[News] Earn a minimum of N20,000 – maximum of N100,000 & free promotion/Adverts for your content/Product monthly on www.softcontinentent.com

Soft Continentent Entertainment is a registered Record Label, Music Production & Promotion Company.

Have you been promoting on blogs without being rewarded? We have decided to fix that by giving our clients an extra reward… With our new PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE called BUSINESS PACKAGE you can earn money & free promotion/Adverts. We are known for our generosity & our affordable packages hence we have decided to do more. We are empowering three of one of the following; music producers, Disc jockeys, designers musicians, models, businesses, & brands every month (Monthly).

How To Apply;

  • BUSINESS PACKAGE is a PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE. Click ->>> PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES to see our other promotional packages and pricing
  • This package gives you a chance to earn & get rewarded after promoting your content . send us a mail ; softcontinentent@gmail.com & indicate you will be making payments for the BUSINESS PACKAGE PROMO on http://www.softcontinentent.com
  • After payment of N3,000 has been made, indicate the package you paid for, bank teller & attach your contents.
  • How To Send Contents;
  • Music Producers; Send your beat, Artwork & Biography to our mail.
  • Musicians; Send your song, biography & artwork. If music video ? Send Youtube link to our mail.
  • Models; Send photographs to our mail.
  • Disc Jockey; Send mixtape, bio & artwork to mail.
  • Businesses/Brands; All you have to do is send your product or any content concerning your brand or business to our mail. Our Email is = softcontinentent@gmail.com – Once received & Confirmed; Your content will be promoted on our website & you are fully eligible to participate. This is our website: http://www.softcontinentent.com. – At the end of the month, results will be posted on our website and the top 3 participants with highest views will be rewarded with their prize.

This is an opportunity to get millions of listeners & viewers on your case. All promoted contents will be monitored by our team.


  1. The first prize goes to content with the highest traffic views; earns minimum of N20,000. Maximum of N100,000 CASH & a one week pinned advert for the winning content.
  2. The second prize goes to content with the second highest views; earns Free Promotion/Advert for two contents on our website & one week pinned advert for the winning content.
  3. The third prize goes to content with third highest traffic views; earns free promotion on our site for one content & also gets one week pinned advert for the winning content.
  4. The contents without high views are not left out; once you promote one of your content on this package, you get an extra free promotion for any one other content you choose to promote.

This empowerment (Talent Hunt) starts every 1st day of the month & Ends on the 29th day of the month while winners get to be announced on the 30th day & get their Prize same day.

Finally, You can now promote on a blog & get paid! You could be among the monthly winners!

What are you waiting for?


Call customer care; 07051434798 for more enquiries or Email; softcontinentent@gmail.com to get started

Note: all traffic views will be posted on our website at the end of the Talent Hunt… For all participants to see our diligence and sincerity in chosing the winner.

This is Soft Continent Entertainment online (empowerment) and all participants are free to enroll in every edition as we empower three entrepreneurs every month.

Winners will be contacted via mail & phone call by our team to claim their prize 24hours after winners are announced. Be sure to follow us on Instagram ; @SoftContinentent

Facebook ; @SoftContinentent

Twitter ; @Soft_continent

Good Luck!!


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