[News] Yahoo boys are very stingy – Oritse Femi cries out

Nigerian artiste, Oritsefemi has revealed that Yahoo boys are very stingy and have done nothing to help the entertainment industry.
The music star aired his views on the
yahoo yahoo topic which has been trending for a while and seems to be in support of “Yahoo Yahoo”.
In a recent interview, he explained that the yahoo boys should not be blamed as the whole fault lies with the Nigerian government. He feels the government can do better in educating and encouraging the
young ones so they do not go astray.
However, he thrashed the belief that
artistes collect gifts from these yahoo boys as they are very stingy compared to politicians who help in one way or the other
Oritsefemi courageously revealed that he has many friends who are into cyber crime but they are very selfish and do not give him money. He stated that he doesn’t mind collecting money from them and would be
very happy if they can invest in
At the end of the interview, he challenged them to show that they are really helping artistes and better than politicians by
buying tickets for his shows.

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