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[Interview] Billion Boy leads the way on today’s interview as he talks his music journey & new single “You Remind Me”

Billion Boy who recently released new single “You Remind Me” chats with us about his music journey etc.

Here is our conversation;

Billion Boy, How are you doing today ?

Am fine, I am great and you?

As great as you, Can we know you, tell us about yourself?

Billion boy, is simply a God fearing guy with big dreams and passion for music, Music is what I really love doing, it is part of me. I Am a recording artist, songwriter and a model.

What motivated you to do music?

A lot of things motivated me to do music. Like they say music is a universal language, what motivated me to do music was the zeal and passion I have for music, and to use music as a platform to tell my story and the things that are happening around me & our environment also motivate me to do music.

How did your latest song “You remind me” come about?

Wow, American singer Usher Raymond and 50cent Hit song inspired me to creat “you remind me”

Aside music, what do you do?

Am an entrepreneur

What are we expecting from you for the rest of the year?

More music, I mean great music with mad vibes that are pleasing to the ears

Okay so, If you had the chance to feature an A list artist, who would it be?

In Africa, Davido,WizKid, burnaboy and Ice prince zamani out side Africa, Chris brown and Drake

We will love to know, Who inspires your music, do you have a mentor?

I inspires myself but I like Chris brown music a lot

What genre will you classify your sound?

My genre or style of music is called Afro pop

Do you have any challenge musically?

My challenge is for my music to be recognized worldwide. I mean globally that is the dream of any good artist

What advice do you have for fellow acts like you ?

My advice for up coming artist, Believe in yourself keep pushing don’t let anybody discourage you, cause winners never give up and winners never quit, above all trust in God he will surely see you through.

How can your fans connect with you?

You can connect with me on IG Billionzboy

Say some final words to your fans if you have any;

I want to say a very big thank you to all my fans, and everyone out there supporting the brand Billion boy, you all are simply amazing, I love you all but God loves you more and keep supporting the brand “Billion boy” stay safe, Stay Blessed.

We have come to an end of this interview and we at Soft Continent Entertainment will be giving you more updates about “BillionBoy” as we look forward to grabbing more contents from him. Bye for now.

[Lyrics] Billion Boy ft Mr Kester – You Remind Me

Intro: you remind me

hooo hooo, scuba she remind me

billion boy, it’s Mr kester.


Chorus: You remind me of the girl I use to know eeh yaa.

She remind me of the girl I use to know oo eeh yaa, go shoddy it’s ur birthday aaah it’s ur birthday, go shoddy it’s ur birthday aaah it’s your birthday.

Verse 1:

Go shoddy it’s ur birthday make we party scatter

aah aah, make we turn up the place

make we pop champaign aah aah,

call all of ur girls them call ma niggas have some fun,

catch some groove, catch some cruise

aaah aaah hooo hooo,

shoddy give me slow Wynne hooo shoddy come give me fast Wynne aaahhhh

,shoddy give me slow whine hooo shoddy come give me fast whine

aaah aaah, body smoking cigarettes ,

body fire hot like a gun aaah aaah,

she gat the juice and she gat the sauce.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2;

Mummy say, when she pull up on the Benz omo me am like woh

with her mammy water package me am like woh

gat me eyes on you

girlfriend me I can’t get me eyes off you,

(rAN) sey you are the baddest and no body compare you are the maddest,

mummy say pretty pretty, sweetie sweetie the way your body kack it up girl you are jigi jigi

Mummy say no fear, no fear make your heart girl no tear no tear

me gangstar man ah wicked wicked

we only ball pon the weekend weekend,

Mummy say no fear, no fear make your heart girl no tear no tear me gangster man ah wicked wicked

we only ball pon the weekend weekend

Mr kester vibes

Repeat Chorus;

Outro : I like your body aaah I like your moves aaah. I like your body aaah I like your moves aaah,

Billionboi boy

another badman enter

it’s O’Neil on the mix