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[News] Adekunle Gold pens down soul touching note on his wedding anniversary with Simi

Adekunle Gold has penned a heartwarming message to his wife, Simi to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.
How time flies! Adekunle Gold and Simi are celebrating a year of becoming man and wife today and the have decided to celebrate in a special way. The singers tied the knot last year in a very private ceremony with only 300 guests in attendance. Their wedding became the talk of the town as they never released official photos or videos from the wedding ceremony.
Although they are just a year in their marriage, they have become role models to other couples with the way they keep their marital matters private and how they live life on their own terms. Adekunle Gold took to his Instagram page to share a beautiful picture of his wife making his hair. The singer wrote about how Simi makes him smile and he feels blessed to have her in his life.

[News] Adekunle Gold cries out as he becomes depressed for getting less applaud for his hard work

Adekunle Gold in his latest fan engagement email wrote on his struggles as an independent artist and how he’s been able to pull through.
In his words, ‘ my team is very tiny and I work really hard I actually have a terrible sleeping habit. I’m always on and I don’t know how to take breaks. Because of how much energy I expend, Sometimes, I get frustrated when the progression or validation does not match the amount of work I put in’.
See the full post below…
It’s been like what? 2 months? since my last letter? How are you? Hope you are keeping sane and taking breaks off the crazy timeline?
I was away from home on tour for the longest time in my life on tour. I’m not going to lie to you, this “Africa to the rest of the world” is not a cheap exercise, especially if you are an independent artist. And while there is great reward in coursing uncharted territory for me and watching my music cut through language barriers and put smiles on unfamiliar faces in the world, being up there was hard work.
I toured 4 countries, played large festivals and headlined my own shows, all of which I didn’t think was possible just a few years ago. I never went to boarding school but, I now know what homesickness is. It’s good to be back home.
While chatting with my best friend yesterday, I had an epiphany I wanted to share with you.
I love this music thing so much.
My team is very tiny and I work really hard I actually have a terrible sleeping habit. I’m always on and I don’t know how to take breaks. Because of how much energy I expend, Sometimes, I get frustrated when the progression or validation does not match the amount of work I put in.
This frustration causes me great despair sometimes, but I’ve been fortunate to be around people who ground and remind me of the love I have for it especially when I get carried away in the business of things.
At the beginning of my conversation yesterday, my biggest fear was failing miserably and that all my work would count for nothing. But I was reminded of these facts; music-making is only one-sided if you are making it for yourself, in this business, you hold a key, the audience is a lock.
It’s a game of probabilities where half of our successes are within our control, the rest is up to you. We can only hope that our keys match the locks and the audience likes what you put out while being true to your evolution. We can only hope that our work meets you at a point of your need.
Here’s the epiphany…on the days when your keys don’t match, you must remember to retain the love and joy of creating and pat yourself on the back for the doors you’ve already unlocked. On the days new doors open, be thankful that you tried because that was the reward for trying.
As I wind down to bed, you know what my biggest fear is now, leaving this earth, full of creativity and ideas because I was afraid someone wouldn’t like it and I ended up not working my gifts. What a shame that would be.
Not sure what you are passionate about Adedayo, my prayer for you this early morning is that the modalities of it don’t rob you of the joy of creation. May that joy keeps your fire burning, give you the diligence and the wherewithal to finish what you’ve started.
I have a little something I’m joyful about.
It’s called “AFRO POP”.
If you read through this email, then you have a super high chance of getting invited to hear my baby first.
Anyways that’s my little update.
Have an incredible week.

[News] Simi protects husband, blasts follower who insulted him

Simi has slammed a follower who said he never listens to music made by her husband Adekunle Gold.
The follower, while replying to a tweet by Simi, said: “That’s why I don’t listen to your husband’s music.”
And in reply, Simi tweeted: “You want attention. But I’ve changed so God bless y- actually nah. Fuck off in whatever direction is comfortable for him.

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[News] I wasn’t done making him proud – Adekunle Gold cries out after losing dad

Nigerian music singer, Adekunle Gold has broken his silence following the death of his father, Prince Hakeem Adeyemi Kosoko who died the 27th of May, 2019 after an
unnamed illness and was buried according to Islamic rites on Thursday May 30, at the private vault of Ikoyi Cemetery.
Since the demise of his father, Adekunle Gold hasn’t made any public statement or even shared a post on any of his social media accounts. In this emotional tribute,
he wrote on how he was not done making his dad proud before his demise.
Read Below….
I feel a great sense of loss to
officially announce that after we
fought so hard, my father passed
on the 27th of May, 2019.
My father was a GREAT man. He
has always been the man I’ve
looked up to. Growing up, I watched
him work so hard for so little. He
was very honest and has never
been interested in shortcuts.
Hard work and integrity meant
everything to him. My father. I will
always remember, what he said in
this statement: “I’ve been in service
far too long to let quick money ruin
my reputation”. This was my Father.
He is forever to be remembered as
a teacher. My teacher.
We all know that teachers weren’t
big earners but my dad would
ensure we always had everything
we ever needed.
My Dad was so loving towards me.
My father often wanted me to
toughen up, it’s funny because he
was the opposite tender and
sentimental about me and my
Sadly, I was not done making him
proud, there are dreams I had with
him in the picture, I don’t know
guys, I really wasn’t done.
I find little solace in something I
read today. “God knows how to
write straight on crooked lines” This
area is very crooked for me, these
are depths of grief that I have never
dived. But God…God will figure it
I thank you all for your prayers, your
support, your kind words. None of
them have gone unnoticed. I pray
the love you’ve shown me will be
accorded you in your time of need.
To my Dad, the greatest man I will
ever know in this life and the next,
sun re o!
Adieu papa. May your soul rest in
perfect peace.

[News] Adekunle Gold reported to have lost his dad today

Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold is currently going through hard times as his father passed on today.
Prior to his death, Adekunle’s father,
Hakeem Adeyemi Kosoko was the
Permanent Secretary of Education District 4 in Lagos State.
He was flown out of the country for
treatment and returned to Nigeria to
recover but, unfortunately, he kicked the bucket after suffering from an illness which is yet to be disclosed.
A teacher who works under his district stated that the news of his death was announced to the teachers in Education District 4 only this morning.
Mr Hakeem is survived by his wife and children.

Stay glued as We will be bringing you more updates and possible proves.

[News] Yahoo Boy exposes Adekunle Gold for being a supporter of internet fraud activities

SimiAdekunle Gold‘s wife who caused a problem between herself and internet fraudsters where they kicked against her and tore her CDs as she ordered has triggered more problem as her husband “Adekunle Gold” had been accused of being one of the people who edited documents for yahoo boys for their scam activities.

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