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[Interview] SCE exclusive chat with fast rising musician “Fortuno”

Recently, we had a conversation with fast rising musician “Fortuno”. The conversation centered majorly on his recent single “Mo Abudu” which has been buzzing with several comments from fans – attacking him. A lot of people are curious as to why he released a song titled “Mo Abudu”, this had a lot of tongues waxing.

Here are some comments;

These and more flooded social media few hours after the song was released.

Here is our Conversation with Fortuno;

Fortuno, how are you doing today?

I’m good !!! Good good!!

You recently released a new single “Mo Abudu” what inspired that?

Honestly, nothing really, I just finished making the beat that hot afternoon and I was ready to vibe to it, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “call mo Abudu uhu, tell her say me I like her too”.

Wow! Are you saying it was not planned?

Hahaha planned? No ! I didn’t even know what “Mo Abudu” looked like at the time, it was after I caught the vibe I checked her biography

So, what is your relationship with Mo Abudu right now?

Hmmmm, no relationship whatsoever! It is just a song.

Did the attacks from fans scare you at some Point?

No no no! Not at all, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, I wish they channel same energy to sharing the song till Mo gets to listen.

What is the song “Mo Abudu” about, what’s the message?

Message? Hmmm ! I don’t know how to answer that really, but i’ll say It’s just a song trying to let people know that age is nothing but number when there is love.

How have you been taking the comments, the attacks, Abuses, Allegations?

All that is like normal, it doesn’t get to me at all, people said a lot of stuff though but I, I decided not to reply all that cause it’s nothing to me.

What do you have to say finally about the song?

Mo Abudu owes me money, publicity money because many people who didn’t know her, know her now! hahaha Jokes, well; just know what ever anyone said about I & Mo is a rumor, and I hope this is clear now!

It all started when I announced I was releasing a song titled “Mo Abudu”, everyone was buzzing me on social media, because they thought I had something with Mo, it became worse when blogs took advantage of the buzz saying “We are sparking a relationship rumor” and shit, that’s what made it really crazy! Well, I’m not mad at the comments, it’s all love!

Connect with “Fortuno” on social media : @Softfortuno

[News] Social media on fire as fast rising act “Fortuno” and ebony CEO “Mo Abudu” spark relationship rumors after he released new single for her

Social media has been on fire since popular blogs and media houses sparked dating rumors betweeen fast rising act “Fortuno” and CEO of ebony life tv/Ebonylife Place “Mo Abudu”. Tv stations, radio stations, blogs and social media has been on fire since the fast rising act shared a photo on his Instagram with the caption “Mo Abudu omo mi, mo Abudu Omo mummy” which translates to Mo Abudu being his mummy and his baby! The 22 year old act shared this below;

This sent a picture to the media but the picture became clearer after 52 year old “Mo Abudu” checked the post out;

That is how it all started until Fortuno announced and released new single for her titled “Mo Abudu” which tore social media into pieces as fans accuse and abuse Fortuno

Well; Fortuno is yet to comment on this saga but we promise to bring you more update as soon as we get some.


Connect with Fortuno On Twitter; @Softfortuno

Facebook ; @softfortuno

Instagram; @softfortuno

[News] Fortuno to release new music for “Mo Abudu”. See details

Few days ago we made a promise to announce the reason for the sparking rumors which made social media on fire as fast rising act Fortuno and Ebony CEO Mo Abudu were rumored to be in a relationship sort of. Well; the picture is becoming clearer as Fortuno Is set to release new music titled “Mo Abudu”. The fast rising act previously mentioned the CEO on social media, praising her which made rise to different thoughts from fans & the media. We patiently await this song as the lyrics will give us a better picture.

See ArtWork;

[News] I don’t care if you compare my E.P to Rema’s E.P – Fortuno addresses comparisons in new interview

Super star Rema is not taking it kindly with fans who are steadily comparing his E.P to Fortuno‘s Stars And Scars E.P, in recent interview Fortuno declared he cares less about these comparisons as he is only making music to make himself happy, well Rema on the other hand is not taking it kindly as he blasts fans for comparing him to Fortuno

Read our interview with Fortuno Here & listen to his E.P, tell us what you think?

Is it Right For Fortuno to be compared to Rema??

[Interview] Fortuno talks about his Stars And Scars in new interview

Today We are chatting with the buzzing young Nigerian talent for an exclusive interview around his new E.P project STARS AND SCARS , fame, self-doubts and beliefs.
In just one EP, Fortuno has established himself as a special new talent.
His first release in 2015 was a smash hit & went by the title “Kill Somebody” which was followed up by a Young John produced song titled “Loveena”.

Here is what Fortuno has to say to our questions?

What motivated your E.P title, Stars And Scars?

The stuff I was going through at the time motivated Stars And Scars because in real sense; “every star has a scar”.

On your Stars And Scars E.P, which is your favorite track?
Hmmmm, all tracks are my favorite.

In your long run in music, which would you say is your best moment?
I will say shooting my first music video at age 16 was like the best moment for me and The love and support the people showed me was amazing, The love I get in the streets, people cheering my name and appreciating my presence is as a result of that first video i shot at age 16, it’s amazing.

Some fans compared your Stars And Scars E.P to Rema’s E.P, do you think its right?
Well, People are entitled to their opinions, I believe that I’m unique, I produced, mixed and mastered my E.P all by myself in my bedroom. I believe that I’m called for something beyond the human imagination so I care less about these comparisons.

Star And Scars E.P has different sounds, you trapped, you rapped, you sang. What inspired all that?
At the time I made this E.P I was going through a lot, at the time I was learning how to make music myself, I’m not saying I’m good at it yet I’m still learning… While I was learning, it felt like the whole world was against me, a lot went through my mind and I really wanted to turn those thoughts to music so I started recording…

First of all; I will like to explain every track. “Lonely World” as the title implies is a song that explains a mood, I was “lonely” at the time, friends and fans were no where to be found while I went through the hardest times of my life… “I No Believe” was recorded cause at the time I felt alone my best Friend and I had a couple issues and the song explained everything… I thought about how I was lowkey popping and everyone wanted a piece of me, it resulted to a song, once you get Job, everybody wan “Chop“… And offcourse I felt hated so I sang “ They Hate Me”.

Do you feel any pressure as to the kind of music to make?
Hahaha No pressure at all, though i usedto be pressured but that was then, now i make music to make myself happy and if it makes you happy too then good for us… I work hard in creating my sound and I have faith in it, it might not be perfect but it is what it is

Who are the artists that motivate you and influence you?
I listen to a wide range of music though, especially from up and coming artists. I listen to a lot of Maleek Berry, though I’m mad at him, don’t ask me why. I listen to Wiz, when i was a kid, Psquare was my favourite, well; There’s no particular person I draw influence from.

Have you ever had doubts in your sound?
Omo this one eh, normally I make music freely with no doubts whatsoever but every song I ever released usually arise to positive and negative comments but to me music is not that serious, so! No doubts at all.

Between Wizkid and Davido who would you rather feature?
I love and respect their influence in the game but no! I don’t have plans for no features whatsoever.

Fortuno, your music is filled with rhymes. How do you come about all that
Well, it starts with a sentence, when I’m composing music and I have the first sentence, the next must rhyme and that’s how I create.

What are we expecting from you 2020, any new E.P?
Ok, expect great things, More sounds, but don’t expect an E.P, I might not release an E.P again till 2025.

Fortuno, how do you combine recording your music, producing the beats and mixing/mastering for final consumption?

Its no stress for me, it is what I love. When I’m making beats I mostly start with my melodies, it is easier for me to write on melodies… After recording, mixing and mastering is a fun process, I just play around till my music sounds better, though I like originality, so I don’t do too much.

Aside music, what would you rather do?

If I wasn’t making music I don’t know what I’ll be doing cause while growing up I always wanted to make music but it sounded weird to my dad especially, so when they asked me; I told them I wanted to become a banker, hahaha funny cause I wanted to become a banker because of one of my family friends who usedto give me clean naira notes whenever he came around, one day I asked him; “uncle what do you do for a living?” He said “I am a banker” oh wow so this banking job pays ? I thought, in my mind I had adopted the idea of becoming a banker…

Describe yourself in one word?


Summarize by saying anything you feel right now.

OK, uhmm God bless you guys for sticking with me during my stars and scars. Stars And Scars is a free playlist I curated for you and you can get it on YouTube, SoundCloud, audiomack or Bye!


Tweet your personal questions to FORTUNO on Twitter : @SoftFortuno

[News] Olamide was the only musician who paid for Majek’s hospital bills – manager cries

The manager to Nigerian veteran singer, Majek Fashek has revealed how Olamide assisted the singer financially when he was sick.
In a recent interview, his manger, Umenka Uzoma revealed that Olamide was the only artiste that reached out to him when Majek was sick. According to him, Olamide paid the medical bills and made him vow to keep it a secret.
“He called me up in England and he said, Bros, sorry oh, I wan support Baba, don’t discuss this with anybody and he said I must not mention this. He is the only person that supported.”
He went on to say that other artistes came forward but he refused because of controversies. “calm down and wait for Majek to come back. I decided to stop some of them because when money comes in, so many controversies arise, people you don’t know from any corner start raising some dirty voices,”
He, however, refused to speak on the singer’s current health explaining that the singer’s family wants it to remain a private matter. “It is a private matter right now and his family is handling it. You don’t want to wash you dirty linen in public. He is not in the hospital though, I am communicating with his son.”

[News] Joeboy usedto be calm, I’m surprised at his recent wayward lifestyle – Mr Eazi laments

Nigerian singer, Mr Eazi has playfully tackled Joeboy for acting too sexy on the gram.
The singer took to his Twitter page to playfully call out Joeboy for acting “wayward” after making a million dollars. Eazi also revealed that the “Baby” singer has been posting several sexy pictures in order to attract people’s daughters. He wrote “Since Joeboy made a million $ he has become wayward everyday posting pictures & licking lips trying to attract people’s Daughters”.

[News] Davido and Chioma calms Twitter fire after following themselves. See Prove

Davido and Chioma have started following each other again on Instagram after the controversy that trailed report of them unfollowing each other.
Recall that the report of the couple unfollowing each other led to speculation of an unconfirmed claim of “trouble in paradise”.
This came just after Golden Boys Record CEO, King Patrick alleged that Chioma was Peruzzi’s Side Chick but got introduced to Davido as his cousin.

See Prove;

[News] Twitter on fire as Chioma and Davido unfollow each other on Instagram

Nigerians have reacted to Davido and Chioma unfollowing each other on Instagram shortly after Golden Boy CEO, King Patrick alleged that Chioma was Peruzzi’s side chick.
The recent development has led to speculation of an unconfirmed claim of ‘trouble in paradise” even though the couple welcomed a son together few months ago.

See fans reaction:

[News] I was inactive on social media cause I was very sick – Don Jazzy

Mavin boss, Don Jazzy has revealed the reason for his inactivity on social media.
Don Jazzy who is an active user of social media was inactive for a while and fans feared something might have happened to him. Turns out he was a bit under the weather and decided to take a rest from social media. He took to his Instagram page to announce this with a cute picture to assure fans that he is doing okay.
According to the Mavin boss, he was sick for a couple of days and has completely recovered He wrote, The watch is dead. No time to check time. Been sick for a couple of days. Told myself I have to get out the bed today coz I don’t need that break dance this year. I’m strong now we thank GOD. Back in my fave slippers.
See his post below:

View this post on Instagram

*APPOINTMENT AS SPECIAL ADVISER* I, Ubi Ekapong Ofem (Ubi Franklin) wish to inform the public that I have been appointed Special Adviser on Tourism to His Excellency, Professor Benedict Ayade, Governor of Cross River State. It is indeed an honour to be deemed fit by His Excellency to serve the good and resilient people of Cross River State in this capacity. More so, I am most delighted to be functioning in the Toursim sector, one sector which is dear to my heart and one which I believe I fit into appropriately considering my background in the entertainment industry . I thank God for His grace upon my life. I thank Governor Benedict Ayade for giving me this golden opportunity to serve.I thank my family, friends and well wishers for all the support and encouragement. On behalf of myself and my family, I promise to work diligently and efficiently with all necessary stakeholders in ensuring that Cross River State returns to the summit of the world's tourism index. God bless Cross River State. God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria. @sirbenayade.

A post shared by Mr Ubi Ekapong Ofem (@ubifranklintriplemg) on

[News] Ubi Franklin appointed as special advicer to the Governor of Cross River State on tourism

Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin has been appointed as that special adviser to the governor of Cross River State on Tourism.
The music mogul took to his Instagram page to make the announcement vowing to work diligently and efficiently to ensure that the state returns to the summit of the world’s tourism index.

View this post on Instagram

*APPOINTMENT AS SPECIAL ADVISER* I, Ubi Ekapong Ofem (Ubi Franklin) wish to inform the public that I have been appointed Special Adviser on Tourism to His Excellency, Professor Benedict Ayade, Governor of Cross River State. It is indeed an honour to be deemed fit by His Excellency to serve the good and resilient people of Cross River State in this capacity. More so, I am most delighted to be functioning in the Toursim sector, one sector which is dear to my heart and one which I believe I fit into appropriately considering my background in the entertainment industry . I thank God for His grace upon my life. I thank Governor Benedict Ayade for giving me this golden opportunity to serve.I thank my family, friends and well wishers for all the support and encouragement. On behalf of myself and my family, I promise to work diligently and efficiently with all necessary stakeholders in ensuring that Cross River State returns to the summit of the world's tourism index. God bless Cross River State. God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria. @sirbenayade.

A post shared by Mr Ubi Ekapong Ofem (@ubifranklintriplemg) on

[News] Record Label owner cries in depression after Peruzzi ignored his contract with him after moving in with Davido

A record producer who claims to have helped Peruzzi go back to medical school and signed him to his record label, has accused the singer of betrayal and narrated how this happened.
According to King Patrick, the record producer behind Golden Boy Entertainment, he met Peruzzi in 2014 after he dropped out of medical school because of his father’s financial problems.
He also claimed that he paid for Peruzzi to go back to school.
“I paid for his ticket and visa, he was like a brother to me.” he said
However, he noticed the artist was more interested in his musical career than in his studies so he set him up in the entertainment industry.
He wrote: “He was more interested in music, so my investment in his education was a failed project but I still decided to support his music career. I clothed him, fed him and gave him allowances, I also made sure he had comfortable accommodation.
“I had another artist called “BONDO KRAZZY” who peruzzi moved in with. There he worked on his music, while waiting for me to sign him by November 2016, as I had promised.”
He said he eventually signed Peruzzi and they moved to Lagos. He allegedly got him a 5-bedroom accommodation in Lagos then shot 3 music videos for him.
According to King Patrick, only one of the videos was released and it caught Davido’s attention.
This is where problem started as Peruzzi allegedly signed with Davido’s DMW without telling Patrick and without respect for the contract he already signed with Patrick.
Patrick wrote: “I bought Peruzzi’s ticket to meet Davido for the performance, but instead of performing he got signed to DMW, without my consent, therefore breaching his contract.
“I woke up to the news of the signing and I was mad and that marked the beginning of my depression. If only you know how it feels to be cheated by someone you truly loved and supported with all your heart.”
Patrick, who tagged his thread #SurvivingPeruzzi, said the case is currently being delayed in court. He alleged that Peruzzi has even threatened to kill him.
He said all he wants is the royalties and credit that Peruzzi and Davido owe him. He added that Peruzzi’s action has left him depressed.
He went on to share an audio recording of Peruzzi screaming at him, saying that what he owes him is “chicken change”. He also shared screenshots of his conversation with Davido.
He concluded his thread, writing: “I have been patient for 2 Years and @davido or @Peruzzi_VIBES have refused to pay me despite all my efforts. I had to bring this issue here because e Don reach. Peruzzi needs to be exposed! It’s been a depressing 2 years! And I can’t hold it in any longer #SurvivingPeruzzi.
“@Davido knew peruzzi was signed to Goldenboy yet he went ahead to “Audio Sign” Peruzzi without following due process. I reached out to him, look what a so called boss had to say in my dm. Fact: @Peruzzi_VIBES is not Signed to DMW.”
Below are Patrick’s tweets and the audio recording of Peruzzi threatening him.

[News] Adekunle Gold pens down soul touching note on his wedding anniversary with Simi

Adekunle Gold has penned a heartwarming message to his wife, Simi to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.
How time flies! Adekunle Gold and Simi are celebrating a year of becoming man and wife today and the have decided to celebrate in a special way. The singers tied the knot last year in a very private ceremony with only 300 guests in attendance. Their wedding became the talk of the town as they never released official photos or videos from the wedding ceremony.
Although they are just a year in their marriage, they have become role models to other couples with the way they keep their marital matters private and how they live life on their own terms. Adekunle Gold took to his Instagram page to share a beautiful picture of his wife making his hair. The singer wrote about how Simi makes him smile and he feels blessed to have her in his life.

[News] SoundCityMvp list of full winners

The annual Soundcity MVP Awards held last night at Eko Convention Centre. The event was attended by African artists all over the world.
Performers at the event were announced as Diamond Platnumz, Prince Kaybee, Shatta Wale, Rema, Stonebwoy and so forth.
While Burna Boy cemented his throne as the new king of afrobeats with his second successive win for African Artist of the year, Naira Marley also went home with his first award.
See the list of winners below…
Best New MVP
FireBoy DML (NG)
JoeBoy (NG)
Marioo (TZ)
Rema (NG) – Winner
Simmy (SA)
Wendy Shay (GH)
Best Collaboration
Blow My Mind – Davido [NG]
Daz How Star Do – Skibii [NG]
Gugulethu – Prince Kaybee [SA] – Winner
Jama – DJ Mic Smith [GH]
Killin Dem – Burna Boy [NG]
Inama – Diamond PlatNumz [TZ]
Best Pop
Innos B [CG]
Nandy [TZ]
JoeBoy [NG] – Winner
Otile Brown [KE]
Kizz Daniel [NG]
Teni [NG]
Mayorkun [NG]
Rayvanny [TZ]
Naira Marley [NG]
Best Hip Hop
BlaqBonez (NG)
Falz (NG)
KHALIGRAPH Jones (KE) – Winner
Kwesta (SA)
Medikal (GH)
Shinski (KE)
Sarkodie (GH)
Reminisce (NG)
Ricky Rick (SA)
Zakwe (SA)
Best Duo
Black Motion (SA)
Blaq diamond (SA)
DopeNation (GH) – Winner
Ethic (KE)
Show Dem Camp (NG)
Toofan (TG)
African Producer of The Year
Cracker (NG)
Prince Kaybee (SA)
Jay Synth (NG)
Kel P (NG)
Ozedikus (NG)
Pheelz (NG)
Rexxie (NG) – Winner
S2Kizzy (TZ)
Best Female MVP
Betty G (ETH)
Daphne (CMR)
Nandy (TZ)
Sho Madjozi (SA)
Teni (NG) – Winner
Tiwa Savage (NG)
Yemi Alade (NG)
Best Male MVP
Burna Boy (NG) – Winner
Davido (NG)
Diamond Platnumz (TZ)
King Promise (GH)
Sjava (SA)
Wizkid (NG)
Zlatan (NG)
African DJ of The Year
DJ Creme De La Creme (KE)
DJ Kaywise (NG)
DJ Neptune (NG)
DJ Spinall (NG) – Winner
DJ Vyrusky (GH)
DJ Zinhle (SA)
Digital Artiste of The Year
Cassper Nyovest [SA]
Davido [NG] – Winner
Diamond Platnumz [TZ]
Kizz Daniel [NG]
Mr Eazi [NG]
Yemi Alade [NG]
Wizkid [NG]
Listeners’ Choice
Baby – JoeBoy (NG)
Dumebi – Rema (NG)
Fetch your Life – Prince Kaybee (SA)
Jealous – Fireboy DML (NG) – Winner
Jama – DJ Mic Smith (GH)
Kainama – Harmonize (TZ)
Killin Dem – BurnaBoy (NG)
Kpo K3K3 – StoneBwoy (GH)
Oil & Gas – Olamide (NG)
Viewers’ Choice
49-99 – Tiwa Savage (NG)
Able God – Chinko Ekun (NG)
Banomoya – Prince Kaybee (SA)
My Level – Shatta Wale (GH)
On The Low – Burna Boy (NG)
Soapy – Naira Marley (NG) – Winner
Tetema – Rayvanny (TZ)
Zanku (Legwork) – Zlatan (NG)
Video of The Year
49-99 – Tiwa Savage by Meji Alabi (NG) – Winner
Dangote – Burna Boy by Clarence Peters (NG)
Jericho – Simi by Adasa Cookey (NG)
Ngwa – Blick Bassy by Tebego Malope (SA)
Ohema – Kuami Eugene by Rex (GH)
Song of The Year
Jealous – FireBoy DML (NG)
Killin Dem – Burna Boy (NG) – Winner
Malwhede – King Monada (SA)
Soapy – Naira Marley (NG)
Tetema – Rayvanny (TZ)
Zanku (Legwork) – Zlatan (NG)
Baby – JoeBoy (NG)
Case – Teni (NG)
Dumebi – Rema (NG)
Fetch Your Life – Prince Kaybee (SA)
Jama – DJ Mic Smith(GH)
African Artiste Of The Year
Burna Boy (NG) – Winner
Davido (NG)
Diamond Platnumz (TZ)
Shatta Wale (GH)
ShoMadjozi (SA)
Tiwa Savage (NG)
Wizkid (NG)
Yemi Alade (NG)
Excellence in Philanthropy: DJ Cuppy – Winner
Excellence in Sports: Anthony Joshua – Winner
Excellence in Social Entrepreneurship and Digital Influence: Bright Jaja – Winner
Community and Socio-Political Development: Adebola Williams & Jude Jideonwo – Winner
Excellence in Music: Innocent Idibia (2Baba) – Winner

[News] It is better to sign a dog than a human, humans act like animals these days – Zlatan says after signing a dog to his Zanku records

Sensational rapper, Zlatan has done the unbelievable by signing his pet to his newly created record label, Zanku.
The singer took to his Instagram page to share the good news of his latest signee and shared a picture of the animal. Zlatan welcomed him to the family and threw shade at humans stating that some human beings actually do act like animals. “ WELCOME TO ZANKU RECORDS @astalavi_thadog HUMAN BEINGS sef they do like ANIMAL this days . ! Welcome to the family ! Love you brother”
See the post below:

[News] Stay away from Chioma’s sister – Davido warns Ubi Franklin

Davido seems to have uncovered Ubi Franklin’s plan, as he jokingly told him to stay away from Chioma’s sister, Jennifer Rowland who he wished a happy birthday.
The exchange ensued after Ubi Franklin who wished Jennifer a happy birthday, also asked her to make him a dress they will be wearing to Davido’s son, Ifeanyi’s first birthday party.
See the exchange below;

[News] We do not fly economy – Davido’s baby mama “Sophia Momodu” speaks out

Sophia Momodu has hit back after Davido spoke up to clear the air amidst rumours that he flew her to Ghana
Davido said he did not take his first daughter Imade’s mother to Ghana on a holiday as implied. He explained that they both had business in Ghana and because he didn’t want her stranded in Lagos with his daughter, he decided to give her a “lift”. He said it was either that or “she flies economy.”
Shortly after Davido’s explanation, Sophia hit back. She shared photos of herself and her daughter Imade at the airport waiting lounge in Lome and added in the caption that she flies first or business class with her daughter and not economy as her daughter’s father claimed.
She wrote: “Entering 2020 just how I like it… With my best girl & on the move. #2020WeMoveNoMatterWhat #BreakingLimits #WeFlyFirstOrBusinessClass.”

[News] My first baby and her mama will fly economy if I don’t help them in my private jet to Ghana – Davido boasts

Davido has responded to reports that he took his first daughter’s mother to Ghana.
The singer said he did not take Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu for a “holiday” to Ghana as claimed. He explained that he was traveling to Ghana and since she also had business in Ghana, he gave her a “lift” for their daughter’s sake.
He reminded everyone that he recently proposed to Chioma and pointed out that the false news reports are disrespectful to his fiancee and her family.
He wrote on his Instagram Stories:
“I just want to drop a quick comment on the headlines of the silly blogs I’ve been seeing circulate about me ‘taking the mother of first child on a trip to Ghana’ and really wish y’all will quit with it.
“You ALL know that I just proposed to Chioma recently and it would make no sense whatsoever for me to be doing such.
“My daughter’s mother had her business in Ghana with Afrochella selling Imade’s hair products at stalls and I was obviously booked to perform at Afronation. I simply gave her a lift for the sake of Imade who I didn’t want to be left in Lagos without her mom. It was either that or she fly economy.
“I don’t understand why you all would spread such rumours you know would do nothing but hurt my fiance and disrespect her family. 2020 is for positive energy. Get it with it.”

[News] Wizkid told me Rema was going to last – Skales

Nigerian Singer, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, popularly known as Skales, has revealed what Wizkid told him about Mavin rising star, Rema.
Skales spoke on Rema’s Influence in music and making a lasting impression, and further revealed that Wizkid believes the Mavin Singer is a star and was going to last in the industry.
Read what he wrote on Twitter below:-

[News] Zlatan flaunts new record label – Zanku Records.

Zlatan has followed in the footsteps of his friend and industry colleague; Naira Marley, as he announces his own record label.
Zlatan made this known some hours ago via all his social media pages as he posts the artwork that would be representing the imprint. However, unlike Naira Marley who has already signed four artistes to his record label, Zlatan is yet to sign any. At least he is yet to announce that he has got anyone on the record label.
However, since Zlatan made the announcement, questions have been asked by many music observers about Zlatan’s ability to be able to manage a record label. Many feel he is yet get to that level of independence and decision-making stage as he is still growing as an artiste. What do y’all think?
See his record label logo here:

[News] Naira Marley given last chance to appear in court

Naira Marley has been given his last chance to appear in court over car theft charges levelled against him.
Chief Magistrate Tajudeen Elias who gave the order today December 31, said a bench warrant would be issued for the rapper’s arrest if he fails to appear before the court on January 14, 2020.
The singer is standing trial over an alleged car theft alongside his two brothers; Idris Fashola, 18; Babatunde Fashola, 24 and one Kunle Obere, 22.
The defendants who are facing a four-count charge bordering on conspiracy, stealing, assault and obstructing the arrest of Naira Marley were first arraigned on December 16, but the rapper wasn’t present.
Three of the defendants were granted N500,000 bail with two sureties in like sum, as Mr Elias ordered the Investigative Police Officer (IPO) to produce Naira Marley in court today, December 31

[News] Timi Dakolo’s cousin rejects N30k he sent him

Timi Dakolo took to Twitter to share his encounter with his entitled cousin who thought N30k was too small for him.
The singer disclosed that he sent his cousin the money without him asking for it, but instead of being grateful he told him that N30k is too small for him. The bank however reversed the transaction.
Timi Dakolo tweeted;

[News] Next year I am getting married – Wizkid claims

Wizkid has made a shocking but exciting revelation to his fans and general music observers.
Starboy has revealed the time has come that he starts making plans to leave bachelorhood and create a family of his own. He has revealed he would be getting married next year so he could become a husband to someone. The singer took to his Twitter page some hours ago to make a post of this that is already causing massive engagements on the social media platform. Although he has since deleted the tweet.
“I am getting married next year!!!” Wizkid wrote.

[News] Drugs are kinda cool until it recked my life – Solid star

Nigerian singer, Solid Star has warned about the dangers of drug abuse.
He said drugs are “cool” until they wreck the user’s life.
He wrote: “Drugs are kind of cool I mean, they are cool before they wreck your skin, your life and your family. That’s when they get uncool. It’s actually a very narrow window of cool.”

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