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Registered music Production | Promotion company.

[Service] Design your music artwork with Soft Continent Entertainment | Graphic design price rates

Do you need an artwork at an affordable price rate?

Welcome to Soft Continent Entertainment, we deliver artworks within 24 hours after payment. 

Check out some of our jobs: 

We deliver graphic designs of any sort. Check out our price rates here:

  • Music ArtWork; Music artwork for a single costs N2,000
  • Album Artwork; This comprises of the front and back cover of your album artwork. This costs N5,000
  • Mixtape Artwork; Mixtape artwork comprises of the front page and the back listing, costs N8,000
  • Animation Art (Cartoon Art): A cartoon design for your song, a caricature art or anything cartoon design costs N10,000

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[Service] Produce a song with Soft Continent Entertainment | Production rates

Soft Continent Entertainment is a Record Label, Music Production & Promotional Company.

As A Music Production Company: We offer music production services which include;

  • Beat Production; Your next hit song is in safe hands when Soft Continent Entertainment handles its beat production as we offer the best instrumentals of any genre of music at an affordable rate of which every artiste can afford. Let us know the kind of music you want to make & you get the best beats for it. Our Beat Production service goes for a give away rate of N5,000
  • Voice Recording; As a music production company we make sure your vocals of your songs are recorded loud and clear ready for the final process of music production. Our Voice Recording service goes for a give away rate of N5,000
  • Mixing/Mastering; The mixing and mastering process of your next song is in safe hands as a Production Company we make sure your music is mixed & mastered to the final taste of every ear. Our mixing service comes clean and loud. Our Mixing/Mastering Service goes for N5,000.
  • Song Writing; Do you need help with composing your next hit song? Then; Soft Continent Entertainment is the place. Our song writing services costs N5,000
  • Jingles; Are you a DJ in need of a jingle or a company looking for where to record your adverts? Do not worry anymore! Soft Continent Entertainment will handle this for you. Our Jingle rates range from N,2000 to N5,000 depending on the kind of jingle.

What Are You Waiting For?

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[Service] Promote with Soft Continent Entertainment | Promotional Packages

Do you want to Promote your music/video or content Online? –
Your choice should be SOFT CONTINENT.
We are the No.1 promotional
platform in Nigeria – We have generated millions of downloads, views on our website from fans all over the world.

Soft Continent Entertainment is a registered music production & promotion company.
Call customer care Hotline: 07051434798 or Email:

We can get your music to the number 1 spot with over 100,000 downloads to your name. Don’t be bothered if you are not financially bouyont, our company supports artists by promoting them with any budget they can afford.

Here are some additional Advantage when we promote your content:

– Instagram/Facebook sponosored posts: when you promote your music with us, we don’t just blog it, we boost it on Instagram and Facebook to reach more potential fans for your music.

– Tv/Radio Airplay; Our company is known for its plugs, thereby once we torrorly promote your music, Tv & radio stations will start playing your songs in no time.

– Including your song on Dj mix: On monthly basis DJs premiere their mixtapes on our website, it is very easy for us to include your music to the tapes since we are handling your promotion.

– Creating a controversial post for you to get you on the news: As a fast rising star you should always be on the news for something positive or negative, it doesn’t really matter, no publicity is bad publicity. We at Soft Continent Entertainment will make you a star by writing news about you, thereby dragging the attention of more potential followers to your name.

– Online Interview; Since we are promoting you, it is easy for us to run an online interview for you through our blog.

– Pin posts on our blog: This feature will allow your music to be placed on the top page of our blog, every visitor who comes to our website will view your song first therefore dragging more fame to your name.

– Top hottest song lists: Your music being on the top lists alongside Wizkid, Davido etc is a huge buzz for your music. We will do it for you.

– Music or video of the day/week: Who doesn’t want to listen to the song of the week? Off course everybody wants to. Let us push your music with this feature now.

– Creating an online billboard for you: Imagine your billboard placed on our site, every viewer gets to view your content first before any other.

– Most Trending Song: Everybody wants to listen to a trending song, let’s make your music trend and watch what happens with your career.

– Give Away: With this feature people will listen to your music before winning our give away. You must be wondering how?? Don’t worry! We gat you… don’t worry about paying. We will pay the winners on your behalf

– Headline creation: Let’s create a catchy headline for you now! Much need not be said, your follower ship will do the talking.

– Social media hype: We are going to front you as our artist and give you the exposure you deserve on twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

– Artiste of the month: This feature keeps you up for song long, who doesn’t want to listen to artiste of the month? Let’s get to work.

– Most Downloaded song: With all these features done, your song should be on hundreds of thousands of downloads already thereby giving u the niche to become this feature.

Normally, these promotional strategies would cost you millions of Naira but we at Soft Continent Entertainment have decided to make Our Promotional packages very affordable because Your stardom is our priority!!!! Let us know your budget now and see how we put in work to turn your career around!!


PERSONAL PACKAGE : With this package we upload your content on our blog/website to our thousands of visitors home & abroad. Your music will also be posted on our social media platforms. This package costs N5,000 only.

GIVE AWAY PACKAGE : This package is best for artists/musicians who decide to do give away to their fans, we at Soft Continent Entertainment will handle the give away, sit back and relax as your fan base grows
This package cost ranges from N10,000 and above.

PREMIUM PACKAGE : This package is a better package as it allows us to explore the promotion of your content. As a promotional company we are very experienced When it comes to online promotion; with this package your content will be promoted on our website & your contents will be sponsored on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). Note: This is Not your regular sponsor posts. We will sponsor your content with a controversial topic that will get everyone on your case. You can’t do this on your own as customers do not enjoy seeing content owners hype themselves. Your content will be more relevant in our hands. Bring your content let’s hype it for you as we have been doing for many top stars. This package is best for you if you want to become a superstar as soon as you start making music. This package costs ranges from
N20,000/week. Note: your budget could be more than this, depending on how bouyant you are. The higher the budget, the higher the hype, the higher your trend, the faster your content becomes popular.

SILVER PACKAGE : With this package we will not only upload your content, this package follows up with features such as; site banner placement, hottest song listing, most downloaded song listing, artiste of the week, song of the week, artists to watch out for, most trending artist, next rated artist, most played artist, song of the year, recommended songs list, pin/stick your music/video content on our home page for a week. Imagine all these… That means your song will become a trend on our blog. This will drive traffic to your content giving you thousands of views & downloads… This package costs ranges from N10,000/week depending on the number of features you need.
depending on your budget & for how long you want your content up.

GOLD PACKAGE : This package let’s us go extra mile… With this package your content will be promoted by our team, using our promotional strategies to give you the attention your content deserves. Note: This package is the most recommended. As your content will be promoted excellently and torrorly with features like Controversial posts (news), facebook/Instagram sponsored posts, online interview, social media hype, we will publish the lyrics to your songs for music lovers to easily sing along to your songs, and a music headline creation. With all these said and done other blogs will have no choice but to join the trend, radio stations and DJs will play ur songs. we will serve as your PR by plugging your songs to its peak online. Depending on your budget. This package costs ranges from N50,000/week

So; what are you waiting for? Are you a Musician, Record Label Owner, Artiste or Brand Manager?
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[Lyrics] IceVick – Her Papa


“No Fortuno No Hit”

ICEVICK for the girls them yeah yeah (love, love looking for love,
love, love, where can I find love, love ? )

“Know Fortuno know hits”


Say I no go find true love her papa

I call her she no pick up her papa

Shaudy see my text she no reply her papa, Oh her papa

why 2x why is love hard to find

girl, why 2x why you waste my time


Am the man with with the vibe, call all the girls make them come make we ride 3x

Verse 1:

why you no dey pick my calls ?

Is it what you call true love ?

In the night e be you only you i be thinking of

you talk say you love me I know say na story

You told me you ain’t gonna leave me,

but now you’re gone I hope you fine true love

Repeat Hook And Chorus;

Verse 2;

She use to be my best friend,

but she left me and she no send yeah,

she be my treasure she be my angel,

her nice face and smile e too make sense,

I know you missed I missed you too, no pretends yeah yeah

Repeat Chorus & Hook;

Her papa… VeekyXclusiveWorldwide

[News] Stop comparing my E.P to Rema’s EP – Fortuno warns

Fast rising act “Fortuno” is not taking it kindly with social media trollers who are steadily comparing his E.P to Rema’s, in recent interview Fortuno declared he cares less about these comparisons as he is only making music to make himself and his sofoters happy, In his words; “ For the first time I produced, mixed and mastered songs myself , I decided to release them as an E.P, This is my first ever, don’t compare me to Rema”.

Connect with Fortuno on






Check him out & tell us what you think?

Is it Right For Fortuno to be compared to Rema??

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“Blings – Lead Us well”


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[Interview] SCE exclUsive chat with fast rising act “Fortuno”

Recently, we had a conversation with fast rising musician “Fortuno”. The conversation centered majorly on his recent single “Mo Abudu” which has been buzzing with several comments from fans – attacking him. A lot of people are curious as to why he released a song titled “Mo Abudu”, this had a lot of tongues waxing.

Here are some comments;

These and more flooded social media few hours after the song was released.

Here is our Conversation with Fortuno;

Fortuno, how are you doing today?

I’m good !!! Good good!!

You recently released a new single “Mo Abudu” what inspired that?

Honestly, nothing really, I just finished making the beat that hot afternoon and I was ready to vibe to it, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “call mo Abudu uhu, tell her say me I like her too”.

Wow! Are you saying it was not planned?

Hahaha planned? No ! I didn’t even know what “Mo Abudu” looked like at the time, it was after I caught the vibe I checked her biography

So, what is your relationship with Mo Abudu right now?

Hmmmm, no relationship whatsoever! It is just a song.

Did the attacks from fans scare you at some Point?

No no no! Not at all, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, I wish they channel same energy to sharing the song till Mo gets to listen.

What is the song “Mo Abudu” about, what’s the message?

Message? Hmmm ! I don’t know how to answer that really, but i’ll say It’s just a song trying to let people know that age is nothing but number when there is love.

How have you been taking the comments, the attacks, Abuses, Allegations?

All that is like normal, it doesn’t get to me at all, people said a lot of stuff though but I, I decided not to reply all that cause it’s nothing to me.

What do you have to say finally about the song?

Mo Abudu owes me money, publicity money because many people who didn’t know her, know her now! hahaha Jokes, well; just know what ever anyone said about I & Mo is a rumor, and I hope this is clear now!

It all started when I announced I was releasing a song titled “Mo Abudu”, everyone was buzzing me on social media, because they thought I had something with Mo, it became worse when blogs took advantage of the buzz saying “We are sparking a relationship rumor” and shit, that’s what made it really crazy! Well, I’m not mad at the comments, it’s all love!

Connect with “Fortuno” on social media : @Softfortuno

[Lyrics] Blings – Lead Us Well

Intro: No Fortuno – No hits!
Fresh boy from the north

Chorus: Brother come lead us well, no let this nation to fall inside well 4x

Verse 1: Listen! 365 make a year (make a year) they make the people suffering every year (every year),
See them say e go better (elelele) so my brother which day e go better (e go better),
Say Them Dey promise them Dey fail us, every now and then they just Dey Jonez us (us), fighting and killing every where uyeeah eh hmmmm,
where are we going from here, fifty something years no progress , they make the people live in too much stress and we the giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down (going down).

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: see I hustle everyday just to make earns meet (earns meet), and yet them go talk say me I lazy, originality my people come let’s just face reality we Dey pass through much pain (through much pain), no pain no gain (no gain) and yet them say e go better (e go better oh), they promise us food (food e no Dey) they promise us water (water e no Dey) they promise us good road, hospitality, sote them say they go take us to the promise land, none we see brother that’s not fair! Eh Brother that’s not fair! Ehhhm
Where are we going from here? (from here) fifty something years no progress, they make the people live in too much stress, and we Dey giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down.

Repeat Chorus

Outro : Let the president they lead us well, let the government they lead us well, see the masses they are suffering there, suffering there…

Blings baby oh!!

[Interview] Blings talks music journey with sce

Today we are chatting with fast rising act “Blings” who recently released a song titled “Lead Us Well”. Here goes the chat: 

Blings, How are you doing today

I’m good! 

Can we know you tell us about yourself?

I’m Ayinsa Habila from Adamawa state, I was born 26 April 1993, I was brought up in Porthacourt, I started making music 12-03-2006 

Wow! What motivated you to do music? 

Music is something I love doing, it gives me joy and happiness 

I was just looking at how the government keeps making promises and still let the people suffer 

How did your debut songlead us wellcome about? 

I was just looking at how the government keeps making promises and still let the people suffer 

Oh! Aside music, what do you do? 

Yes, aside music ! I’m into fashion design 

What are we expecting from you for the rest of the year? 

Nothing but good music 

If you had the chance to feature an A list artist, who would it be? 

Kizz Daniel 

Wow! Who inspires your music, do you have a mentor? 

No! I don’t 

What genre will you classify your sound? 


Do you have any challenge musically? 

Hehehe lots of money and lots of fans! That’s all I ask 

What advice do you have for fellow acts like you ? send words to your fans

Just believe in yourself and pray to God, he answers all, and never stop believing in yourself! 

Okay! That will be all for today “Blings”, wait a minute! Can we know your social media handles ? 

Yes! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @itsblingsbaby

Thank you for the log on guys, Keep in touch as we will be bring you more update on the life and times of Blings ! Have a nice day!!