[News] Baby mama drama as Gucci Mane is to be arrested for unpaid child support

Gucci Mane is currently faced with some baby mama drama as its being
reported that the mother of his son, Sheena Evans, has petitioned the court to issue a warrant for his arrest.
Evans previously sued Gucci Mane because she wanted the court to increase the child support she was receiving from him for their son, Keitheon. She was already
getting $2,076 but asked the court to up the amount to $20k.
In her lawsuit, Evans noted that Gucci
Mane is now making more money since he was released from prison back in 2011, especially since he could afford a $1 million wedding to Keyshia Ka’oir his wife.
Gucci Mane responded to the lawsuit by filing a few documents of his own, asking the court to throw out Evans’ request altogether. He denied that his wedding to Keyshia cost $1 million and said his income hasn’t changed since the 2011 agreement. According to documents, Gucci brings in approximately $24k a month.
In new documents obtained by The
Blast, Evans claims that the court ordered Gucci to pay for her court-ordered legal fees to the tune of $2,495. She says he is yet to do so and that his failure to make the payment is “outrageous”
and “another willful disregard for the
Court’s authority.”
Evan’s attorney writes in the petition, “Not only has the Respondent demonstrated that he has no concern for the authority of this Court or for the deadlines set by this Court,
respondent has also exhibited an alarming disregard of the consequences of his contemptuous behavior. He could care less.” This is looking like it’s going to be a long battle for Gucci Mane.

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