[Lyrics] Fortuno – Zero Pressure

Verse1: I be working working working

They be talking talking talking

They don’t even know what I go through

They don’t even know what I go through here

The boys want to be like me

The girls they really like me

I smile in public but privately I’m teary in

Oh yes I do, cause I’m human too

I get weary too

Get hurt severely too

Hook: oh the fame, the fame the fame e follow pressure, the fame e follow pressure

Chorus: Zero pressure, zero pressure on me

no man can tension me

Zero pressure, zero pressure

Zero pressure on me, no no tension me

Zero pressure uhh, zero pressure

Verse 2: nobody tell me say the fame e follow pressure

I no fit waka alone again oh I be treasure

Everyone wants a piece of me but Omoh I be creature I be creature

Everyone take a picture, take a picture just for the pleasure

Competition is not my problem

Gbedu Dey I go drop am for them

Shows Dey I go turn up for them

My fans Dey and I send love to them

Repeat Hook/Chorus

Verse3: Me I see no competition

Drop this Gbedu and I drop another one

If u nominate me for award I no win I’m happy another won

When I step on stage is a fire thing fire man never nervous

So u better be cautious when u send forth da pressure

Uh when I step on the scene no pressure

When I sing my song no pressure

True it’s true no pressure

Repeat Chorus


Fame and pressure, zero pressure

No pressure

Zero pressure, oh zero pressure, zero pressure


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