[Article] Put Some Respect on The Producer + Accolades for KelP, KillerTunes, Rexxie, Krizbeats, Northboi for being sound initiators

Well; these days the producer tends to do more of the in the making of a typical naija jam. Some upcoming artistes show up demanding for free beats, claiming they’ll promote the producer while promoting the song. We’ll love the upcoming artiste to understand something:

  • That the producer spent a deal of money to get production equipments & softwares
  • That the producer is doing business working for you

  • That the producer pays rent for the studio building

  • That the producers spends a lot of mental energy to give you a well deserving beat.

These beign said; we add that it takes a creative producer to create a hit song. It takes a creative producer to make a hit beat that can be promoted to end up a hit song, so respect the producers & sound engineers.

Musicians make all the money when a hit is made, while the producers stay left out and wait till you come to work with them once again. Pay your producers well, encourage them, only then can you have a good relationship with them, earning you their love to work with you with all hearts.

Let’s take some examples from producers that made a sound that made artists hits!!

  • Rexxie

This is not a new name… Rexxie is known for his Zanku sound as no other producer has ever done it better than him when it comes to a Zanku Beat, other producers have tried but he keeps making all the Zanku hits.

  • Kel P
  • Known for his ground breaking Production for “Gbona” a song that brought BurnaBoy back to his feet… You can imagine the mental energy Kel P puts in to bring out the exact sound that fits BurnaBoy. Respect Producers!!
  • KillerTunes
  • Another ground breaking producer who changed the game… With a sound which almost every producer wished they sounded like… He made lots of hits for Wizkid the past year & we will be sure to say he is a perfect match for StarBoy.
  • NorthBoi;
  • Known for production credits for Soco a song released during the Shaky Shaku period still refuses to fade till date. Northboi put in creativity to make the song a unique shaku song which lots of producer copied. He is legendary! Respect him!!
  • KrizBeat;
  • He is unarguably the initiator of the pon pon sound after he produced “Pana” – a midtempo record which made Tekno lots of money, imagine the creativity he put in to make a sound that never existed.

Written by Soft Continent


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