[News] R.Kelly tells Judge to let him travel to Dubai as he is in need of money

Embattled R&B singer, R. Kelly , has asked a judge to let him travel to Dubai to perform at several concerts, saying he has struggled to get work in the US and he’s in need of money to help pay his mounting legal fees and child support bills.
The 52-year-old singer through his attorney Steve Greenberg filed a motion asking a judge to allow the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer to travel for work in Dubai.
Greenberg is expected to argue that the singer’s job requires him to travel, and that a recently denied performance permit in the
U.S. proves he needs to be able to travel outside of the U.S. to earn a living.
Kelly is requesting to travel via private jet because he “needs to pay his day to day living expenses,” as well as the excessive
costs of child support and other child-
related expenses, and a money judgment against him for back rent on his Chicago studio, according to ABC13. R. Kelly is facing 10 counts of aggravated sex abuse of three minors

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