send yeah,

she be my treasure she be my angel,

her nice face and smile e too make sense,

I know you missed I missed you too, no pretends yeah yeah

Repeat Chorus & Hook;

Her papa… VeekyXclusiveWorldwide