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[News] Ashanti flaunts hot body in new swimsuit photos

Ashanti shared new photos of herself in swimwears and she looks amazing.
The singer swimwears are the singer’s
latest venture, a collaboration with the fashion brand PrettyLittleThing.
See below.


[News] Kizz Daniel sues vanguard newspaper for publishing fake news about him

Following Kizz Daniel’s social media
outburst caused by a false story published by Vanguard Newspaper; the FlyBoy INC.
frontman’s legal team is taking the
promised action.
The pop star lawyers have served papers to Vanguard Media Limited; which we will have obtained.
The papers see Kizz’ team ask for N100 million in reputation damages caused by the defaming publication, which was about him weighing in on the trending story about Busola Dakolo and COZA founder, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

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[News] Justin Bieber caught in Bed with his woman

Justin Bieber is a husband in love and he’s not keeping this from the world.
The singer shared a beautiful photo of
Hailey Baldwin Bieber sleeping next to him.
“My lips get jealous of my arms cuz I can hold you with them,” he captioned the photo.

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[News] Peruzzi acquires new whip. See photo

DMW star, Peruzzi is currently enjoying the
dividends of his hardwork and talent as he just got himself a brand new Mercedez Benz luxury white whip.
The singer who is reveling in the new
found wave his 2018 song; “Majesty” and the video are currently enjoying, took to his Instagram page to excitedly make the
The Mercedez Benz has been reported to be worth a huge sum of 28 million naira and this makes Peruzzi become the latest member of the DMW crew to acquire a Benz car since his record label boss,
Davido & his colleague, Mayorkun .
Peruzzi dropped an E.P, “Heartwork” in November 2018 and recently dropped a video to the leading single, “Majesty” of the project which is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry.
Hopefully there would be more videos to the amazing songs in the E.P.

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New Whip! Thank God! 🙏🏾

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[News] Concert Headlined by Naira Marley has been shut down. See Why

A Dublin concert headlined by controversial rapper, Naira Marley was shut down by the police last night after a gang of youths were spotted fleeing the scene.
The incident unfolded at Lost Lane just off Grafton Street before Naira Marley took to the stage to perform. According to reports, about 30 young men were seen running out
of the premises in the early hours of
Sunday morning. The scene remained closed to the public and police in Dublin have since confirmed
that a number of weapons have been
seized and a man in his 20s arrested in connection with the incident.
An eye witness who was at the
concert said, “an African artist
‘Naira Marley’ was headlining a
show at Lost Lane yesterday with
some other upcoming acts. We
came for the event which started
around 10:30pm. People were
waiting for the artist to perform
when all of a sudden gardai came
to the venue, drove everyone out
and shut it down.
“Afterwards Garda (Dublin Police)
came in tens and filled everywhere.
Everyone was still surprised and
curious as to what was going on
because no gang attacked or
anything. They [the crowd] filled the
street around the venue confused
as to where to go and some [were]
angry at the organisers asking for
In a statement, Dublin police confirmed that investigations are ongoing. A spokesman said: “Gardai are investigating an incident where a large number of male youths
congregated outside a premises on Adam Court, Dublin 2 at approximately 1am on 7 July 2019. A number of offensive weapons were located after the youths departed and were seized by Gardaí. One male in his early 20s was arrested and was charged in relation to this offence. Investigations are ongoing.”

[News] Power Star “ROTIMI” sends shout out to 50 Cent for changing his life

Rotimi took to Instagram to celebrate 50 Cent on his birthday, amid their social media squabble on ‘money being owed’. The ‘Power’ star in his birthday message to 50 Cent, stated that the former G-Unit
rapper changed his life. Rotimi also
described 50 Cent as one of the most
brillant minds he knows. He wrote;
You changed my life and you are
one of the most brilliants minds I
know. Happy birthday big
bro @50cent #loveriddim
Recall that the 50 Cent went after Rotimi on social media weeks ago, over an alleged $300,000 debt. The R&B singer born to
Nigerian parents, reportedly settled part of the outstanding bill by paying $100,000.otimi took to Instagram to celebrate 50
Cent on his birthday, amid their social
media squabble on ‘money being owed’.
The ‘Power’ star in his birthday message to 50 Cent, stated that the former G-Unit
rapper changed his life.

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[News] Men can not take half of the heartbreak women go through – Tiwa Savage speaks

Tiwa Savage has expressed her
disappointment over the alleged mal- treatment of women in the Nigerian society.
Amidst the sexual abuse stories that are beginning to get disclosed by alleged female victims after the Busola Dakolo VS Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo saga and the counter reactions to the stories, Tiwa seemed to be aggressively put-off and now
has expressed her fury and disappointment
over the issue. The songstress took to her Instagram page hours ago to write multi-screen-full texts to express her rage over the way women are being wrongly treated in this part of the
world. She wrote, “I don’t know where we went wrong as a nation that women are treated so badly. This past week has been filled with very disturbing news towards women.
“I personally can no longer keep quiet anymore. I have to do more than a post.
Kilode gan na, do we deserve all this? “Today i am actually embarassed to be a
Nigerian women. The way women are treated is DISGUSTING. I don’t care what backlash comes from this, i said what i said. WTF! I’m so shaken by this, WHY
“Mothers, wives, little girls being abused, raped, underpaid, disrespected. I have a son and i will do EVERYTHING in my power to raise a man. One that will love a queen and protect her, so help me God.
“The hate is too much, how can we continue like this. In EVERY sector women are bashed CONSTANTLY for things men get away with. Fvck outta here with that backward mentality.
“If she is successful she must have slept with one chairman, if a man cheats on his wife, well that’s naija men for you. If she is raped, why did she wear that in the first
place? “Fvcking toxic masculinity and entitlement in
this society. We are women, we are to be protected REMEMBER. No man, I repeat no man can handle the heartbreak, the pain,
women go through on a daily basis
“Let’s not not even start with labour pains or raising child and you can’t lover and
protect her. SHAME ON YOU men abusing, raping, and everything else una dey do…
You are physically stronger than us. SHAME ON YOU COWARDS.”

[News] I don’t have men writing songs for me – Nicki Minaj shades Cardi B

Nicki Minaj who took to Instagram to
appreciate her fans, also took a walk down the memory lane as she recounted how far
she has come. According to the American rapper, she
dropped her first mixtape 12 years ago and she is still proud she wrote every single word on every single song that made the list. Minaj also pointed out how she influenced the ‘Barbies & Dolls’ culture in
the music industry including wearing of coloured wigs, and stated that the new school artistes now think it’s cool to pretend they weren’t influenced by other artists.
Continuing in her rant, the ‘Pills n Potion’ crooner who said she never had a crusade by radio stations, influencers and blogs to
make her ‘Anaconda’ hit song number 1 when it was number 2 on the Hot 100, also took a swipe at Cardi B as she stated she
also never had a group of men in the studio writing her songs which was why it took a while between albums.
Recall that Nicki Minaj had accused Cardi B who is her arch-enemy, of building her career on sympathy and payola, which is the illegal practice of paying radio stations under the table to play your music in order
to boost its success.
She wrote;
12 years ago I dropped my 1st
mixtape. Wrote every single word on
every single song. I was so proud of
that. Eventually the barbz were all
wearing pink hair, Chinese bangs, &
Barbie chains. Colorful wigs came all
the way back in style. Everyone
became Barbies & Dolls. I always
shouted out my influences in my
interviews. Now a days, it’s become
cool to pretend u weren’t influenced
by other artists. S/O to the ones big
enough to do it: Kash, Asian, Cuban,
Saweetie, Meg, Malibu, etc.
No female rapper (other than Trina)
did a song w/me or congratulated
me on my billboard
accomplishments. I didn’t mind. I
never felt they were obligated to do
so. Just like Beyoncé isn’t obligated
to congratulate or collaborate with
Normani, etc. — I never had a
crusade by radio stations,
influencers & blogs to make my
song number 1 when Anaconda
was #2 on the Hot 100. I never had
a group of men in the studio writing
my songs for me so it took a while
between albums. Please stop these
write ups about what I didn’t do.
Y’all are rlly sick & ima call y’all out
one by one on Queen Radio. Most of
yall doing these write ups have
never fought for anything in life. You
just sit on the sidelines & watch the
doers do!!!!
To my fans;
I love, cherish you, adore you, and
thank you. God bless you.
Billboard, y’all wrote a piece about
how a white artist influenced me,
Bey & Rih?????? Where’s the article
on the black girl who charted after
10 years of no female rapper
charting? I didn’t influence trends I
guess… go fkn figure.

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[News] Simi pens down heart breaking message to all Nigerian’s. Read

Simi in a lengthy write-up has taken to her Instagram page to share her opinion and dreams on how she wants Nigeria to look
The singer also analysed what needs to be
done to get Nigeria working well in order to become the dream destination of many around the world and most importantly to
be a comfort zone for her citizens as well
as her inhabitants.
She wrote; “Imagine the magic we could do in this country if it were conducive. If
electricity was stable. If the health sector
was reliable. If public education was up to standard, etc…
“We Nigerians go outside and give out the magic we could so easily bestow on our own land because even when u try to work it here, it doesn’t work. Doctors, creatives,
tech people, entrepreneurs…etc. We’re capable – we just need a chance to show it.
I wish with all my heart the leaders would put Nigeria and the people first. Not their
greed, nor their thirst for power. Imagine, just imagine actually making this country
work and having ur children grow up proud they were born to people that care enough to make a difference for everyone – not just for themselves. Imagine foreigners being
desperate to come to Nigeria because it’s incredible.
Also bloggers, you need to do better men.
Most Nigerians go to you for ALL of their
Nigerian news and most of what you have to offer is the pain, the bad, the evil, the chaos. People come to u and practically everything u have to say is depressing.
Everyone else sells their country so well, we wanna run there – but we drag our country in the mud so well, nobody sees anything
good in us. Also the people, everything has been
difficult and frustrating so long, you’re becoming the thing you detest. We don’t even try anymore. We’re just as bad. Break the law cos you can. You steal cos you can.
No one understands that all we have is us.
And when we lose that, we have nothing left. There’ll always be stupid people – but you definitely don’t have to be one of them.
Do better. Think bigger. Money, fame,
power, likes, talent, traffic is not everything.
It only lasts as long as people are paying attention. Do better.”

[News] Asap Rocky arrested for fighting over head phones

American rapper, A$AP Rocky was arrested last night July 3rd on suspicion of assaulting a man on the street in Stockholm, Sweden.
TMZ reported that two young men said Rocky broke a pair of their headphones.
The men reportedly followed Rocky,
threatened to contact the police, and got into an argument with the rapper.
Rocky and three other men then allegedly punched and kicked one of the young men before fleeing the scene. The Stockholm
Prosecutor Office however revealed that a request had been made only for Rocky’s arrest.
Rocky however shared a video of the
alleged incident on Instagram showing him
and his crew repeatedly asking two young men to stop following them. The men appear to claim that Rocky’s crew damaged a pair of their headphones.

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[News] Simi calls out the government as she speaks against violence

Simi has addressed violence against
women and children in a passionate
Instagram post.
The singer has been quite vocal of late, condemning a number of ills in the society.
This time, she’s creating awareness about the abuse women suffer and how they are silenced by family, the church and the
She acknowledged that men suffer abuse too but said that women and children are more susceptible to abuse and as such should be protected.
Read her post below.

[News] Kaffy shuns Naira Marley for his trending soapy dance steps

Nigerian dance queen, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, popularly known as Kaffy has condemned Naira Marley’s new dance “Soapy”
The Guinness World Record dancer would not be the first to condemn the dance as many other celebrities have considered it to be very unacceptable and should have never been displayed to the public.
Kaffy took to her Instagram page to
express her disappointment in Naira Marley for bringing such a dance. She explained that she has never seen such an immoral dance in her years of dancing.
She feels the dance should not be
encouraged and considers it very
offensive. She also urged other dancers to speak up for what is right so that the Nigerian youths are not misled.
“This is a No . #myopinion As dancers, we should also speak for what is right we shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trend. Esp when it’s not even censored away from kids, as an adult sef it’s offensive. #rubbish”

[News] Shocking moment as SARS attempt to shoot CDQ

CDQ in a post addressed to the Inspector General of Police, shared his encounter with SARS officers at Osapa London in Lekki, Lagos who threatened to shoot everyone in his convoy including him.
According to the rapper, the SARS officers who threatened to shoot him and his crew, also said nothing will happen after that. He
wrote; The Head in-Charge should give proper training to these people… I had a terrible encounter with some
illiterate Sars on Friday @ Osapa
London Lekki by the Shoprite Road
threatening to shoot everyone in my
convoy including Myself and openly
said nothing will happen
?? that they don’t care about
anybody ??? scaring young girls and
boys with guns… the incident still
baffles me till now I’ve never in my entire life seen such happening in any other Countries…
Just only in Nigeria ?? why molest
people anyhow with
guns ??? @nigerianpoliceforce

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[News] Wizkid suspected to have become a model as he signs with modeling agency

Afropop superstar, Wizkid has joined the talented acts on U.K modeling agency, Storm Model Management as their latest model.
This announcement was made on Tuesday, 2nd of July by the modeling management on their Instagram page where they welcome Wizkid to the family stormmodels.
Although the post referred to Wizkid as an ARTIST, it is not clear which of his talents he’s giving the management agency to
manage but with the dope photos, the
afrobeat star has been releasing lately it seems those fire pose and shots have paid to open another income revenue for the African star.
As at the time of this post, Wizkid has not made a statement concerning the good news hence the nature of the deal is unknown.
Wizkid recently collaborated with Dutch menswear brand, Daily Paper for their limited edition collection.

[News] Olamide Welcomes 2nd baby with Us based girlfriend

Nigerian rapper, Olamide has just shared first photo of his second child.
The rapper took to Instagram to share the adorable photo of himself cradling his newborn son and revealed he has been named, Tunrepin Myles Adedeji.
Olamide and his fiancee, Bukunmi
welcomed the child yesterday, July 1st
2019, in Maryland, USA. His birth comes four-years after Olamide welcomed his first son, Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji.

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July the 1st ⚔️ Tunrepin Myles Adedeji 🖤

A post shared by Olamidé (@baddosneh) on

[News] 9 years ago MC Galaxy raped me in Calabar – Woman cries out

Nigerian Actress Simbee Davis has
accused Mc Galaxy of raping her in Calabar 9 years ago.
The actress identified as Simbee Davis
took to her Instagram page to share the story of how the ‘Man must wack” singer molested her 9 years ago in Calabar.
According to her, Mc Galaxy who was still a dancer then threatened to kill her if she did not let him have his way. She further explained that he made her drink a
contraceptive, Postinor 2 after raping her and fled.
FREE.It was at Mount Zion road, calabar, Cross River State, 2009/2010, he was just a dancer then.
I had earlier asked him to teach me
dancing, which he obliged me, after several interactions he finally asked me to come meet him somewhere so we could begin practice, I was excited and I went, on
reaching there, he said the room belonged to his sister that she permitted him to teach me there, I was thrilled.
After rehearsals, I thanked and bade him goodbye, when I got to d exit I noticed the door was locked and the key was removed, I turned to ask him why he had locked and remove d key, when I looked at him, his face had changed into something else, it was as if a demon had entered him, that was the scariest look I’ve ever seen, there he was, standing with a small knife, he asked me to take off my clothes else he could kill me and lock me in and no one would know where I am, he was right, cos I didn’t tell anyone who he was, so I started crying and begging him but it made him more aggressive, I finally took off
my clothes.
He had his way and came inside me, wen he finished he took me to a pharmacy that was on the opposite side of the road, bought postinor 2 and water and made sure I took it in front of him, then he left.
I couldn’t go home cos my brother would know something was wrong and I was too frightened and embarrassed to say anything, so I went to a friend’s place, when I got there she asked what had happened to me and I stood there still for a while and after much persuading I told her the story,
she immediately started making calls and said she was going to deal with him, she organized boys to go beat him up and
asked me to call him and act as if I wasn’t angry at him, so I could get his location, I did but I think he saw through it cos he knew he had done a bad thing. That was how he escaped till today.
Today I’m not afraid anymore, I have found my voice. @mcgalaxymcg did me wrong and he should pay.”

[News] Make we finish them – Davido tells Wizkid as they alledgely plan to collaborate

Davido and Wizkid are currently creating some sort of tension amongst music fans on the internet with their latest show of bromance to each other .
Davido just few hours ago, took to his
Instagram story to send love to Wizkid, telling him in an unclear manner they should drop a song collaboration to make music followers go ‘crazy.’ Davido and Wizkid tend to agree but will it ever come true?
Davido wrote; “My brother @Wizkidayo make we finish dem!!”
On seeing the post, Wizkid responded in affirmation to Davido’s post. He wrote;
“One time my G.”
Should we be expecting a collaboration
from these two sooner than expected?

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[News] My school mother spoiled me – Mr 2kay reminisces on childhood sexual molestation

In the spirit of the trending rape allegation saga between Bukola Dakolo and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, entertainment celebrities are beginning to disclose their sexual
molestation history.
After popular OAP & hypeman, Dotun
narrated his own experience of how he was sexually molested by his maid when he was just 11, Mr 2kay now becomes the
latest celebrity to narrate his own sexual abuse story.
The Rivers based singer took to his
Instagram page some hours ago to reveal he used to be a sexual toy in the hands of one of his senior female school mate.

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[News] Skales calls his father an idiot. See why

Skales has revealed his mother was
sexually abused and molested by his dad while he was still a toddler .
Amidst the recent rape story allegation put against COZA founder, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola,
people are now coming out to recount their experiences in the hands of sexual molesters or tell the story of who they know that used to be, still is and continues to be a victim of sexual abuse.
Amongst these people are famous
musician, Skales, who took to his Twitter page some hours ago to reveal his mum was sexually molested by his dad when he was just at the tender age of 5 without mentioning a thing.
He wrote; “My mum was abused and
molested by my dad but she still held it down for that madafaking nigga!!! Cz of me but that idiot still dipped with another woman and I refused to go with him stayed with my mum guess wat I was only 5yrs old
but witnessed all that …she never spoke up.”
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[News] Timi Dakolo’s wife exposes pastor who raped her years ago.

A shocking news has just sent the whole country in disarray as Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola Dakolo has revealed that popular socialite pastor and the pioneer of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA),
Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo forcefully had sexual intercourse (rape) with her when she was just a teenager.
Busola while on an interview with Chude Jideonwo the founder of Joy INC., revealed Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA
deflowered her by raping her when she was at the age of 18.
Busola also revealed he already became a pastor and had already set up COZA when he performed such vicious and despicable
The interview comes after Timi Dakolo called out the Abuja-based pastor over his alleged sexual relationship with female members of the church, even as he encouraged other victims who have gone through the experience to speak up.

[News] Johnny Drille finally meets his mentor. Click to see Who

After wishing American singer, Jon Bellion would add Nigeria to his tour date, Johnny Drille has finally met with the rapper, singer,
songwriter, and record producer at a backstage in a show they were both scheduled to perform.

This is a prove that wishes do come true as Johnny Drille once wished for the act to Perform in Nigeria just to meet with him.

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[News] PMAN writes to Nigerian High Commission to investigate into RuggedMan’s assault in London

Days after Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman was assaulted by unknown persons in London,
the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) has written to the Nigerian High Commision demanding a proper investigation into the assault.
The letter signed by the association
president, Pretty Okafor, partly reads, ‘ the case is currently with the Metropolitan police in London with reference number
3019340/19. We beseech to use your good office to ensure a thorough investigation is
conducted to fish out the assailants and bring them to justice’.
See the full letter below…

[Article] Dear Artiste if all your PR does for you is drop your songs on major blogs, radio & TV… You do not have a PR

The music industry is a competitive industry and it is evolving every minute as you read this article. Public Relation Experts fall under the right category to strategize on the right steps an artiste should take to get to his or her desired level in the music industry… There is more to becoming a super star, have you ever wondered the number of songs you see on major blogs that never get popular or the number of songs you hear on radio or watch on Tv that never blew up? Think about it…

There is an additional strategy to take an act from zero to hero. On that note; if an artiste has a Public Relation Expert (PR) who is focused on promoting them on major blogs or giving them massive airplay on Tv & radio which definitely is paid for in huge currency & these artiste sees no results as his or her fan base remains stagnant, then trust us that an artiste with such a “PR” doesn’t have a PR. We repeat ….

[News] I registered Kizz Daniel Fly Boy label for him, he was broke – Barry Jhay

Nigerian singer, Barry Jhay has disclosed that he was once signed to Kizz Daniel’s Flyboy inc.
The ‘Melanin’ singer, in an interview revealed that he was the one who registered the company, Flyboy Inc
with his money.
He disclosed he had signed an illegal
contract with Kizz Daniel three years ago and had to register the company when he found out his deal was illegal because the record label wasn’t registered;
My first record deal was three
years ago and that was with
flyboy, yea I think flyboy… Yes, I
signed a contract with Flyboy
but it was illegal. Flyboy was
not registered. I registered
flyboy… that’s one thing they
don’t know. They gave me an
illegal contract, I signed, and
when I got to know, I almost
sold… don’t let me call it out on
radio… but it is the way though.
I noticed the label was not
registered and I registered with
my own money. So I registered
On why he never released any record while in Flyboy, he said;
No, it was killing bro. He (Kizz
Daniel) was sleeping. We didn’t
have the time to move on.
On if he was there with Demmie Vee;
No, I was the first artiste on
flyboy… don’t let me go too
deep about that…Time wasters
are time waster, we need to move on.
On how he discovered the label was not registered;
I was born into this game, so I
know every tit and tat about this
game… they’re some people
called entertainment lawyers,
they know what to do when they
need to do it. My father was a
lawyer, so I know how to go
deep if I want to go deep.
Is there any artiste you respect in the
Davido. All day any day… he has
taught me too much. He helped
me from Kizz Daniel actually.
He helped me break out when
he saw that they were not doing
anything. I was supposed to be
signed under David but I was
scared of the competition, too
many people, but DMW is
family anytime.
Barry Jhay was very reluctant to continue with that part of the interview with a focus on
Kizz Daniel because he doesn’t want to tarnish anyone’s image as he revealed he has too much to say that has the capacity to
do that. While he admitted to registering the
company with his money and having the legal papers with him, he reveals no intention to claim the company for his; “I can’t say it’s my company, I
just did it for him. If he wants
the papers, come get it boy”
He’s presently with another label, Cash Nation which he really loves.