[News] Rihanna becomes wealthiest female musician

Sexy American singer; Rihanna has been named the wealthiest female musician in the world.
This declaration was made by famous and highly reputable global media company; Forbes.
Forbes have revealed Rihanna’s new found mighty financial status is as a result of her partnership with French luxury goods behomoth LVMH which is run by billionaire Bernard Arnault.
Forbes have declared Rihanna’s net worth to be $600,000 million dollars which puts her ahead of Madonna who is worth
$570,000,000 million dollars, Celine Dion who is worth $450,000,000 millon dollars as well as Beyonce who is worth
$400,000,000 million dollars.
This news has come as a shock to music fans as Rihanna for over two years now has not been active musically which would have created an avenue for huge revenue.
But as it has been reported, her new found status has nothing to do with her music as
it solely is as a result her brand Fenty.

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