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[Lyrics] IceVick – Best friend


Icevick for the girls them yeah yeah.


Have been (looking 4x) for somebody,
wey go truly love me, truly love me for me.
When the money no dey my hunny oh she dey there for me,
And When I sleep, I dey dream, I pray I see My queen

And When I see my queen nothing can come between

(Na she go born my twin 2x)


I’ve been searching, you know I’ve been searching, you know I’ve been searching,
searching for my best friend.


My best friend, finally I found my best friend, oh I’m in love with best friend, finally I found my best friend

Oh my friend, I’m in love with my best friend, finally I found my Best friend, oh I’m in love with my best friend


You need some good good loving which I know you deserve it.

breakfast on bed, (that should be six in the morning x2)

Why you the thief my heart ole ?
You’re not not just a lover to me, you’re my “Best Friend” and my homie.
We stick together, rice and stew even in your flaws I still gat you, huh I still gat you huh, I still gat you


(My best friend, don’t you ever sleep on me,
You should always vibe with x2)

Connect, girl I want make we connect, we should never disconnect, we should never disconnect oh,

No forget, anything I do for you, don’t you ever sleep on me, you should always vibe with me.


Best friend, she’s my best friend, my best friend
Veeky Xclusive worldwide


[Lyrics] Fortuno – Cool My Mind

Intro: she plays the music cause she knows it gives me peace of mind, this is a piece of my mind, the music e Dey cool my mind…

Hook: so many things wey try vex me,

so many men wey try stress me

but I geti girly wey Dey sexy

Girly wey Dey call me on a daily

She know how to cool my mind

She know how to cool my mind

She know the music cool my mind

She know the music cool my mind

Chorus: so she gimme whine (to cool my mind)

So she sip my whine (she cool my mind)

She no waste my time (she cool my mind)

And she no waste my dime (oh she cool my mind)

e Dey cool my cool my mind

When she play me the music oh

E Dey cool my cool my mind

When she wine to the music oh

Verse 1: so many things wey try stress me

Like the gunshots fi me country

All those kind things e Dey stress me

Low key low key e Dey vex me

Many men try oppress me

Pressure from friends and family

Many men demma form familiarity

Ina mind man ah know dem nah like me

But the music e Dey cool off the whole pressure

E Dey cool off my temperature

That’s why me girly be the best

Everytime many man try stress

She play the music while we kiss and caress

She know the music e Dey cool off my stress

Know the music e Dey make me to rest

Makes me feel so blessed

Repeat Hook & Chorus

Verse 2:

So many men wey try vex me

Kill your brother just for money

Take a life just to jolly, just to jolly

Human being still Dey fly for night

When you wan shine them go dim your light

That’s why I Dey cast and bind

Everyday I pray make my enemies blind

Make dem no go use me shine

Make I no go cast for shrine

Many things e Dey my mind

Na the music wey Dey cool my mind

When I’m stressed

When I Dey vex

When bad man try to oppress

When everything seems like a mess

The music makes me feel so blessed.

Repeat hook/Chorus


[Music] Fortuno – Cool My Mind (Prod. By Fortuno)

Fortuno Premieres new music titled “Cool My Mind” off “Fame and Pressure” Playlist. Once again Fortuno sings about the pressure he goes through in life & how he has a girl that cools his mind everytime she plays him music. Cool My Mind is surely the perfect record to cool off pressure. As produced by Fortuno






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[Lyrics] IceVick – Dey For You

What else, Icevick for the girls them,

In the morning I still love you
In the morning I still need you, In the morning.



She say she love me, but sometimes, sometimes she act like she hate me, why do you hate me ?

You should be right beside me

when its day time or night time you should be right beside me, you should be right beside me…

Cause i dey (for you 2x)
When it’s raining I dey for you, cause I dey (for you 2x) when its Sunny I dey for you


You know I dey for you.
Memories never die I still remember the day that I met with you (Day that I met with you)

I thought 2x the loving was real, leaving me what will I do, huhhhhhh huhhhhhh.

Cause I dey
When nobody dey, I dey

When you dey lonely I dey, when nobody dey I dey.



Make you no lie to me, and me no go lie to you.

We keep it 1 hundred you know that I want it, that’s how e suppose be.

Oh You know oh. (You know, you know 2x) Say I need you in my heart and soul. (My heart my soul)

My heart my body all belongs to you.

I know it’s hard for of us, and all we need is trust. 2x



Veeky Xclusive Worldwide


[Lyrics] Fortuno – Zero Pressure

Verse1: I be working working working

They be talking talking talking

They don’t even know what I go through

They don’t even know what I go through here

The boys want to be like me

The girls they really like me

I smile in public but privately I’m teary in

Oh yes I do, cause I’m human too

I get weary too

Get hurt severely too

Hook: oh the fame, the fame the fame e follow pressure, the fame e follow pressure

Chorus: Zero pressure, zero pressure on me

no man can tension me

Zero pressure, zero pressure

Zero pressure on me, no no tension me

Zero pressure uhh, zero pressure

Verse 2: nobody tell me say the fame e follow pressure

I no fit waka alone again oh I be treasure

Everyone wants a piece of me but Omoh I be creature I be creature

Everyone take a picture, take a picture just for the pleasure

Competition is not my problem

Gbedu Dey I go drop am for them

Shows Dey I go turn up for them

My fans Dey and I send love to them

Repeat Hook/Chorus

Verse3: Me I see no competition

Drop this Gbedu and I drop another one

If u nominate me for award I no win I’m happy another won

When I step on stage is a fire thing fire man never nervous

So u better be cautious when u send forth da pressure

Uh when I step on the scene no pressure

When I sing my song no pressure

True it’s true no pressure

Repeat Chorus


Fame and pressure, zero pressure

No pressure

Zero pressure, oh zero pressure, zero pressure


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[Lyrics] Fortuno – Lesbian


Girl we gon shine like the sun if you pull up my side, if you pull up my side we make things right…

She say she don’t wanna leave me, she say she wanna live with me ! She say is me she be thinking of she say she is thinking that she is in love… (mmmmm)

Now she nah wan be

She nah wan be

She nah wan be

She nah wan be

She nah wan be

She nah wan be

She nah wan be


She nah wan be a lesbian no more

Say she love me and she can’t let go

She nah wan be a lesbian no more

Say she met me omo her life change oh

She nah wan be a lesbian no more

She nah wan be a lesbian no more

She nah wan be a lesbian no more

She nah wan be a lesbian no more uwa!

VERSE 1: back then she no like no man

Back then she only like woman

She rock her nikka

She say she be nigga

She smoke her cigar

No she don’t do guys

But she tripping when i kiss those thighs

She say she is in love and she can’t tell lies

Say na only me wey she love oh

Say na only me wey she love oh

So she no wan be a lesbian no more

She no wan be a lesbian no more

She no wan be a lesbian no more



She say she is a good girl me nah believe her

Cause the girl got liver

Me love her so me nah fit leave her

Likkle way she ah move like a river

Bad girl them ah know she is a diva

Ina the club she ah move man shever ah

When she wine she ah wine fi the gyal them

When she wine she nah wine fi the man them

When I pull up is a fire thing

Bad girl she ah catch feelings

When I pull up is a fire thing

Babylon ah fi pree me (wag wan)



Now you and I can make love baby

Call me when you need some loving

You got a problem you know I’ll solve em

As long as you don go back being a lesbian

Call me when you home baby

Man ah miss you ah long time oh baby

She say can I stay for long babe ?

Can I stay for long babe?

Wait babe! You should never ever leave

You should always be with me

(She say)

You show me so much love (she say)

I don’t wanna be a lesbian no more