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[News] Wizkid shares 2019 first Instagram picture

Wizkid who has been off social media since 2019 has finally decided to share his first Instagram photo of the year.

Check it out;

[News] Fan digs Davido, mails O2 to confirm his o2 sold out shos

A desperate fan goes as far as mailing “O2 Arena” to confirm Davido‘s O2 show was a total sold out concert.

See mail reply from O2; 👇

[News] Don Jazzy “Mavin Records” signs million dollar deal.

News reached us that Mavin boss, Don Jazzy , has announced that Mavin Records have just signed a multi-million dollar deal with leading investment and advisory capital firm, Kupanda Holdings.
Don jazzy revealed Kupanda will help Mavin build her roster and strengthen operations
across A&R, touring, marketing, distribution,
publishing and partnerships.
“Our mission is to grow Mavin Global into the music powerhouse of Africa”, said Michael Collins Ajereh, aka Don Jazzy, Mavin Global president and founder. “By collaborating with artists, African creatives,
local and international partners, we can become a globally recognized household name and the go-to platform for connecting
African music with the world.”
Mavin is home to Nigerian artistes like Tiwa Savage, Johnny Drille, Korede Bello etc. Since her commencement as a record
label in 2012, she has utilised digital
platforms to reach local audiences and grow a massive fanbase in Africa, the US and the UK. This deal will enable the company develop brand partnerships for her artistes.
“With the resources and operational
capacity Kupanda Capital brings along with its investment, Mavin is now ready to grow our artist roster and facilitate partnerships
at a global scale,” said Tega Oghenejobo,
COO of Mavin Global. “We are looking forward to building an institution that will support the fantastic creative ecosystem in Africa, and
move Afrobeats to the forefront of the
global industry.”
“Between Don Jazzy’s leadership in
defining the sound of modern Afrobeats and developing top African artists, Mavin Global has a unique advantage and opportunity to build the record label that will accelerate the promotion of African popular music to the world,” said Bobby Pittman, co-founder and managing partner at Kupanda Capital. “We are impressed by the Mavin team’s experience and are
pleased to partner with them in their next phase of growth.”
“This partnership is an excellent
opportunity for us at Kupanda Capital to deploy our business building capabilities alongside our data-driven knowledge of the African consumer to scale Mavin’s operations across Africa, and globally,” said Linda Oramasionwu-Leverette, co-founder and partner at Kupanda Capital.
“I’m overjoyed to be part of this new era for Mavin,” said Korede Bello, whose track “Do Like That” has been streamed 200m times. “With the support of this team, I’m excited to release new music for my fans and connect with even more music lovers across the world.”


As much as we want
bloggers & djs (Promoters) to support upcoming artiste, there is something we want to say, sort of advice… Some upcoming artiste no dey try, in
just one month u will drop 10 to 15 songs; brother/sister you don’t have conscience at all… Why don’t you
want other acts to shine or you think dropping everyday makes u the bad guy? No! Making a hit makesbyoi the bad guy.
Only you can’t be on the blog, if it’s album you want to do, do it and rest. After all is it only u Mr. Dj
will be playing??? No wonder bloggers (promoters) have decided to high up their price just so they could reduce the number of upcoming artiste up… Why not be like
“some upcoming acts”? that know there are other upcoming artistes, so they drop one or two songs/videos every year! If most of these upcoming artiste were like this! Things won’t be like this in the industry!! Drop
a song you are satisfied with and push it… If you thought dropping songs everyday is the way to
stardom? Then wake up you are dreaming. Dropping songs all the time will only limit how far the previous goes… We don’t mean to offend u, but chill and think about this, the money you use in recording and
dropping everyday. You could use it to push ur song, tomorrow now when another Artiste pushing his song hits stardom, una go sey
na jazz. The jazz is good music, promotion & prayer. Some will spend all the money they have chasing women and clubbing, later on
you’ll go begging the promoter to help you for little or nothing..Most of these upcoming acts you see
doing it big are not as rich as u think, once you are determined ; people will feel you are wealthy and that’s why you move: little did they know u
sacrificed good clothes, girls, party, flirting and put all the money on the hustle…
Everyone needs money & the earlier you realize
and start paying promoters the better for your career! You see all this girls, when you blow
they’ll give u what u are paying for-for free…
Hahahahah and if u don’t blow, they’ll sip Bobo juice & laugh at you.
Note: The day u decide to do music, sorry not just “music”, the day you decide to do “music
business” just know that you have signed to pay everybody who is willing to promote your music.
If u think paying a promoter is
too much, we pray this changes
you. #PutSomeRespectO
Written by “Soft Continent

[News] A guy from DMW blasts Wizkid’s fans due to O2 show.

Aloma DMW is a fan of Davido always seen around the superstar, Aloma took to his Instagram story to talk dirty saying; “Davido single handedly sold out the O2 not like Wizkid who was featured by Afrorepublic”.

Truth is Davido is yet to sell out 02 as news reaching us seems to insinuate that over 200 tickets are yet to be sold. We think this post by Aloma isn’t necessary.

See post;

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[News] Chris Brown released without charges. Ready to sue rape accuser

US singer Chris Brown has been released
from custody in Paris over rape allegations
against him, said the city’s prosecutor’s
A judicial source close to the investigation
confirmed that Brown had been accused of
aggravated rape and drug offences.
Two other people were detained alongside
the singer on Monday, according to French
The woman who filed the complaint said
she met Brown and his friends at a
nightclub in northwestern Paris on
Wednesday before they all went to the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a police source
said. The Paris prosecutor’s office said the
investigation is ongoing.

[Article] Sing according to your pocket (PUT SOME RESPECT ON THE MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTOR)

Let us put some respect on the
music video director; It is no news that music videos play a vital rule in giving music its actually value, music video directors invest a lot of time and creativity in making this goal a reality. Artistes need to sing according to their pocket to make a video project quite easy for the director.

For example; Artistes records a song & says; “I drive a porche, private jets from Lagos to Malaysia, 100 girls in my house now sha” and
you call a video director to shoot a video for you. The budget is not even upto 300k… U deserve
to be flogged! Back to back… Please, sing according to what you can afford, u could sing about how hard life is, or better yet sing a gospel song! With that a director might accept
a low budget for a concept on your low profiled song, you probably might not spend much shooting a video of you singing according to your pocket..

So many upcoming artistes don’t know what it takes to shoot a good video, especially those that haven’t had the experience! Brother & sister; getting a good music video is not a child’s play thing. #PutSomeRespectOnTheDirector

Written By Soft Continent

[News] Why Ycee and the remaining artistes Left TINNY Entertainment. The Real Story by – “Azeez Calypse” TINNY Entertainment PR

TINNY Entertainment was undoubtedly one of the leading Record Labels in Nigeria with a handful of talented acts signed under it. The label is owned by Mr Timilehin Arokodarepopularly known as Small TINNY, the label housed amazing entertainers such as YCEE, BELLA, Dapo Tuburna, Damilare and few others.

Last Week the front liner of the label YCEE made it publicly known, via a tweet, that he is no longer signed to the music label, in response to a fan who asked if he was still with the label.

In truth, YCEE had terminated his contract with the label since September 2018, as well as, Bella, Dapo Tuburna and Damilare, who all terminated their contracts with the label, leaving TINNY Entertainment with no artiste to manage.

For over eighteen months, I was the label’s PR (and held the record of the longest served member of staff) I handled the label’s social media platforms, distribution and promotion of content; and trust me, in my almost two-year stay at the label, I lost count of how many staff members came and went.

There was an instance where the label’s CEO returned from the UK and sacked ten of his staff members, leaving only the gate man and myself. One other time, a new staff member was employed on Monday and was sacked on Friday. Let’s say, Boss TINNY, as I always referred to him was a ruthless boss with high demand for excellence and little or no regard for his staff.

It’s no surprise at all that all his artistes up and terminated their contracts with him at the same time.

The artistes’ angst with the label had started long ago and only intensified in January 2018 during the YCEE Juice Concert in London. YCEEand Bella had had issues with the label’s CEO while they were all in London; and as punishment, the management had abandoned the talents in the UK, leaving them with no means to take care of themselves or even return home. I will not go into the details of how the talents were able to survive their stay in the UK.

The issue was later resolved but not too long afterwards, trouble brewed again in the camp when the label could no longer handle the management of her four artistes concurrently.

Not a day went by without a complaint from one of the artistes demanding the status of their career and their brand direction. I remember this time when Dapo Tuburna, in indignation, sent an angry mail to the label’s CEO demanding to know the way forward as regarding his music career, while pointing out that the label was not holding up their own end of the contract; stating he funds his own distribution and promotion most of the time, despite having signed to a label as prominent as TINNY Entertainment. Damilare on the other hand, never stopped complaining about how the label did not have time for him and how the distribution and promotion of his releases were not properly funded by the label. He was signed in 2017 and had only two singles and a video to show for it.

Established artistes often have a key-man clause in their contracts, which allows them to leave for another label if both parties, the label and the artiste, come to a mutual agreement to part ways. I think, that was the case with YCEE. For upcoming artistes, dropping out may be better than being stuck in a contract with a corporation that cares more about the bottom line than having the conviction to stick with artistes, even if they do not see immediate returns.

Note: This story was sent directly to for publicity.

By; Azeez “Calypse”

[News] Chris Brown arrested over rape case

Chris Brown might have to face a French
court in the future after a woman claimed
the singer raped her in France. According
to French tabloid publication Closer, Breezy
is under investigation in France for
allegedly raping a woman earlier this
A 24-year-old woman claims Chris Brown
raped her on the night of the 15th & 16th
of January, 2019 after meeting at a
nightclub in France. The woman filed a
complaint to the police claiming that Brown
invited her to his hotel room at Le
Mandarin Oriental along with another
However, in her testimony, she claims that
she ended up in a single room with Chris
Brown where she claims she was
raped. She also alleges that Chris Brown’s
bodyguard and his friend also abused her.
Paris parquet has already opened a case
and began investigating into the claims that
he raped her at his hotel.
Breezy has yet to release a statement on
the allegations.
Brown has another sexual assault-related
lawsuit to attend to in North America. The
singer was sued for an alleged sexual
assault committed by his friend at the
“Undecided” singer’s mansion. While
Breezy himself isn’t accused of sexual
assault, the woman claimed he provided
cocaine, molly and other drugs for the
Brown has maintained his innocence and
demanded that the judge cancel the case
as it is a waste of time.