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[News] Burna Boy is an unprofessional artist and a Twat, media personality – Shade Ladipo writes

Its not quite clear what Burna Boy did to get on ther nerves of Media personality, Shade Ladipo.

[News] You people should kill me, I’m coming to South Africa – Burna boy cries

It currently isn’t the best of moments for Burna Boy in South Africa as the citizens of the country are currently against his return to the country for a musical performance.
This campaign against Burna is coming as a result of the “African Giant’s” proclamation that he would never set his legs in South Africa again after the unfortunate xenophobic attack by South Africans on other Africans including Nigeria some months back.
Ever since he made that publication on Twitter; South Africans have been holding that against him and always constantly reminding him that he must at all time uphold that decision even when there is a need for him to come to their country. Hence the reason he is being antagonized right now as he has an activity that needs his attention in SA.
However, the superstar has now declared via his Twitter account that he would attend the event in SA and would do that at the expense of his life. He wrote; “I’m coming and you and anyone against it are gunna have to kill me to stop me.”

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[News] Aka wants to put an end to his division from Burna Boy as he calls him out to act as an African giant

You all would remember Burna Boy and South African rapper; AKA, had an altercation online during the period of the xenophobic attack by South Africans against other Africans in South Africa which led Burna Boy make a declaration that he would beat AKA when he gets hold of him.
This issue led to a serious exchange of words between Burna and AKA on Twitter which called a lot of people’s attention to making it a popular topic However, there seems to now be an approach towards peace as AKA has revealed he would swallow his pride and make things work again between himself and Burna.
He took to Twitter to write, “Leadership. I am willing to swallow my pride and put an end to this division @burnaboy Are you?”


[News] “Let us pray that our time to die at the hands of SARS never comes – BurnaBoy

BurnaBoy is heart broken at the ongoing doings by SARS and is ready to fight if every other person is, its a trend that young people die in their hands unjustly. He continues: “This may be too much for some to understand. But until we are ready to fight sars and the powers that be, and I’m not talking about any protest or aimless marching, I mean Real Fight. Nobody should include me in any #Endsars hashtag because your wasting my time and yours. Until then let us pray that our turn to die at the hands of SARS never comes. We are all Pussys.

RIP to all those who have died unjustly in the hands of SARS”

[News] BurnaBoy uses his legwork skills to kick fan who tried to steal from him also explains why

BurnaBoy is not taking it as fan gets on his nerves he tries to keep situations calm. Well; knowing it is getting out of hand? BurnaBoy decides to use his legwork skills to set things straight with a kick as acclaimed fan tried to steal from him.

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BurnaBoy clears the air as fans tend to call him brutal.

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[News] Popular Show Promoter “Paul” Confirms Stefflondon & BurnaBoy couples

Popular show promoter Paul, the brain behind One Africa Music Fest has confirmed SteffLondon & BurnaBoy strong couples…

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[News] BurnaBoy hints on Albums

Burna Boy has just revealed he has three new albums already recorded.
The “ Killing Dem Crooner ” answered to a tweet by one of his fans which suggested it would be nice to have a Burna Boy album come in right now. The user wrote, “An
album by @burnaboy would slap so hard right now.”
On seeing the tweet, Burna responded
saying he already has 3 new albums
recorded. Burna wrote; “I have already recorded three!!! It’s just the process delaying it !!! The next song is (describing
it with an emoji) Incoming”
Looking at Burna’s tweet, does it look like Burna Boy wants to drop three albums at a
go? Do you think it is possible for Burna to drop three albums at the same time?
See post below:
I have already recorded three!!! It’s just the process delaying it !!!! The next song
is Incoming !!