[Article] Teni is Talented… But is Teni consistent? See post

Teniola Apata (born December 23, 1992) is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, drummer and rapper better known as Teni , Teni the
entertainer or Teni Makanaki. Teni has released singles such as:

“Fake Jersey”
“Shake Am”

Askamaya is one very big Teni song… After that big song Teni released other singles that weren’t recognised until Teni released Case. Note that Teni released two singles on the day she released “Shake Am” she released “Case” alongside. Case is a very big tune, but most people don’t know that she has a single titled Shake Am. As much as she is trending she has released over 3 singles after Case that tend to be a MISS. She recently released a song with Phyno, a Christmas song and a recent tune titled Uyo Meyo; all songs haven’t been recognised nor received well by music lovers. Teni needs to take her time with releasing her singles. We think Teni is talented but we also think she is Inconsistent… What so you think??

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