[Lyrics] Fortuno – Chop

Off Fortuno‘s Stars And Scars E.P.

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Fortuno – Chop lyrics;

INTRO: Fortuno ahhh ahhh

Fortuno yarn me wetin play for club na how e been be

Once you get job, everybody wan chop, once you the pop, everybody come top

CHORUS: As I enter club (As I enter) all the ladies wan pop, them say Fortuno ah ah pass me that your cup (that cup) wassup (Wassup) you no go like to rubb (e no go like to rubb) my body sexy oh u no go like to rubb
Mtchew olosho na me u wan to robb, (I wan chop) you wan chop off course everybody wan chop

VERSE 1: As I enter club, olosho meet me up, she say e be like say i be billionaire cause I dey shine like bulb, mtchew who dey follow me talk, wait who dey follow me yarn, base on say money come all the girls wan dey follow dey come my caban

HOOK: once u get chop, everybody wan chop (I wan chop) you wan chop off course everybody wan chop


Olosho say she go lick me like lollipop, for bed I no gats bother na she go dey untop, ah ah Fortuno no be you just dey buy like 4 new mob, (kilode) no be your music wey be say dem dey always dey like dey play for club? Hmmm
Repeat Hook & Chorus

OUTRO: Alaye, collect anything you wan collect 2x Owo opor 2x
That mugu dey shout owo opor e go poor

Once you rise up, before you go nice up, ogbeni try wise up

Olosho farabale

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