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[Interview] Fortuno talks music journey, how he became a producer, Promoter, silence is golden playlist & more in chat with SCE

Fast rising artiste Fortuno spoke extensively with Soft Continent Entertainment about his music journey, how he started music production & Silence Is Golden playlist.

Here Is Our Conversation:


Fortuno, How are you doing today ?

I’m good & you?

Good too, Can we know you, tell us about yourself & your music journey

Born 11-2-1998 , Real name; Ogben, Pakwuum Celestine

Babtismal name: FORTUNATUS , that’s where I got the name “Fortuno

My music journey is a whole lot, let me know what you’ll like to know.

What motivated you to do music?

Growing up I naturally found myself loving music, I think since I was like 6 years old when I started writing.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you do?

I would’ve been an artist, growing up I loved drawing a lot! I remember drawing and the rest of my class mates would come watch me while I drew! I felt like I was born for that too but the music took a better part of me.

When did you start making music officially?

Officially 2015 when I dropped my first video… the song was titled “Kill Somebody

We remember you followed up with a young John produced track, How was it working with young John?

Great, the chemistry was there! We might get to do one sometime soon.

Is there anything you worry about?

I no longer worry, I used to be worried about when & how the world will get to listen to my sound, but I grew pass that, now; I just make music, no challenge.

What are we expecting from you?

I don’t even know what I expect from me, There is a lot I pray for, Only God knows!

If you had the chance to feature an A list artist, who would it be?

None. Ive got no interest & I’ve never had that In mind.

Wow! That’s shocking! Ok, Who inspires your music, do you have a mentor?

Growing up I listened to a lot of Psquare! But now they ain’t Psquare! So? Every artist inspires me, as long as I enjoy your sound but no! No mentors.

What genre will you classify your sound?

Soft soul music hahahahaha! Afrobeat.

Do you have any challenge musically?

Funny enough I once had challenges but now I ain’t got no challenges! Trust me, I’ve found peace in the process.

Have you ever been assaulted in your quest for fame?

Hmmm I hear a lot of these things, how artists are Assulted and all that, I just want to use this medium to say; don’t allow anyone assault you or treat you some typa way for fame or all that! That’s the lamest thing to subject yourself to. Make music , vibe with who vibes with you, if they trynna mess u up move away! And radiate God’s energy! No one will ever try messing you! That’s my vibe, no assaults whatsoever!

Asides music what do you do?

Nothing! I produce music & I’m into PR, all that balls down to music, so? Music is all I do.

Talking of PR, what’s your approach to the artists you Promote?

My focus is for artists to gain a strong online presence so my PR is always focused on the internet.

what inspired you to go into PR?

I’ve always been a PR since 2015, the difference is I never did it for other artists, I started music officially that same year but it didn’t seem like it, my music got into platforms and charts that people didn’t believe would. My PR tactics made all that possible.

Wow! So what motivated you to take it to another level & when did you?
I was motivated by the tears of other artists who complained about how they couldn’t get to certain platforms & how their records weren’t topping & how they were usually duped & all that. So, I decided to take it upon my self to serve as a plug, I started running PR for other artists late 2018 and so far it’s been good. The artists who affiliate with me are always happy with the results.

So asides online Pr approach which other Pr medium do u use to push acts who affiliate with you?

Asides online PR, I’m a fan of billboards too, I use billboards to PR artists who affiliate with me.

So you don’t do radio & television stations?

I don’t have issues with radio and tv stations playing my jams or the jams of the artist I affiliate with. Still that is not my PR approach but maybe other PR’s, it’s not just my style.

Don’t you think OAPs/Djs on radio stations & tv stations will be offended by your words?

No no! No offense please, I’m only saying what I do.

Have you ever paid for radio/tv stations to play your songs?

Yes I did & I didn’t get the results I expected. so? not anymore. I don’t really care about all that now.

What has given you such confidence?

“Not my style” I said ; Still these confidence arose when I knew that I can build my own radio & tv station And employ same people who refused playing my stuff even after I did the needful. In short I don’t care, play it or not ! I’m fine.

Ok Fortuno, We noticed you produced all the songs on your playlist, how did that come about?

I was never a producer, circumstances made me one, though I’ve always co-produced all my songs cause I always had an idea of how I wanted my beats to sound & all that.


How did you start producing?

Started producing I think 2019 October or so, it all started in my room! I was depressed & being idle at the time made it worse! I just had to channel that energy to something & here it is.

What kind of producer would you call yourself, Afro, hip hop?

No no not any particular! I can do all through Christ who strengthens me, I make all kinds of beats , it all depends on the inspiration & all.

What is your creative process like?

When I wanna make music I first of all start with melodies, I love melodies, once I got a couple melodies! The drum line is not a problem! I’m way done.

Do you have any specific music production tutor?

No! I just watch a lot of YouTube stuff & I’ve got a couple of friends I talk to when I’m lost, shout out MixD one of the realest.


Fortuno you recently released a 4 track playlist. What inspired the title “Silence Is Golden?

I just needed to release hahaha! Called it “Silence Is Golden” because a silent man can never be predicted, so when I’m silent , trust me you’ll never know what’s coming… Silence is a lifestyle for me, I don’t talk too much if I’m actually gonna do something, I just do it.

Tell us about the inspiration behind each track.

Okay, let’s start with “gbedu”! On that track I was only trying to remind listeners that I give them hits and they can’t deny the fact say my music e be hits.

In the lyrics; they was a part you said “you Dey there Dey form superstar wait who Dey follow you back, before you brag ogbeni secure the bag, was that a shade?

No please, no shades at all… that’s how I felt I should vibe at the time! No hard feelings whatsoever!

Ok! Fortuno , on the the second track “Another Man” what inspired that?

Another man is just a vibe cause I didn’t even want to record that song, I just made a short verse months back! And uploaded on Facebook! Everyone wanted me to make the full song & so I did.

What message were you trying to pass in the song?

I was only trying to speak against adultery!

How I’d never want my woman to cheat on me, how it would break my heart if she cheated on me.

Ok! Let’s talk about your third track star, what inspired that?

My music journey did! Star is a special song, spoke about how my dad didn’t want me to make music, how I pay for promo but they don’t wanna push me & how my mama still encourages me.

Did your dad really stop you from making music though?

Hahaha yeah he tried to stop me, I didn’t understand then but I understand why now! The image musicians portray is a bad one, smoke, drugs, womanizing & all that ! Most parents feel musicians are rascals so they try to stop them from all that and I feel it’s cool for a parent to feel that way. I mean they are parents and obviously want the best for their kids . I don’t blame them, the superstars we look up to aren’t helping matters after all.

Wow! So, do you smoke or do all that you mentioned above?

No! I really want to give a different impression about artists, I want my dad and other parents to understand that music can be made without all that in the picture, maybe the next generation will be encouraged by their parents.

Have you ever actually paid for promo without being pushed?

Yes! A couple of times! I don’t want to mention names but they know themselves. Still I’m grateful cause all that shaped me ! I really wasn’t getting the kind of production & promotion I wanted. That’s another reason I got into it so artistes won’t get to suffer what I did.

Wow! Star track must have really meant a lot to you cause these is a lot. Did you really invest a milli on a show that crashed?

Yes I did. But it all shaped me to who I am today.

There are no videos for the tracks on your playlist yet, should we expect any?


If you are to shoot just one video, which song would it be for & why?

Another man. My favorite song

What advice do you have for fellow acts like you ?

First of all; there is an impression a lot of people have about artists and it is a bad one, musicians are great people but because a lot do smoke & all that, the society tends to look at us as rascals, so? I’ll be glad if all these could be cut down so that the society can respect artists some more. Sometimes I see artists who just got into the game doing smoke & all that, we know for a fact that drugs, smoke , tattoos & all that does no good to the reputation of a fast rising act, it only weighs you down. It doesn’t give fame nor money… I’ll like artists to channel that energy to the things of God cause public figures like us need God the most, God is money God is fame, he is all … I believe the skys will be our starting point if God is priority in our lives.
Secondly; there is a lot of artists who go into depression making music, especially when things don’t turn out as planned and family/friends get disappointed at the work put in without results… I’ll love to use this opportunity to encourage every artist, most fast rising acts do music but they don’t do music business. Music is business and you need to understand the business part of it for you to grow; you need a side hustle to fuel your music, you need to monetize your music with the right platforms, you need to set up your own gigs no matter how small, you need to place value on yourself to motivate brand endorsements, record deal & collaborations, and if you don’t understand all these , depression will certainly take place. I wish every artist the best & feel free to hit me anytime. Thanks

How can your fans connect with you?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @softfortuno

Say some words to your fans;

I don’t have fans only supporters I call sofoters & I Love all. Thanks.

This is the end of this interview, if you have your personal questions to ask, connect with Fortuno on social media @softfortuno. Trust us we will be bring you more updates as you already know SOFT CONTINENT ENTERTAINMENT” is the home for only fast rising acts & we won’t hesitate to bring you more updates from FORTUNO & other fast rising stars. BYE!!!

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Track 1 GBEDU (The track “Gbedu” has 8 bars of beat space at the end of the track)

Track 2 ANOTHER MAN (The track “Another Man” has 8 bars of beat space at the beginning of the track)

Track 3STAR (The track “Star” has 8 bars of beat space at the beginning of the track)

Track 4DANIELLA (The track “Daniella” has 8 bars of beat space at the end of the track)


[Lyrics] Fortuno – Daniella

INTRO: Daniella

Dan down Daniella get down

Dan down Daniella go down

Dan down Daniella ah ahhh

CHORUS; Daniella na girl e wey get e body

When she dance and whine I spray her money

Say she burst my head when she drink my pammy

Daniella ! Ah Daniella ah ha

Can I hold your waist if you say make I wait me I go wait

Can I hold your waist time don Dey waste

I just Dey wait

Can I hold your waist?

VERSE 1: Omo me I don Dey wait

I no go lie omo time don waste

This your waist no be copy and paste

Oya come to my place

Me I no go like make your waist e go waste

Whine to the beat as I play you the base

Where you Dey na there I go Dey for days

Hold your body for like 44 days

HOOK; Ah Daniella

The way that you whine you fit go Coachella

Whine for me like you Dey whine for Fela

Whine for me like you Dey whine for Fela


Verse 2:

Ah Daniella

You like to whine for the center

You say na me the make you mental

Whenever I play you instrumental

I fit to give you like 44 milli (on)

If only you go call me your honey (oh)

I go Dey there for you when ur horny

Will you be my honey

Will you be my honey (oh)



Daniella !

No Fortuno – No Hits!

Daniella !

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Star

Intro: No , no hits…
No Fortuno No Hits

Am a star!

Chorus; I’m a star, I’ve got a scar, they hate on me
They go too far
I’m a star, your a star, we are stars but we got scars
I’m a star I’ve got a scar
They hate on me, they go too far 2x I’m a

Verse1; told my dad I wanna sing yeah he tried to stop me
I was in school doing music he said he gon drop me
Years ago he saw my vibe uh yeah he called me
We spoke on phone and he sounded like he my own g
I was 17 when I had 2 videos
Girls acted Juliet to me like I’m Romeo
I know a lot people still don’t know me though
But I’ve been grinding from a long time ago

Repeat chorus

Verse 2; I pay for promo no they don’t wanna push me
To them I’m weed they just wanna kush me
Invest a milli on a show but it crashed
And it hurts when the memories flash
Locked myself in a room became producer
B i made this beat and I’m promoter ah
They scared (they scared) they don’t wanna blow me (no)
But it’s funny cause nobody can stop me

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Mama calls me all the time to know I’m fine (I love her)
If I was born for this lord give me a sign
All these sounds I create hope I don’t waste time
All I want is clean dime
I don’t wanna crime
I put my all into this music but it’s politics
Wherever I go all I see is critics
What I’ve been through
Ain’t no body know
Bitch ass niggas keep on saying daddy gives me dough

Outro; no where to sleep at night
But my future is bright
They ask me to share the lite
They don’t even know if I had a balance diet
They are times I cried
God! maybe I ain’t doing enough but I try
I don’t know if I do it right
But ima keep the fight
If I say this music ain’t paid me then I lied

I’m a star…

[Lyrics] Fortuno- Another Man

Intro: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

Verse 1:

she say why I Dey call her phone?
She say why me I no wan leave her alone?
When I call her phone, she go tell me say make I leave her alone
Leave me alone!
Ah yeah!
She go say why I Dey waste airtime?
E be like I Dey waste my time
Waste airtime, e be like I Dey waste my ti i i ime

Chorus; Girl if you had the chance
Would you cheat on me?

Girl if you had the chance
Would you let another man to touch your body yeah?

Touch your body yeah

my honey yeah

Press your Bobby yeah
Press your Bobby yeah

my honey yeah
Touch your body yeah
Press your Bobby yeah

Verse 2;

oh please pick up da phone
No don’t leave me alone
Wait, is it because of these guys
You keep acting so cool up in disguise
Now I can see with my real eyes
All this while you’ve been telling me real lies
Now I realize
But please don’t play me oh, please don’t play me ! Please don’t play me

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3;

I never wanna hear say we break up
I’ve got space in my heart you can take all
If I call your number abeg take call
If you want Lamborghini I buy four
If u ever leave me is not my fault
O baby no go fall my hand
No go let another man to comot your pant
Can never cheat on you baby you self you know I can’t
So I never wanna see you with another man


for another , for another man to touch your body, press your Bobby, E no go funny!

Oh no no no, oh no no no!

Don’t let another man to Touch Your Body yeah

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Gbedu


Know Fortuno Know hits!

Odoyewu I get Gbedu boku for you

Odoyewu 2x I get Gbedu boku for you

Hook; When the Gbedu enter, everywhere Dey kpalamala, everybody dance scatter, Fortuno Akanchawa! 2x


Gbedu (dem know)
Dem know say na Gbedu (everybody know)

Gbedu (dem know) I give them Gbedu (Dem know)

Gbedu (Dem know)

international Gbedu

Gbedu (Dem know)

foreign Gbedu

Verse 1;

Omoge beautiful too

omoge if your single Fortuno single too

come on dance e Gbedu

the Gbedu wey go make u sef you go wan mezebu

I swear u go wan mezezbu

jejejejekajokilijo girl I like the way ur body Dey go

follow me follow me make we Dey go! Follow me follow me take all my dough.

Repeat Hook & chorus;

Verse 2;

Do your own make I do my own, who Dey follow you drag

u Dey there Dey form superstar wait! Who Dey follow you back?

Before you follow me brag!

Ogbeni secure the bag, me I be giving you back to back,

Gbedu boku me I no Dey lack,

Me! I like the way your girl friend wine she bad,

when she hear my Gbedu omo she mad she smart!

Repeat hook & chorus;

Verse 3;

All my girls for Ghana ,

dem gbadun my Gbedu wella,

when they hear the Gbedu they wine, they wine, odoyewu o take am easy o
Or I go eat you like isisewu o
And she just Dey wine ,

she no waste my time

she say as long as the Gbedu Dey play she can help but whine she is wild …


everywhere kpalamala…
odoyewu o I go eat u like isiewu o or kilishi , Gbedu wey I get e no go finish…

Omo Gbedu can never finish, hahaha never

I fit drop like 10 Gbedu everyday, Gbedu no go still finish haba!

[News] Fortuno’s silence is golden playlist is better than All Rema’s Songs put together – music consultant tweets


New day, new Twitter wahala! And today a music consultant said Fortuno’s (@softfortuno) Silence Is Golden playlist hits harder & better than all Rema’s ( @heisrema ) EPs put together. While some supported the motion, some fought against it causing a really hot stare on Twitter.

See Tweet;

Fortuno releases new music every Friday for 4 fridays starting 7/17

Take a deep listen to Fortuno’s recent Playlist “Silence Is Golden” & Rema’s

do you think Fortuno is way better?

Listen to “Gbedu” – Track 1 off “Silence Is Golden” playlist by “Fortuno” Here

Listen to “Another Man” – Track 2 off “Silence Is Golden” playlist by “Fortuno” Here

Connect Rema on all social media platforms @heisrema

Connect Fortuno; @softfortuno On all social media platforms

let us know your own thoughts on this matter.

[News] Fortuno to support graphic designers as he launches “Silence Is Golden” cover art challenge

Fast rising act Fortuno is set to release his second E.P and is obviously searching for an official art as he has urged all graphic designers to partake in the ongoing “Silence Is Golden” Cover art challenge as he has promised to post all cover art designs on his social media profiles & also he has promised to support by tagging all the graphic designers, this will create a buzz for the graphic designers & create room for creativity…

See his tweet;

What are you waiting for? Tag “Fortuno” on Twitter/Instagram @Softfortuno with your art design for a repost & maybe your artwork could be used as the official art.

[News] Stop comparing my E.P to Rema’s EP – Fortuno warns

Fast rising act “Fortuno” is not taking it kindly with social media trollers who are steadily comparing his E.P to Rema’s, in recent interview Fortuno declared he cares less about these comparisons as he is only making music to make himself and his sofoters happy, In his words; “ For the first time I produced, mixed and mastered songs myself , I decided to release them as an E.P, This is my first ever, don’t compare me to Rema”.

Connect with Fortuno on






Check him out & tell us what you think?

Is it Right For Fortuno to be compared to Rema??

[Interview] SCE exclUsive chat with fast rising act “Fortuno”

Recently, we had a conversation with fast rising musician “Fortuno”. The conversation centered majorly on his recent single “Mo Abudu” which has been buzzing with several comments from fans – attacking him. A lot of people are curious as to why he released a song titled “Mo Abudu”, this had a lot of tongues waxing.

Here are some comments;

These and more flooded social media few hours after the song was released.

Here is our Conversation with Fortuno;

Fortuno, how are you doing today?

I’m good !!! Good good!!

You recently released a new single “Mo Abudu” what inspired that?

Honestly, nothing really, I just finished making the beat that hot afternoon and I was ready to vibe to it, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “call mo Abudu uhu, tell her say me I like her too”.

Wow! Are you saying it was not planned?

Hahaha planned? No ! I didn’t even know what “Mo Abudu” looked like at the time, it was after I caught the vibe I checked her biography

So, what is your relationship with Mo Abudu right now?

Hmmmm, no relationship whatsoever! It is just a song.

Did the attacks from fans scare you at some Point?

No no no! Not at all, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, I wish they channel same energy to sharing the song till Mo gets to listen.

What is the song “Mo Abudu” about, what’s the message?

Message? Hmmm ! I don’t know how to answer that really, but i’ll say It’s just a song trying to let people know that age is nothing but number when there is love.

How have you been taking the comments, the attacks, Abuses, Allegations?

All that is like normal, it doesn’t get to me at all, people said a lot of stuff though but I, I decided not to reply all that cause it’s nothing to me.

What do you have to say finally about the song?

Mo Abudu owes me money, publicity money because many people who didn’t know her, know her now! hahaha Jokes, well; just know what ever anyone said about I & Mo is a rumor, and I hope this is clear now!

It all started when I announced I was releasing a song titled “Mo Abudu”, everyone was buzzing me on social media, because they thought I had something with Mo, it became worse when blogs took advantage of the buzz saying “We are sparking a relationship rumor” and shit, that’s what made it really crazy! Well, I’m not mad at the comments, it’s all love!

Connect with “Fortuno” on social media : @Softfortuno