[News] Promote on www.softcontinentent.com – PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES (Exclusive)

  1. NEW SOFT.jpgSoft Continent Entertainment is a registered record label, music production & promotion company.

Call Hotline: 07051434798 or Email: softcontinentent@gmail.com

Our Promotional Packages are the most affordable in the whole world.

Here are our promotional packages:

GIVE AWAY PACKAGE : Promote your content on http://www.softcontinentent.com & earn a Promotional Deal. With this package; once you promote a content, you get free promotion for half of the contents you initially paid to promote (That means; If you pay to promote two contents, you get extra free promo for one content, if you pay to promote ten contents you get extra promo for five other contents and so on…

In the whole world we are the only company that does this, it has never been seen that a client promotes their content on a promotional platform and gets an extra reward. We are bringing this service to you now. Let’s reward you for promoting your content on our blog/website … A service you will never get else where… This package cost a minimum of N5,000  Only for two contents depending on the number of contents you choose to promote so does the charge increase. We at SOFT CONTINENTENT ENTERTAINMENT guarantee you millions of views/downloads.

This Package is best for musicians who want to promote their E.P/ALBUM

PERSONAL PACKAGE : With this package we upload your content on our blog/website http://www.softcontinentent.com to our thousands of visitors home & abroad. Your music will also be posted on our social media platforms. This package costs N2,000 only.

PREMIUM PACKAGE : This package is a better package as it allows us to explore the promotion of your content with our strategies. As a promotional company we are very experienced When it comes to online promotion; with this package your content will be promoted on our website & your contents will be sponsored on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram). Note: This is Not your regular sponsor posts. We will sponsor your content with a controversial topic that will get everyone on your case. You can’t do this on your own as customers do not enjoy seeing content owners hype themselves. Your content will be more relevant in our hands. Bring your content let’s hype it for you as we have been doing for many top stars. This package is best for you if you want to become a superstar as soon as you start making music. This package costs atleast N10,000. Note: your budget could be more than this, depending on how bouyant you are. The higher the budget, the higher the hype, the higher your trend, the faster your content becomes popular.

SILVER PACKAGE : With this package we will not only upload your content, we will also promote you on our site banners, we’ll place your content on our blog as the hottest song, top song or we can make you artiste of the week, or we can pin your music/video content on our home page. Imagine all these… That means your song will become a trend on our blog. This will drive traffic to your content giving you thousands of views & downloads… This package costs at least N5,000 depending on your budget & for how long you want your content up.

GOLD PACKAGE : This package let’s us go extra mile… With this package your content will be promoted on any other top sites of your choice. Note: this package has nothing to do with our website/blog. As your content may not be promoted on our blog but only on the blogs you mention, we will serve as your PR by plugging your songs on other major blogs. Depending on your budget. This package costs atleast N20,000


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  1. Oh my ruby heart,in tangling with romantic feelings and sugar love goes out to all my beautiful and wonderfully made ladies..tall,short,fat and skinny no matter your structure and stature I LOVE YOU for the love you showing on my ‘JAM OF LIFE’ (POSE FOR THE PICTURE) my goodness you all are golden heart ..muahh *kisses and rose*..Video coming next week!!


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