[News] Tekno reveals reason for street strip dance causing stirs online

Tekno has issued a statement, apologising to the public over a viral video of some half-naked girls dancing inside a truck that
was stuck in traffic at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos.
Tekno just few hours ago took to his
Instagram page to release the statement, apologising to Lagosians that witnessed the scene as well as give reasons why it happened.
He wrote; “Hi everyone, please i woul like to clear the air about the video going round of girls dancing around Lekki or Victoria Island. “First of, there was no reason for us to be dancing in a truck around Lekki. There was no music, no ventilation in the truck. We were shooting a music video and we had shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location, because some of the cars broke in between the shoot, which we divided ourselves into various vehicles
because we had been shooting all day and having fun which we then move to the next
“However, this was at about 12am at
midnight already. This was no advert for a strip club or dancing naked for on the streets for any type of reason.
“In addition, we respect the decency in Lagos and in as much as we are
entertainers, we are always mindful of what
we have and not jeopardise it. And that’s
why we enjoy shooting our videos in Lagos.
As we all know it’s a centre of excellence
and centre of entertainment.
“We sincerely apologize if some people saw
this and felt offended by the scenenry they
saw. It was never an intent. My people i love you all, stay blessed.”

See Prove;

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