[Interview] Fortuno talks about his Stars And Scars in new interview

Today We are chatting with the buzzing young Nigerian talent for an exclusive interview around his new E.P project STARS AND SCARS , fame, self-doubts and beliefs.
In just one EP, Fortuno has established himself as a special new talent.
His first release in 2015 was a smash hit & went by the title “Kill Somebody” which was followed up by a Young John produced song titled “Loveena”.

Here is what Fortuno has to say to our questions?

What motivated your E.P title, Stars And Scars?

The stuff I was going through at the time motivated Stars And Scars because in real sense; “every star has a scar”.

On your Stars And Scars E.P, which is your favorite track?
Hmmmm, all tracks are my favorite.

In your long run in music, which would you say is your best moment?
I will say shooting my first music video at age 16 was like the best moment for me and The love and support the people showed me was amazing, The love I get in the streets, people cheering my name and appreciating my presence is as a result of that first video i shot at age 16, it’s amazing.

Some fans compared your Stars And Scars E.P to Rema’s E.P, do you think its right?
Well, People are entitled to their opinions, I believe that I’m unique, I produced, mixed and mastered my E.P all by myself in my bedroom. I believe that I’m called for something beyond the human imagination so I care less about these comparisons.

Star And Scars E.P has different sounds, you trapped, you rapped, you sang. What inspired all that?
At the time I made this E.P I was going through a lot, at the time I was learning how to make music myself, I’m not saying I’m good at it yet I’m still learning… While I was learning, it felt like the whole world was against me, a lot went through my mind and I really wanted to turn those thoughts to music so I started recording…

First of all; I will like to explain every track. “Lonely World” as the title implies is a song that explains a mood, I was “lonely” at the time, friends and fans were no where to be found while I went through the hardest times of my life… “I No Believe” was recorded cause at the time I felt alone my best Friend and I had a couple issues and the song explained everything… I thought about how I was lowkey popping and everyone wanted a piece of me, it resulted to a song, once you get Job, everybody wan “Chop“… And offcourse I felt hated so I sang “ They Hate Me”.

Do you feel any pressure as to the kind of music to make?
Hahaha No pressure at all, though i usedto be pressured but that was then, now i make music to make myself happy and if it makes you happy too then good for us… I work hard in creating my sound and I have faith in it, it might not be perfect but it is what it is

Who are the artists that motivate you and influence you?
I listen to a wide range of music though, especially from up and coming artists. I listen to a lot of Maleek Berry, though I’m mad at him, don’t ask me why. I listen to Wiz, when i was a kid, Psquare was my favourite, well; There’s no particular person I draw influence from.

Have you ever had doubts in your sound?
Omo this one eh, normally I make music freely with no doubts whatsoever but every song I ever released usually arise to positive and negative comments but to me music is not that serious, so! No doubts at all.

Between Wizkid and Davido who would you rather feature?
I love and respect their influence in the game but no! I don’t have plans for no features whatsoever.

Fortuno, your music is filled with rhymes. How do you come about all that
Well, it starts with a sentence, when I’m composing music and I have the first sentence, the next must rhyme and that’s how I create.

What are we expecting from you 2020, any new E.P?
Ok, expect great things, More sounds, but don’t expect an E.P, I might not release an E.P again till 2025.

Fortuno, how do you combine recording your music, producing the beats and mixing/mastering for final consumption?

Its no stress for me, it is what I love. When I’m making beats I mostly start with my melodies, it is easier for me to write on melodies… After recording, mixing and mastering is a fun process, I just play around till my music sounds better, though I like originality, so I don’t do too much.

Aside music, what would you rather do?

If I wasn’t making music I don’t know what I’ll be doing cause while growing up I always wanted to make music but it sounded weird to my dad especially, so when they asked me; I told them I wanted to become a banker, hahaha funny cause I wanted to become a banker because of one of my family friends who usedto give me clean naira notes whenever he came around, one day I asked him; “uncle what do you do for a living?” He said “I am a banker” oh wow so this banking job pays ? I thought, in my mind I had adopted the idea of becoming a banker…

Describe yourself in one word?


Summarize by saying anything you feel right now.

OK, uhmm God bless you guys for sticking with me during my stars and scars. Stars And Scars is a free playlist I curated for you and you can get it on YouTube, SoundCloud, audiomack or softcontinentent.com Bye!


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