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[Interview] SCE exclusive chat with fast rising musician “Fortuno”

Recently, we had a conversation with fast rising musician “Fortuno”. The conversation centered majorly on his recent single “Mo Abudu” which has been buzzing with several comments from fans – attacking him. A lot of people are curious as to why he released a song titled “Mo Abudu”, this had a lot of tongues waxing.

Here are some comments;

These and more flooded social media few hours after the song was released.

Here is our Conversation with Fortuno;

Fortuno, how are you doing today?

I’m good !!! Good good!!

You recently released a new single “Mo Abudu” what inspired that?

Honestly, nothing really, I just finished making the beat that hot afternoon and I was ready to vibe to it, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “call mo Abudu uhu, tell her say me I like her too”.

Wow! Are you saying it was not planned?

Hahaha planned? No ! I didn’t even know what “Mo Abudu” looked like at the time, it was after I caught the vibe I checked her biography

So, what is your relationship with Mo Abudu right now?

Hmmmm, no relationship whatsoever! It is just a song.

Did the attacks from fans scare you at some Point?

No no no! Not at all, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, I wish they channel same energy to sharing the song till Mo gets to listen.

What is the song “Mo Abudu” about, what’s the message?

Message? Hmmm ! I don’t know how to answer that really, but i’ll say It’s just a song trying to let people know that age is nothing but number when there is love.

How have you been taking the comments, the attacks, Abuses, Allegations?

All that is like normal, it doesn’t get to me at all, people said a lot of stuff though but I, I decided not to reply all that cause it’s nothing to me.

What do you have to say finally about the song?

Mo Abudu owes me money, publicity money because many people who didn’t know her, know her now! hahaha Jokes, well; just know what ever anyone said about I & Mo is a rumor, and I hope this is clear now!

It all started when I announced I was releasing a song titled “Mo Abudu”, everyone was buzzing me on social media, because they thought I had something with Mo, it became worse when blogs took advantage of the buzz saying “We are sparking a relationship rumor” and shit, that’s what made it really crazy! Well, I’m not mad at the comments, it’s all love!

Connect with “Fortuno” on social media : @Softfortuno

[News] Social media on fire as fast rising act “Fortuno” and ebony CEO “Mo Abudu” spark relationship rumors after he released new single for her

Social media has been on fire since popular blogs and media houses sparked dating rumors betweeen fast rising act “Fortuno” and CEO of ebony life tv/Ebonylife Place “Mo Abudu”. Tv stations, radio stations, blogs and social media has been on fire since the fast rising act shared a photo on his Instagram with the caption “Mo Abudu omo mi, mo Abudu Omo mummy” which translates to Mo Abudu being his mummy and his baby! The 22 year old act shared this below;

This sent a picture to the media but the picture became clearer after 52 year old “Mo Abudu” checked the post out;

That is how it all started until Fortuno announced and released new single for her titled “Mo Abudu” which tore social media into pieces as fans accuse and abuse Fortuno

Well; Fortuno is yet to comment on this saga but we promise to bring you more update as soon as we get some.


Connect with Fortuno On Twitter; @Softfortuno

Facebook ; @softfortuno

Instagram; @softfortuno

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Mo Abudu

Intro; No Fortuno, No Hits


Gbedu for your waist oh (Gbedu for your waist)

Gobe for your body oh (I see Gbedu for your body oh)

Gbege for your waist oh (Alte for your bo)

Mogbe oh, gbege oh oh


Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Range Rover I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Lamborghini I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

But them tell me e no fit be, kilode Omoge e go be, because wetin go be go be! Yeah yeah and e go be

Verse 1:

Mo Abudu you be 52

Me I be 22

But no e no matter too

Cause e be you wey go be my boo

Mo Abudu omotodun, jofun jofun omotodun, sarewagba omotodun, I Dey mad oh for you oh omotodun


But she say age, I say age is nothing but number yeah yeah yeah o, if I give you love you go ask me na where I learn am?


Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Range Rover I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Lamborghini I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

But them tell me e no fit be, kilode Omoge e go be, because wetin go be go be! E go be! 2x and e go be

Verse 2;

Mo Abudu omo mi

Mo Abudu omo mummy

Mo Abudu omo mi

I know you no want my money

Cause e be you wey get ebony

Better bobo no go do you corny

Dey there for you when the clouds are sunny

Mo Woju mi – Woju mi oh

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

Oya forget about Dakore, Jumoke, Tinuke, Funke, Folake, Toke, I no care (I no care)

I go tell them gbera, dide, oh efimisile, fokasibe

Oruko mini Fortuno on the beat! Giddem

Repeat Bridge

Outro: No Fortuno, No Hits

[News] I don’t care if you compare my E.P to Rema’s E.P – Fortuno addresses comparisons in new interview

Super star Rema is not taking it kindly with fans who are steadily comparing his E.P to Fortuno‘s Stars And Scars E.P, in recent interview Fortuno declared he cares less about these comparisons as he is only making music to make himself happy, well Rema on the other hand is not taking it kindly as he blasts fans for comparing him to Fortuno

Read our interview with Fortuno Here & listen to his E.P, tell us what you think?

Is it Right For Fortuno to be compared to Rema??

[Interview] Fortuno talks about his Stars And Scars in new interview

Today We are chatting with the buzzing young Nigerian talent for an exclusive interview around his new E.P project STARS AND SCARS , fame, self-doubts and beliefs.
In just one EP, Fortuno has established himself as a special new talent.
His first release in 2015 was a smash hit & went by the title “Kill Somebody” which was followed up by a Young John produced song titled “Loveena”.

Here is what Fortuno has to say to our questions?

What motivated your E.P title, Stars And Scars?

The stuff I was going through at the time motivated Stars And Scars because in real sense; “every star has a scar”.

On your Stars And Scars E.P, which is your favorite track?
Hmmmm, all tracks are my favorite.

In your long run in music, which would you say is your best moment?
I will say shooting my first music video at age 16 was like the best moment for me and The love and support the people showed me was amazing, The love I get in the streets, people cheering my name and appreciating my presence is as a result of that first video i shot at age 16, it’s amazing.

Some fans compared your Stars And Scars E.P to Rema’s E.P, do you think its right?
Well, People are entitled to their opinions, I believe that I’m unique, I produced, mixed and mastered my E.P all by myself in my bedroom. I believe that I’m called for something beyond the human imagination so I care less about these comparisons.

Star And Scars E.P has different sounds, you trapped, you rapped, you sang. What inspired all that?
At the time I made this E.P I was going through a lot, at the time I was learning how to make music myself, I’m not saying I’m good at it yet I’m still learning… While I was learning, it felt like the whole world was against me, a lot went through my mind and I really wanted to turn those thoughts to music so I started recording…

First of all; I will like to explain every track. “Lonely World” as the title implies is a song that explains a mood, I was “lonely” at the time, friends and fans were no where to be found while I went through the hardest times of my life… “I No Believe” was recorded cause at the time I felt alone my best Friend and I had a couple issues and the song explained everything… I thought about how I was lowkey popping and everyone wanted a piece of me, it resulted to a song, once you get Job, everybody wan “Chop“… And offcourse I felt hated so I sang “ They Hate Me”.

Do you feel any pressure as to the kind of music to make?
Hahaha No pressure at all, though i usedto be pressured but that was then, now i make music to make myself happy and if it makes you happy too then good for us… I work hard in creating my sound and I have faith in it, it might not be perfect but it is what it is

Who are the artists that motivate you and influence you?
I listen to a wide range of music though, especially from up and coming artists. I listen to a lot of Maleek Berry, though I’m mad at him, don’t ask me why. I listen to Wiz, when i was a kid, Psquare was my favourite, well; There’s no particular person I draw influence from.

Have you ever had doubts in your sound?
Omo this one eh, normally I make music freely with no doubts whatsoever but every song I ever released usually arise to positive and negative comments but to me music is not that serious, so! No doubts at all.

Between Wizkid and Davido who would you rather feature?
I love and respect their influence in the game but no! I don’t have plans for no features whatsoever.

Fortuno, your music is filled with rhymes. How do you come about all that
Well, it starts with a sentence, when I’m composing music and I have the first sentence, the next must rhyme and that’s how I create.

What are we expecting from you 2020, any new E.P?
Ok, expect great things, More sounds, but don’t expect an E.P, I might not release an E.P again till 2025.

Fortuno, how do you combine recording your music, producing the beats and mixing/mastering for final consumption?

Its no stress for me, it is what I love. When I’m making beats I mostly start with my melodies, it is easier for me to write on melodies… After recording, mixing and mastering is a fun process, I just play around till my music sounds better, though I like originality, so I don’t do too much.

Aside music, what would you rather do?

If I wasn’t making music I don’t know what I’ll be doing cause while growing up I always wanted to make music but it sounded weird to my dad especially, so when they asked me; I told them I wanted to become a banker, hahaha funny cause I wanted to become a banker because of one of my family friends who usedto give me clean naira notes whenever he came around, one day I asked him; “uncle what do you do for a living?” He said “I am a banker” oh wow so this banking job pays ? I thought, in my mind I had adopted the idea of becoming a banker…

Describe yourself in one word?


Summarize by saying anything you feel right now.

OK, uhmm God bless you guys for sticking with me during my stars and scars. Stars And Scars is a free playlist I curated for you and you can get it on YouTube, SoundCloud, audiomack or softcontinentent.com Bye!


Tweet your personal questions to FORTUNO on Twitter : @SoftFortuno

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Chop

Off Fortuno‘s Stars And Scars E.P.

We present to you:

Fortuno – Chop lyrics;

INTRO: Fortuno ahhh ahhh

Fortuno yarn me wetin play for club na how e been be

Once you get job, everybody wan chop, once you the pop, everybody come top

CHORUS: As I enter club (As I enter) all the ladies wan pop, them say Fortuno ah ah pass me that your cup (that cup) wassup (Wassup) you no go like to rubb (e no go like to rubb) my body sexy oh u no go like to rubb
Mtchew olosho na me u wan to robb, (I wan chop) you wan chop off course everybody wan chop

VERSE 1: As I enter club, olosho meet me up, she say e be like say i be billionaire cause I dey shine like bulb, mtchew who dey follow me talk, wait who dey follow me yarn, base on say money come all the girls wan dey follow dey come my caban

HOOK: once u get chop, everybody wan chop (I wan chop) you wan chop off course everybody wan chop


Olosho say she go lick me like lollipop, for bed I no gats bother na she go dey untop, ah ah Fortuno no be you just dey buy like 4 new mob, (kilode) no be your music wey be say dem dey always dey like dey play for club? Hmmm
Repeat Hook & Chorus

OUTRO: Alaye, collect anything you wan collect 2x Owo opor 2x
That mugu dey shout owo opor e go poor

Once you rise up, before you go nice up, ogbeni try wise up

Olosho farabale


[Lyrics] Fortuno – They Hate Me

Off “FORTUNO‘s” Stars And Scars E.P.

We present to you;

Fortuno They hate me lyrics;

Yo whats good? I just wanna share a true life story with you all, they hate me for their reasons I know

When I walk pass by they hate me (They hate) whatever I do in life they hate me (they hate)

HOOK: Once upon a time I had no money (No’ne’) all these fine girls look at me funny (wo) all these fine girls doing me corny, uuuhhh but now I’m losing that, when I come through man I come through mad, when I come through man I top that chat, when i come through woh woh 3x

They don’t like me I know 2x
They hate me I know (They’ll never like ‘me I know’)

They dont like me i know 2x

They hate me I know (They never liked me… ‘I know’ )

VERSE 1: Once upon a time I had no money (None) one dollar I aint gat any (None) all these girls them ah savage me uhhh, I gat no penny (penny) cant afford no henny (henny) none of these girls really like me when i post a picture they dont like me, Yo! you dont have to feel pity for me, can somebody safe me (safe me)


VERSE 2: Now I come through mad, all my songs demma top that chat, petty petty no! I don’t eat all that, step ina the store and I buy that, aint no money I undo that, turn up the show and I steal all that, billi billi 2x steady getting my milli milli, all the fine girls now in my dm, no i dont see them uhuuuuu


Outro: when i walk pass by they hate me, whatever I do in life they hate me, they don’t wanna see me shine they hate me

Yo! cant create no one, so I can’t hate no one… (They hate)


[Lyrics] Fortuno – Lonely World

Off Fortuno‘s “Stars And Scars” E.P

We present to you:

Fortuno – Lonely World Lyrics;

I dont clock, i just work, I dont talk (woh woh, woh woh, woh woh)

No Fortuno – No Hits

Its a lonely, its a lonely world, nobody cares about ya, nobody…

VERSE 1: i wanna tell ya, ya living ya life a loner, (A loner) nobody cares about ya, unless you getting the mula, if you aint getting it, family folks they leave you alone, if you aint getting it, even your girlfriend she go bone, if you aint getting it woh if you aint getting it woh, so I stay woke all the day long I stay woke, i dont wanna be broke (never) all night long I stay woke (No) I dont wanna be broke, all night long I stay woke, poverty is a fairy, all I do is bury, I drip on gucci gucci got icey on my roley…

CHORUS: Its a lonely world (lonely) 2x thats the popo, you cant trust the popo (No)
Its a lonely world 2x its a lonely world, bro bro killing bro bro, oh no
Its a lonely world 2x
Cant trust no one

VERSE 2: Am a skinny jiggy biggy niggy, Ogbeni Pakky woh
I got bitches but I got hoes, I got friends but I got foes, obviously they hate on me, oooohhh the world is lonely, they usedto look at me ah, as a wanna be ah, but I disagree ah, so I chase money uh

I dont know what a nigga gon do to make them niggas happy nigga, all I do is live life, smile pop things and live my life the way i wanna do it, its a lonely world murderfvcker

If you aint getting it nobody really really care about yo, (Skididip) if you aint getting it nobody really gon call you bro (nobody) woh its a lonely world you know, you know!

CHORUS: Its a lonely world (Cant tell me nothing) People dieing all the time
Its a lonely world (They don’t wanna see me shine) lonely world (They wont let me take what’s mine)
Lonely world, its a lonely world, its a lonely world (God is all I got) Its a lonely world 2x (Nobody really really care2x) (Its all fake love, God is all I got)


[Lyrics] Fortuno – I no believe

Off Fortuno‘s “Stars And Scars” E.P.

We present to you:

Fortuno – I no believe Lyrics;

INTRO: Fortuno I’m sorry for the times I and my friends we doubt you, I really cant do without you

(No Fortuno – No Hits)
Baby I forgive ya, If I get money I for give ya, lamboghini I for give ya, gucci gucci but wait

HOOK: Baby I no believe oh, say you been leave oh, I no believe oh, (I No Believe oh bae) so you been leave owey

CHORUS: After all the loving, After all the kissing , After all the touching, After all the cuddling
Omo I no believe oh, swear I no believe owey 2x (i no believe oh bae)
I no believe oh owey, say you been leave me no way (I no believe oh bae)

VERSE 2: Yeah E be me like dream (Aje) say you been leave me, after all the loving I show to you so you no believe me, Do you remember back in December, you say we go last forever, you say you no go leave me never, I wonder why
Is it because of money? (No) Is it because of body? (No) girl I want know, I really wan know, I really wan know I swear cause


She say Fortuno I don dey cry since, (Ayeyeye) since I leave I swear na crisis, baby I forgive ya, if i get money I for give ya, lamboghini I for give ya, gucci gucci but wait
Is it because of money? (No) Is it because of body (No) girl i want know, I really wan know, I really wan know I swear cause

Repeat Hook & Chorus:

I no believe oh, I no believe oh
Fortuno I’m sorry… Baby I forgive ya, If I get money I for give ya, lamboghini I for give ya, gucci gucci but wait.


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[E.P] Fortuno – Stars And Scars

Stars And Scars (EP) is a studio album by Nigerian musician, Fortuno. He premieres this body of art on http://www.softcontinentent.com

Stars And Scars” extended play houses four solid tracks with an outstanding performance from Fortuno as he pours his heart on the art. No doubt – Every Star has a Scar, Check out “Stars And Scars” (EP) Tracklist, Download & enjoy Below:





[News] Fortuno set to premiere Stars And Scars E.P – threatens to quit music if it doesn’t blow up

Fast Rising musician “FORTUNO” is set to release solo E.P titled “Stars And Scars“. The E.P consists of 4 songs namely: Chop, I no believe, Lonely world & they hate me. Fortuno produced and mixed/Mastered the E.P himself. He finally shares release date & threatens to quit music if the E.P doesn’t blow up everywhere:

See Tweet:

[News] Biggest song of the year set to drop as “Fortuno” is set to release new music

Afro beat musician “Fortuno” has finally shared photographs of himself in the studio putting in work, we have been waiting for a “Fortuno” song 2019, finally something is about to drop! Fortuno post had a caption which says; “Shhhh #Gbedu May Drop!! 🔈🔉🔊”.

We will be bringing you more updates as we anticipate the song of the year.

[News] At this point of my career I neither care about the blogs,TV/Radio stations nor DJs – Fortuno laments

Ogbeni Soft Fortuno an uprising artiste off Soft Continent Entertainment took to his twitter to write down his grieve about his experience with bloggers, TV/radio stations, djs (promoters) who extorted from him in the past. Says; he is done.

See Tweet;

[Music] Fortuno – Friend Of Jesus

Fortuno who previously released audio/videos for Kill somebody & Loveena (Produced By Young John) respectively, is here again. This time with a testimonial girative prophetic gospel song for all Friends Of Jesus… The song is said to be inspired by “Christ Jesus” through the santified glorious Friends of Jesus academy. If you are a “Friend Of Jesus” listen & share this girative prophetic gospel hit.


[Music] Fortuno – Six O’clock

finish artwork 2

In New music “Fortuno” arrives Ghana at exactly “Six o’Clock” in search of Ghana Divas just so he can enjoy Ghana meals: Shitoh, WAAKYE & banku from them. Song features vocals for Martha Ankomah, Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson, Nadia Buhari, Juliet Ibrahim etc… Listen, download, share & enjoy Hit!