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[Lyrics] Fortuno – Mo Abudu

Intro; No Fortuno, No Hits


Gbedu for your waist oh (Gbedu for your waist)

Gobe for your body oh (I see Gbedu for your body oh)

Gbege for your waist oh (Alte for your bo)

Mogbe oh, gbege oh oh


Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Range Rover I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Lamborghini I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

But them tell me e no fit be, kilode Omoge e go be, because wetin go be go be! Yeah yeah and e go be

Verse 1:

Mo Abudu you be 52

Me I be 22

But no e no matter too

Cause e be you wey go be my boo

Mo Abudu omotodun, jofun jofun omotodun, sarewagba omotodun, I Dey mad oh for you oh omotodun


But she say age, I say age is nothing but number yeah yeah yeah o, if I give you love you go ask me na where I learn am?


Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Range Rover I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

Call Mo Abudu uhu tell her say me I like her too

Lamborghini I go buy for two

Chale nothing I no fit do

But them tell me e no fit be, kilode Omoge e go be, because wetin go be go be! E go be! 2x and e go be

Verse 2;

Mo Abudu omo mi

Mo Abudu omo mummy

Mo Abudu omo mi

I know you no want my money

Cause e be you wey get ebony

Better bobo no go do you corny

Dey there for you when the clouds are sunny

Mo Woju mi – Woju mi oh

Repeat Hook

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

Oya forget about Dakore, Jumoke, Tinuke, Funke, Folake, Toke, I no care (I no care)

I go tell them gbera, dide, oh efimisile, fokasibe

Oruko mini Fortuno on the beat! Giddem

Repeat Bridge

Outro: No Fortuno, No Hits


Social media has been on fire since popular blogs and media houses sparked dating rumors betweeen fast rising act “Fortuno” and CEO of ebony life tv/Ebonylife Place “Mo Abudu”. Tv stations, radio stations, blogs and social media has been on fire since the fast rising act shared a photo on his Instagram with the caption “Mo Abudu omo mi, mo Abudu Omo mummy” which translates to Mo Abudu being his mummy and his baby! The 22 year old act shared this below;

This sent a picture to the media but the picture became clearer after 52 year old “Mo Abudu” checked the post out;

That is how it all started until Fortuno announced and released new single for her titled “Mo Abudu” which tore social media into pieces as fans accuse and abuse Fortuno

Well; Fortuno is yet to comment on this saga but we promise to bring you more update as soon as we get some.


Connect with Fortuno On Twitter; @Softfortuno

Facebook ; @softfortuno

Instagram; @softfortuno

[Interview] SCE exclUsive chat with fast rising act “Fortuno”

Recently, we had a conversation with fast rising musician “Fortuno”. The conversation centered majorly on his recent single “Mo Abudu” which has been buzzing with several comments from fans – attacking him. A lot of people are curious as to why he released a song titled “Mo Abudu”, this had a lot of tongues waxing.

Here are some comments;

These and more flooded social media few hours after the song was released.

Here is our Conversation with Fortuno;

Fortuno, how are you doing today?

I’m good !!! Good good!!

You recently released a new single “Mo Abudu” what inspired that?

Honestly, nothing really, I just finished making the beat that hot afternoon and I was ready to vibe to it, the first thing that came outta my mouth was “call mo Abudu uhu, tell her say me I like her too”.

Wow! Are you saying it was not planned?

Hahaha planned? No ! I didn’t even know what “Mo Abudu” looked like at the time, it was after I caught the vibe I checked her biography

So, what is your relationship with Mo Abudu right now?

Hmmmm, no relationship whatsoever! It is just a song.

Did the attacks from fans scare you at some Point?

No no no! Not at all, I’ve got nothing to be scared of, I wish they channel same energy to sharing the song till Mo gets to listen.

What is the song “Mo Abudu” about, what’s the message?

Message? Hmmm ! I don’t know how to answer that really, but i’ll say It’s just a song trying to let people know that age is nothing but number when there is love.

How have you been taking the comments, the attacks, Abuses, Allegations?

All that is like normal, it doesn’t get to me at all, people said a lot of stuff though but I, I decided not to reply all that cause it’s nothing to me.

What do you have to say finally about the song?

Mo Abudu owes me money, publicity money because many people who didn’t know her, know her now! hahaha Jokes, well; just know what ever anyone said about I & Mo is a rumor, and I hope this is clear now!

It all started when I announced I was releasing a song titled “Mo Abudu”, everyone was buzzing me on social media, because they thought I had something with Mo, it became worse when blogs took advantage of the buzz saying “We are sparking a relationship rumor” and shit, that’s what made it really crazy! Well, I’m not mad at the comments, it’s all love!

Connect with “Fortuno” on social media : @Softfortuno

[Lyrics] Blings – Lead Us Well

Intro: No Fortuno – No hits!
Fresh boy from the north

Chorus: Brother come lead us well, no let this nation to fall inside well 4x

Verse 1: Listen! 365 make a year (make a year) they make the people suffering every year (every year),
See them say e go better (elelele) so my brother which day e go better (e go better),
Say Them Dey promise them Dey fail us, every now and then they just Dey Jonez us (us), fighting and killing every where uyeeah eh hmmmm,
where are we going from here, fifty something years no progress , they make the people live in too much stress and we the giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down (going down).

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: see I hustle everyday just to make earns meet (earns meet), and yet them go talk say me I lazy, originality my people come let’s just face reality we Dey pass through much pain (through much pain), no pain no gain (no gain) and yet them say e go better (e go better oh), they promise us food (food e no Dey) they promise us water (water e no Dey) they promise us good road, hospitality, sote them say they go take us to the promise land, none we see brother that’s not fair! Eh Brother that’s not fair! Ehhhm
Where are we going from here? (from here) fifty something years no progress, they make the people live in too much stress, and we Dey giant of Africa but right now the giant is going down.

Repeat Chorus

Outro : Let the president they lead us well, let the government they lead us well, see the masses they are suffering there, suffering there…

Blings baby oh!!

[Interview] Blings talks music journey with sce

Today we are chatting with fast rising act “Blings” who recently released a song titled “Lead Us Well”. Here goes the chat: 

Blings, How are you doing today

I’m good! 

Can we know you tell us about yourself?

I’m Ayinsa Habila from Adamawa state, I was born 26 April 1993, I was brought up in Porthacourt, I started making music 12-03-2006 

Wow! What motivated you to do music? 

Music is something I love doing, it gives me joy and happiness 

I was just looking at how the government keeps making promises and still let the people suffer 

How did your debut songlead us wellcome about? 

I was just looking at how the government keeps making promises and still let the people suffer 

Oh! Aside music, what do you do? 

Yes, aside music ! I’m into fashion design 

What are we expecting from you for the rest of the year? 

Nothing but good music 

If you had the chance to feature an A list artist, who would it be? 

Kizz Daniel 

Wow! Who inspires your music, do you have a mentor? 

No! I don’t 

What genre will you classify your sound? 


Do you have any challenge musically? 

Hehehe lots of money and lots of fans! That’s all I ask 

What advice do you have for fellow acts like you ? send words to your fans

Just believe in yourself and pray to God, he answers all, and never stop believing in yourself! 

Okay! That will be all for today “Blings”, wait a minute! Can we know your social media handles ? 

Yes! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @itsblingsbaby

Thank you for the log on guys, Keep in touch as we will be bring you more update on the life and times of Blings ! Have a nice day!!