[News] Annie Idibia and 2 Face baby mama engage in a fight.

Annie Idibia and Pero Adeniyi have shared cryptic posts on Instagram which seem to be directed at each other.
Both women made peace last November during a show and hugged it out in front of their baby daddy, Tuface, after years of animosity (read here and here ). But the peace seems to be short-lived as they are
already throwing shades at each other on Instagram.
Pero took to her Instagram story to share a post about fake people who pretend in public so everyone likes them. Hours later, Annie also took to her Instagram to write: “I
don’t do fakes. When I’m mad…. damnnnn you gon feel it and know it.”
The online war comes after Tuface travelled to celebrate the birthday of his first child with Pero – Ehi Idibia – as she turned 13.
Though Annie is known to publicly celebrate Tuface’s other children with Sumbo Ajaba Adeoye during their birthdays, she didn’t celebrate Ehi on her birthday, despite having
made peace with her mother Pero and this raised more than a few brows.

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