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[Lyrics] Fortuno – Daniella

INTRO: Daniella

Dan down Daniella get down

Dan down Daniella go down

Dan down Daniella ah ahhh

CHORUS; Daniella na girl e wey get e body

When she dance and whine I spray her money

Say she burst my head when she drink my pammy

Daniella ! Ah Daniella ah ha

Can I hold your waist if you say make I wait me I go wait

Can I hold your waist time don Dey waste

I just Dey wait

Can I hold your waist?

VERSE 1: Omo me I don Dey wait

I no go lie omo time don waste

This your waist no be copy and paste

Oya come to my place

Me I no go like make your waist e go waste

Whine to the beat as I play you the base

Where you Dey na there I go Dey for days

Hold your body for like 44 days

HOOK; Ah Daniella

The way that you whine you fit go Coachella

Whine for me like you Dey whine for Fela

Whine for me like you Dey whine for Fela


Verse 2:

Ah Daniella

You like to whine for the center

You say na me the make you mental

Whenever I play you instrumental

I fit to give you like 44 milli (on)

If only you go call me your honey (oh)

I go Dey there for you when ur horny

Will you be my honey

Will you be my honey (oh)



Daniella !

No Fortuno – No Hits!

Daniella !

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Star

Intro: No , no hits…
No Fortuno No Hits

Am a star!

Chorus; I’m a star, I’ve got a scar, they hate on me
They go too far
I’m a star, your a star, we are stars but we got scars
I’m a star I’ve got a scar
They hate on me, they go too far 2x I’m a

Verse1; told my dad I wanna sing yeah he tried to stop me
I was in school doing music he said he gon drop me
Years ago he saw my vibe uh yeah he called me
We spoke on phone and he sounded like he my own g
I was 17 when I had 2 videos
Girls acted Juliet to me like I’m Romeo
I know a lot people still don’t know me though
But I’ve been grinding from a long time ago

Repeat chorus

Verse 2; I pay for promo no they don’t wanna push me
To them I’m weed they just wanna kush me
Invest a milli on a show but it crashed
And it hurts when the memories flash
Locked myself in a room became producer
B i made this beat and I’m promoter ah
They scared (they scared) they don’t wanna blow me (no)
But it’s funny cause nobody can stop me

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Mama calls me all the time to know I’m fine (I love her)
If I was born for this lord give me a sign
All these sounds I create hope I don’t waste time
All I want is clean dime
I don’t wanna crime
I put my all into this music but it’s politics
Wherever I go all I see is critics
What I’ve been through
Ain’t no body know
Bitch ass niggas keep on saying daddy gives me dough

Outro; no where to sleep at night
But my future is bright
They ask me to share the lite
They don’t even know if I had a balance diet
They are times I cried
God! maybe I ain’t doing enough but I try
I don’t know if I do it right
But ima keep the fight
If I say this music ain’t paid me then I lied

I’m a star…

[Lyrics] Billion Boy ft Mr Kester – You Remind Me

Intro: you remind me

hooo hooo, scuba she remind me

billion boy, it’s Mr kester.


Chorus: You remind me of the girl I use to know eeh yaa.

She remind me of the girl I use to know oo eeh yaa, go shoddy it’s ur birthday aaah it’s ur birthday, go shoddy it’s ur birthday aaah it’s your birthday.

Verse 1:

Go shoddy it’s ur birthday make we party scatter

aah aah, make we turn up the place

make we pop champaign aah aah,

call all of ur girls them call ma niggas have some fun,

catch some groove, catch some cruise

aaah aaah hooo hooo,

shoddy give me slow Wynne hooo shoddy come give me fast Wynne aaahhhh

,shoddy give me slow whine hooo shoddy come give me fast whine

aaah aaah, body smoking cigarettes ,

body fire hot like a gun aaah aaah,

she gat the juice and she gat the sauce.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2;

Mummy say, when she pull up on the Benz omo me am like woh

with her mammy water package me am like woh

gat me eyes on you

girlfriend me I can’t get me eyes off you,

(rAN) sey you are the baddest and no body compare you are the maddest,

mummy say pretty pretty, sweetie sweetie the way your body kack it up girl you are jigi jigi

Mummy say no fear, no fear make your heart girl no tear no tear

me gangstar man ah wicked wicked

we only ball pon the weekend weekend,

Mummy say no fear, no fear make your heart girl no tear no tear me gangster man ah wicked wicked

we only ball pon the weekend weekend

Mr kester vibes

Repeat Chorus;

Outro : I like your body aaah I like your moves aaah. I like your body aaah I like your moves aaah,

Billionboi boy

another badman enter

it’s O’Neil on the mix


[Lyrics] Fortuno- Another Man

Intro: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

Verse 1:

she say why I Dey call her phone?
She say why me I no wan leave her alone?
When I call her phone, she go tell me say make I leave her alone
Leave me alone!
Ah yeah!
She go say why I Dey waste airtime?
E be like I Dey waste my time
Waste airtime, e be like I Dey waste my ti i i ime

Chorus; Girl if you had the chance
Would you cheat on me?

Girl if you had the chance
Would you let another man to touch your body yeah?

Touch your body yeah

my honey yeah

Press your Bobby yeah
Press your Bobby yeah

my honey yeah
Touch your body yeah
Press your Bobby yeah

Verse 2;

oh please pick up da phone
No don’t leave me alone
Wait, is it because of these guys
You keep acting so cool up in disguise
Now I can see with my real eyes
All this while you’ve been telling me real lies
Now I realize
But please don’t play me oh, please don’t play me ! Please don’t play me

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3;

I never wanna hear say we break up
I’ve got space in my heart you can take all
If I call your number abeg take call
If you want Lamborghini I buy four
If u ever leave me is not my fault
O baby no go fall my hand
No go let another man to comot your pant
Can never cheat on you baby you self you know I can’t
So I never wanna see you with another man


for another , for another man to touch your body, press your Bobby, E no go funny!

Oh no no no, oh no no no!

Don’t let another man to Touch Your Body yeah

[Lyrics] Fortuno – Gbedu


Know Fortuno Know hits!

Odoyewu I get Gbedu boku for you

Odoyewu 2x I get Gbedu boku for you

Hook; When the Gbedu enter, everywhere Dey kpalamala, everybody dance scatter, Fortuno Akanchawa! 2x


Gbedu (dem know)
Dem know say na Gbedu (everybody know)

Gbedu (dem know) I give them Gbedu (Dem know)

Gbedu (Dem know)

international Gbedu

Gbedu (Dem know)

foreign Gbedu

Verse 1;

Omoge beautiful too

omoge if your single Fortuno single too

come on dance e Gbedu

the Gbedu wey go make u sef you go wan mezebu

I swear u go wan mezezbu

jejejejekajokilijo girl I like the way ur body Dey go

follow me follow me make we Dey go! Follow me follow me take all my dough.

Repeat Hook & chorus;

Verse 2;

Do your own make I do my own, who Dey follow you drag

u Dey there Dey form superstar wait! Who Dey follow you back?

Before you follow me brag!

Ogbeni secure the bag, me I be giving you back to back,

Gbedu boku me I no Dey lack,

Me! I like the way your girl friend wine she bad,

when she hear my Gbedu omo she mad she smart!

Repeat hook & chorus;

Verse 3;

All my girls for Ghana ,

dem gbadun my Gbedu wella,

when they hear the Gbedu they wine, they wine, odoyewu o take am easy o
Or I go eat you like isisewu o
And she just Dey wine ,

she no waste my time

she say as long as the Gbedu Dey play she can help but whine she is wild …


everywhere kpalamala…
odoyewu o I go eat u like isiewu o or kilishi , Gbedu wey I get e no go finish…

Omo Gbedu can never finish, hahaha never

I fit drop like 10 Gbedu everyday, Gbedu no go still finish haba!

[Lyrics] IceVick – Her Papa


“No Fortuno No Hit”

ICEVICK for the girls them yeah yeah (love, love looking for love,
love, love, where can I find love, love ? )

“Know Fortuno know hits”


Say I no go find true love her papa

I call her she no pick up her papa

Shaudy see my text she no reply her papa, Oh her papa

why 2x why is love hard to find

girl, why 2x why you waste my time


Am the man with with the vibe, call all the girls make them come make we ride 3x

Verse 1:

why you no dey pick my calls ?

Is it what you call true love ?

In the night e be you only you i be thinking of

you talk say you love me I know say na story

You told me you ain’t gonna leave me,

but now you’re gone I hope you fine true love

Repeat Hook And Chorus;

Verse 2;

She use to be my best friend,

but she left me and she no send yeah,

she be my treasure she be my angel,

her nice face and smile e too make sense,

I know you missed I missed you too, no pretends yeah yeah

Repeat Chorus & Hook;

Her papa… VeekyXclusiveWorldwide

[Lyrics] Blings – Lead Us Well

Intro: No Fortuno – No hits!
Fresh boy from the north

Chorus: Brother come lead us well, no let this nation to fall inside well 4x

Verse 1: Listen! 365 make a year (make a year) they make the people suffering every year (every year),
See them say e go better (elelele) so my brother which day e go better (e go better),
Say Them Dey promise them Dey fail us, every now and then they just Dey Jonez us (us), fighting and killing every where uyeeah eh hmmmm,
where are we going from here, fifty something years no progress , they make the people live in too much stress and we the giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down (going down).

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: see I hustle everyday just to make earns meet (earns meet), and yet them go talk say me I lazy, originality my people come let’s just face reality we Dey pass through much pain (through much pain), no pain no gain (no gain) and yet them say e go better (e go better oh), they promise us food (food e no Dey) they promise us water (water e no Dey) they promise us good road, hospitality, sote them say they go take us to the promise land, none we see brother that’s not fair! Eh Brother that’s not fair! Ehhhm
Where are we going from here? (from here) fifty something years no progress, they make the people live in too much stress, and we Dey giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down.

Repeat Chorus

Outro : Let the president they lead us well, let the government they lead us well, see the masses they are suffering there, suffering there…

Blings baby oh!!