[News] The fee Ariana Grande charged to perform at Coachella doubles what Beyonce was paid to perform.

It’s no news that Beyoncé is the first black woman and Ariana Grande is the youngest person to ever headline the Coachella festival.
Now it has been revealed Ariana Grande has raked in $8 million for her two headline slots at Coachella festival.
The ‘7 Rings’ singer, who is the festival’s youngest ever headliner, performed at the event on Sunday (April 14) and is due to
play again this Sunday (April 21).
According to Business Insider, Beyonce was paid approximately $4 million for her 2018, two-hour “Homecoming” show that
sparked a Netflix documentary and a live album of the same name where she performed dozens of her hit songs.
However, this year, Variety says that Ariana was paid $8 million for her show where she sang her chart-topping tracks from all five
of her albums while closely following the same setlist for her “Sweetener World Tour.”
“Because Beyoncé came in last year
and did her thing and kind of set
the bar, basically Coachella
becomes a competition, which is
ridiculous,” Ariana’s production
designer LeRoy Bennett told The
Hollywood Reporter. “And artists
who are strong should just come in
and do their own thing and just be
who they are. And that’s pretty
much what Ariana has done.
There’s not like there’s a bunch of
gags. She’s being Ariana and
singing and doing her thing.”


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